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Welcome to Auction #69

Bid what the record is worth to you. If yours is the high bid you win it for that price. Please bid by lot number, label, and label number. The minimum bid is $5.00 unless stated otherwise. I reserve the right to refuse any bid I deem unreasonably low.

Call backs will be available, but only on items for which you have bid $200 or the minimum, whichever is higher. You must indicate on your bid you wish to compete and include full contact information. Raises must be in increments of 10% (or more). You can participate in call backs by email. You will have a maximum of 24 hours to respond to a raise or be eliminated. This is to account for time zone differences and work schedules. It usually takes no more than one day to conclude most call backs.

Grading scale for 78s: N, N-, E++, E+, EE+, E, EE-, E-, E--, V++, V+, nearly V+, VV+, V, VV-, V-, V--, G+, G, G-, F, P. I am now using "nearly V+" to designate records better than VV+ but not quite V+.

My grading is guaranteed. Open your order when it arrives and inspect the records at that time please. Returns must be received by March 15th, 2017. Consignors are paid at that time and refunds are no longer offered.

There is a key to abbreviations used at the bottom of this page.

Shipping charges are reasonable and will be quoted with your invoice. Overseas bidders please indicate customs and insurance preference with bids. Under-declared orders are at your risk. I can't insure for more than I declare.

Mail bids must be received by September 15th, 2018. If bidding by e-mail, please make your header explicitly clear, i.e. "78 Auction #69 BIDS" as I receive many spam messages a day and don't want your bids to get lost.

PAYMENT IS EXPECTED WITHIN 30 DAYS OF NOTIFICATION unless prior arrangements have been made. If you can't pay for your purchases put them on your credit card (via Paypal). Late payment is a great inconvenience. Many of the records are on consignment and consignors expect to be paid in a timely fashion. Payment can be made by cash, check, money order, Western Union or Paypal. When using Paypal please add a 2% convenience fee. Alternatively you can send money as a gift (for a much lower fee) and pay the fee at your end. Please e-mail if you have any questions.

Asterisk (*) after label number indicates buff (Bluebird), sunrise (Decca), King of them All (King), flag (Columbia), Electrobean (Gennett), scroll (Victor), electric (Paramount, Supertone, Superior, Okeh, Champion, Melotone, Perfect, etc.)

BLUES, R&B 78s
1 Johnny Ace Duke 136 No Money/Pledging My Love tol E
2 Faye Adams Herald 416 I've Gotta Leave You/Shake A Hand V++
3 Alabama Jug Band De 7000* "Ida" Sweet As Apple Cider/My Gal Sal slt wrp E+
4 LaVern Baker /Gliders Atlantic 1047 Tomorrow Night/Tweedle Dee E
5 LaVern Baker Atlantic 2007 I Cried A Tear/Dix-A-Billy V
6 LaVerne Baker Atlantic 1116 Tra La La/Jim Dandy V
7 Buster Bennett Col 37273 Jersey Cow Bounce/Got Too Much Insurance E+
8 Buster Bennett Col 38043 1. You Are Too Beautiful 2. Weary River/It Can Never Happen E
9 Big Bill Col 30109 Just Rocking/San Antonio Blues vsld, 2 short lams nap E
10 Big Bill Col 37164 You Got The Best Go/Cell No. 13 Blues EE+
11 Big Bill Col 37314 What Can I Do/Saturday Evening Blues E+
12 Big Bill Col 38070 San Antonio Blues/Just Rocking EE-
13 Big Bill Okeh 06484 Going Back To My Plow/I'm Having So Much Trouble VV+
14 Ruth Brown Atlantic 1113 Smooth Operator/I Still Love You side B clix E-
15 Ruth Brown Atlantic 1125 My Heart Is Breaking Over You/Lucky Lips EE-
16 Sweet Georgia Brown De 7880 The Low Down Lonely Blues/Black Cat Bone VV+
17 Dee Clark Abner 1019 Nobody But You/When I Call On You V
18 Bill Doggett King 4950 Honky Tonk Pt. 1 & 2 E-
19 Bill Doggett King 5000 Slow Walk/Hand In Hand stog side A nap E-
20 Eddie Fisher RCA 20-6337 Dungaree Doll/Everybody's Got A Home But Me E-
21 Blind Boy Fuller Col 37155 She's A Truckin' Little Baby/Screaming And Crying Blues EE+
22 Bill Hayes Cadence 1256 The Ballad Of Davy Crockett/Farerwell E+
23 Bill Hayes Cadence 1275 The White Buffalo/The Legend Of Wyatt Earp clix side B EE-
24 Jump Jackson Col 37386 Yancey's Blues/Biddle Street Jump vcl St. Louis Jimmy E
25 Ella Johnson Wing 90084 I Still Love You/Goodbye Baby swol EE+
26 Lazy Slim Jim Savoy 854 Georgia Woman/Money Blues mb 50 E-
27 J.B. Lenore Checker 856 Don't Touch My Head!!!/I've Been Down So Long as "J.B. Lenior" VV+
28 Smiley Lewis Imperial 5356 Bumpity Bump/I Hear You Knocking V/E-
29 Little Sam HUB 3023 Just A Dream/You Got To Play Your Hand sld V-
30 Marshall Brothers Savoy 825 Mr. Santa's Boogie/Who'll Be The Fool From Now On mb 75 E-
31 Clyde Mcphatter Atlantic 1199 A Lover's Question/I Can't Stand Up Alone mb 30 EE-
32 Memphis Minnie Col 37295 Mean Mistreater Blues/I'm So Glad E
33 Lloyd Price ABC 4018 Have You Ever Had The Blues/Personality bad spot causes clix side B, South African press V+
34 Bessie Smith UHCA 49/50 Gimme A Pigfoot/Take Me For A Buggy Ride E-
35 Huey Smith Ace 530 Rocking Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu Pt. 1 & 2 EE-
36 Pine Top Smith Br 80008 Pinetop's Boogie Woogie/Pinetop's Blues E+
37 Pine Top Smith Br 80009 Jump Steady Blues/I'm Sober Now E+
38 Three Flames Col 37935 Salt Peanuts/Cling To Me Baby E+
39 Joe Turner Atlantic 1053 Flip Flop And Fly/Ti-Ri-Lee wol E-
40 Sugar Underwood Vi 21538* Davis Street Blues/Dew-Drop Alley Stomp stog A, mb 150 E-/E
41 Joshua White /Carolinians Col 35560 Trouble/Goin' Home, Boys E

42 Roy Acuff /Crazy Tennesseans Okeh 04466 Wabash Cannon Ball/Freight Train Blues VV+
43 Charlie Bowman Col 15387 Moonshiner And His Money/Funky Dear elec, mb 50 E
44 Owen Bradley /Tennesseans Bullet 600 Wave To Me, My Lady/Zeb's Mountain Boogie 3 rim chips, one hitting first couple grooves VV-
45 Owen Bradley /Tennesseans Bullet 606 The Call Of The Broken Heart/Tennessee Limited G+
46 Teresa Brewer Coral 61590 Bo Weevil/A Tear Fell E
47 Teresa Brewer Coral 61636 A Sweet Old Fashioned Girl/Goodbye John EE+
48 Teresa Brewer Coral 61737 Crazy With Love/Mutual Admiration Society groove wear, hc nap V+
49 Elton Britt RCA 20-5251 Cannonball Yodel/Broken Wings wldj, vinyl E-
50 Wilf Carter RCA 4646 Ridin' A Maverick/The Cowboy's Heavenly Dream Canadian press E-
51 Wilf Carter RCA 4695 My Missoula Valley Moon/The Last Letter Canadian press E
52 Carter Family Me 6-01-59 Don't Forget Me Little Darling/Gathering Flowers From The Hillside VV+
53 Johnny Cash Sun 241 I Walk The Line/Get Rhythm E
54 Cass County Boys Bb 8824 Great Grandad/Riding Down The Canyon rc 1/4" into grvs E
55 Carl Conner Col 15076 Story Of Gerald Chapman/Jones & Bloodworth Case elec V+
56 Vernon Dalhart Vi 19810 Stone Mountain Memorial/Dreams Of The Southland V+
57 Vernon Dalhart Vi 19812 The Wreck Of The 1256/Mother's Grave EE+
58 Vernon Dalhart Vi 19821 The Death Of Floyd Collins/Dream Of A Miner's Child EE-
59 Dalhart & Robison Vi 20539 My Blue Ridge Mountain Home/Golden Slippers EE-
60 Dalhart & Robison Vi 21083* Hear Dem Bells/Sing On, Brother, Sing EE+
61 Tommy Dee w/ Carol Kay /Teen-Aires RCA 8354 Three Stars/I'll Never Change V
62 Rusty Draper Mercury 70167 Gambler's Guitar/Free Home Demonstration vinyl E
63 Rusty Draper Mercury 71102 Freight Train/Seven Come Eleven large scratch side B nap V+
64 East Texas Serenaders Br 298 Deacon Jones/Aldeline Waltz 3/4" hc tix E-
65 Tommy Edwards MGM 11035 All Over Again/It's All In The Game V-
66 Don Gibson RCA 20-7133 I Can't Stop Lovin' You/Oh Lonesome Me V-
67 Bonnie Guitar Dot 15612 There's A New Moon Over My Shoulder/Mister Fire Eyes V
68 Jimmy Hinchee Mercury 6340 Rock All The Babies To Sleep/I'm Just Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail tol V+
69 Homer And Jethro w/ June Carter RCA 21-0140 The Huckle Buck/The Wedding Of Hillbilly Lilli Marlene V+
70 Ferlin Huskey Cap 2914 King Of A Lonely Castle/Very Seldom, Frequently Ever E-
71 Ferlin Husky Cap 3628 Gone/Missing Persons vinyl EE-
72 Ferlin Husky Cap 3742 A Fallen Star/Prize Possession V-
73 Burl Ives & Grady Martin De 28055 Wild Side Of Life/It's So-Long And Good-Bye To You EE-
74 Tommy Jackson Mercury 6246 Blackmountain Rag/Sally Goodin' V+
75 Frankie Laine Mercury 5345 Mule Train/Carry Me Back To Old Virginney V++
76 Lester (The Highway Man) De 5591 Texas Blues/Maybe Next Week Some Time mb 75 E
77 Jim Lowe Dot 15486 The Green Door/The Little Man In Chinatown E-
78 Jim Lowe Dot 15569 Four Walls/Talkin' To The Blues VV+/EE-
79 Jim Lowe Dot 15611 From A Jack To A King/Slow Train E
80 Zeke Manners Bb 9020 The Fightin' Son-Of-A-Gun/When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again nd A E-
81 Frank & James McCravy Vi 20869* These Bones G'wina Rise Again/Six Feet Of Earth sld V+
82 Guy Mitchell Col 40820 Take Me Back Baby/Knee Deep In The Blues EE+
83 Clyde Moody Bullet 608 I Worship You/If I Had My Life To Live Over V-
84 Charles Nabell Okeh 40252 The Letter From Home Sweet Home/The Great Round Up VV-
85 Patti Page Mercury 70380 Lonely Days/Steam Heat V+
86 Leon Payne w/ Jack Rhodes /Lone Star Buddies Bullet 647 Empty Arms/Lipstick Trail V-
87 Hal "Lone" Pine & Betty Coody RCA 20-5263 I'm Talkin', Start Walkin'/Jealous Love wldj, vinyl E-
88 Marvin Rainwater MGM 12412 So You Think You've Got Troubles/Gonna Find Me A Bluebird E-
89 Jim Reeves RCA 20-6874 Four Walls/I Know And You Know V++
90 Tex Ritter Cap 13778 Boogie Woogie Cowboy/High Noon E+
91 Carson Robison Romeo 1233 Red River Valley/Down On The Old Plantation V/V+
92 Robison & Luther Supertone 9567* I Left My Gal In The Mountains/Railroad Boomer EE-
93 Jimmie Rodgers Snow RCA 20-6430 It Won't Do No Good/The Milk Cow Blues E
94 Jimmy Selph Bullet 604 Times A Wastin'/Dream Castled Shared With You wol G+
95 Jean Shepard Cap 2586 Forgive Me John/My Wedding Ring V++
96 Stonewall Jackson Col 41393 Smoke Along The Track/Waterloo sld E-
97 Tennessee Ramblers Bb 8253 I'll Keep On Loving You/Don't Put A Tax On The Beautiful Girls tol A V+
98 Tennessee Ramblers Bb 8678 Won't You Sometimes Dream Of Me/Sweet Mamma Tree Top Tall V+
99 Texas Ranger Supertone 2080* My Mammy's Yodel Song/She's Old And Bent But She Gets There Just The Same V
100 Hank Thompson Cap 3781 Under The Double Eagle/Tears Are Only Rain E
101 Welby Toomey/DOCK ROBERTS Silvertone 5006 Roving Gambler/IN THE SHADOW OF THE PINE VV+
102 Tune Wranglers Bb 6783* The Girl I Left Behind Me/I Believe In You V
103 Zeb Turner Bullet 629 Chattanooga Boogie/Ain't Had No Lovin' slt wrp and groove wear causing small skips V
104 Conway Twitty MGM 992 It's Only Make Believe/I'll Try UK press E
105 Jimmy Wakely Cap 57-40187 Tellin' My Troubles To My Old Guitar/Try To Understand EE-
106 Frankie Wallace Romeo 751 Oklahoma Blues/In The Jail House Now rc nap V+
107 Kitty Wells De 29956 I'd Rather Stay Home/Searching (For Someone Like You) groove wear V++
108 Tabby West Coral 64140 Our Love Isn't Legal/Back Street Affair dj V
109 Hank Williams MGM 10171 I'll Be A Bachelor 'Til I Die/Honky Tonkin' VV-
110 Hank Williams MGM 10560 My Bucket's Got A Hole In It/I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry tol VV-/V
111 Hank Williams MGM 10961 Howlin' At The Moon/I Can't Help It E-
112 Hank Williams MGM 11000 My Heart Would Know/Hey, Good Lookin' V
113 Hank Williams MGM 11479 Ramblin' Man/Take These Chains From My Heart V
114 Bob Wills Col 20458 The Devil Ain't Lazy/Bob Wills Schottische E+
115 Bob Wills Cq 9718 Pray For The Lights To Go Out/Beaumont Rag E-
116 Bob Wills Okeh 05694 Bob Wills' Special/New San Antonio Rose E-
117 Sheb Wooley Bullet 603 Oklahoma Honky-Tonkey Gal/I Can't Live On Without You rockin'! V

118 Charles Amaluand /Troupe Vi 24685* Malihini Mele/Soft Green Seas residue of tol VV+
119 Banda EspaĖola Col 2767-X La Madre Del Cordero/El Choclo green label on blue wax w/ cool tol E-
120 English Singers Roycroft 151 Sing We And Chant It/The Turtle Dove E-
121 Royal Music Makers Parlophon 4535 Aut Wiedersehen/Ramona swol E/V
122 Stanislaw Rybka Okeh 11016 Polka Chlopka/Kujawiak Z Pod Wloclawka V+

123 Grace Singers Chord 600 In That Beautiful Land/Daddy picture label, female group mb 50 E+
124 Grace Singers Chord 601 Get Away Jordan/Thank God, Amen picture label VV-
125 Westbrook Conservatory Entertainers Broadway 8194 Will That Circle Be Unbroken/I Would Walk With My Saviour elec mb 100 EE-

126 Gene Arnold MW 4348* When Jesus Beckons Me Home/When They Ring The Golden Bells E-
127 Hutchens Bros Champion 15900* No Never Alone/When We All Get To Heaven vsld A & B V
128 Hutchens Bros Champion 15971* Life's Railway To Heaven/What A Gathering That Will Be VV+
129 Frank Lucker Picadilly 552 Oh, Dem Golden Slippers/Climbing Up Those Golden Stairs UK press, vcl w/ bj E-

130 Henry Allen Vi 38088* How Do They Do It That Way/Funny Feathers Blues plays less, mb 150 E
131 Louis Armstrong Okeh 41478 You're Driving Me Crazy/The Peanut Vendor rc nap, 2 scrs side B nap VV-
132 Tom Berwick /Ritz Carlton Orch Electradisk 1900* Please/Isn't It Romantic tol VV+
133 Chicago All Stars Col 37928 No No Baby/Hey Hey Big Mama EE+
134 Perry Como RCA 20-5994 Ko Ko Mo/You'll Always Be My Lifetime Sweetheart E
135 Jill Corey Col 40955 Love Me To Pieces/Love vinyl VV+
136 Jimmy Dorsey Fraternity 755 So Rare/Sophisticated Swing mb 25 E++
137 Clifford Hayes Vi 38557* Hey! I Am Blue/Dancehall Shuffle stog, mb 200 E
138 Al Hibbler De 29441 Daybreak/Unchained Melody V+
139 Joe Holiday /Qrtt Federal 12041 I Told You So/The Song Is You instrs V+
140 Lena Horne/JUDY GARLAND MGM 30003 Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man/WHO? rc nap V-
141 Frankie Laine Col 1989 High Noon/Rock Of Gibraltar EE+
142 Joy Layne Mercury 71038 Dum-Dum/Your Wild Heart V
143 Richard Maltby Vik 0196 The Man With The Golden Arm/Heart Of Paris tol E
144 Glenn Miller RCA 420-0035 At Last/Perfidia V+
145 Glenn Miller RCA 420-0043 In The Mood/A String Of Pearls VV-
146 Patti Page Mercury 5534 The Tennessee Waltz/Long Long Ago V+
147 Les Paul And Mary Ford Cap 2486 Johnny/Vaya Con Dios sld E-
148 Les Paul And Mary Ford Cap 2486 Johnny/Vaya Con Dios dj copy, scr side B nap, stamp on label V++
149 Les Paul/LES PAUL AND MARY FORD Cap 1451 Walkin' And Whistlin' Blues/HOW HIGH THE MOON sev'l scrs clix A VV-
151 Les Paul/LES PAUL AND MARY FORD Cap 2400 Sleep/I'M SITTING ON TOP OF THE WORLD dj copy, stamp on label E+/E-
152 Perez Prado RCA 20-7245 Patricia/Why Wait wol V+
153 Perez Prado RCA 20-7245 Patricia/Why Wait Canadian E+
154 Perez "Prez" Prado RCA 20-5892 Marilyn Monroe Mambo/Steam Heat EE+
155 Perez "Prez" Prado RCA 20-5965 Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom/Rhythm Sticks EE+
156 Margie Rayburn Liberty 55102 I'm Available/If You Were E-
157 Kay Starr Cap 1964 I Wanna Love You/Wheel Of Fortune E-
158 Kay Starr RCA 20-6359 I've Changed My Mind A Thousand Times/The Rock And Roll Waltz VV+
159 Sarah Vaughan Mercury 70469 Make Yourself Comfortable/Idle Gossip small scrs causing clix side A E-
160 Kenny Watts /Jumpin Buddies Savoy 618 Putnam Avenue Breakdown/Doin' The Thing EE+
161 Billy Williams Coral 61830 I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter/Date With The Blues VV-
162 Clarence Williams Col 14422 Breeze/Mountain City Blues elec VV-
163 Hugo Winterhalter RCA 20-6537 This Is Real/Canadian Sunset pot lam causing clix E-

164 Perry Como RCA 20-5064 Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes/Lies E
165 Perry Como RCA 20-6427 Juke Box Baby/Hot Diggity E
166 Paul Crutchfield Okeh 45266* Uncle Hiram's Trip To The City Pt 1 & 2 V+
167 Stan Freberg Cap 1356 John And Marsha/Ragtime Dan V+
168 Dickie Goodman Radioactive 102 Flying Saucer Part 1 & 2 EE-
169 Johnny Holiday United 148 With All My Heart/Why Should I Cry wldj, xol E-
170 Homer And Jethro RCA 20-5208 Poor Ol' Koo-Liger/That Hound Dog In The Window rc nap E
171 John McGhee Gennett 6362* The Sinking Of The Submarine S-4/The Marian Parker Murder hc clix, mb 200 E
172 Constance Mering & Muriel Pollock Col 1004 The Doll Dance/Spring Fever elec V+
173 Moran & Mack Col 1350 Two Black Crows Pt 7 & 8 elec E+
174 Patti Page Mercury 70070 My Jealous Eyes/The Doggie In The Window EE+
175 Sam 'n' Henry Vi 20093* Sam's Speech At The Colored Lodge/Sam 'n' Henry At The Fortune Tellers V+
176 David Seville Liberty 55132 Witch Doctor/Don't Whistle At Me Baby EE-

177 Paul Anka ABC 9831 Diana/Don't Gamble With Love mark on side B causes clix, vinyl E/VV+
178 Frankie Avalon Chancellor 1011 Dede Dinah/Ooh La La V+
179 Harry Belafonte RCA 20-6663 Jamaica Farewell/Once Was E+
180 Harry Belafonte RCA 20-6771 Star-O/Banana Boat sld EE+
181 Boyd Bennett King 1470 Seventeen/Little Ole You-All EE-
182 Chuck Berry Chess 1653 Deep Feeling/School Day wol V+/E
183 Chuck Berry Chess 7844 Maybellene/Wee Wee Hours mb 25 E++
184 Bobbettes Atlantic 1144 Mr. Lee/Look At The Stars E
185 Pat Boone Dot 15338 Two Hearts/Tra-La-La E
186 Pat Boone Dot 15521 Anastasia/Don't Forbid Me EE+
187 Pat Boone Dot 15545 Why Baby Why/I'm Waiting Just For You V+/E
188 Pat Boone Dot 15570 Love Letters In The Sand/Bernadine V+
189 Jimmy Bowen Roulette 4001 I'm Stickin' With You/Ever Lovin' Fingers E
190 James Brown Federal 12337 Tell Me What I Did Wrong/Try Me (I Need You) vinyl, mb 50 V++
191 Cathy Carr Fraternity 734 Ivory Tower/Please, Please Believe Me V+
192 Champs Challenge 1016 Tequila/Train To Nowhere sld, mb 25 VV+/V
193 Chordettes Cadence 1299 Lay Down Your Arms/Teen Age Goodnight E+
194 Chordettes Cadence 1330 Soft Sand/Just Between You And Me slight damage causes clix side B on first 20 grooves E+/E
195 Chordettes Cadence 1345 Baby Come-A Back-A/Lollipop mb 50 E
196 Sanford Clark Dot 15481 Lonesome For A Letter/The Fool E
197 Coasters Atco 6087 Searchin'/Young Blood E-
198 Coasters Atco 6116 Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart/Yakety Yak N-
199 Coasters Atco 6132 Three Cool Cats/Charlie Brown E-
200 Eddie Cochran Liberty 55056 Dark Lonely Street/Sittin' In The Balcony mb 25 E-
201 Sam Cooke Keen 4-4013 You Send Me/Summertime E
202 Crickets Br 55009 I'm Lookin' For Someone To Love/That'll Be The Day stog, mb 50 VV+
203 Crickets Br 55035 Oh, Boy!/Not Fade Away sld V
204 Crickets Br 55053 Maybe Baby/Tell Me How mb 50 VV-
205 Crickets Coral 72298 Oh Boy/Not Fade Away rc 1st 3 grooves, UK press VV-
206 Bobby Darin Atco 6117 Judy, Don't Be Moody/Splish Splash rare on 78 V++
207 Bo Diddley Checker 814 I'm A Man/Bo Diddley V-
208 Fats Domino Imperial 5375 Bo Weevil/Don't Blame It On Me some surface marks E-
209 Fats Domino Imperial 5386 I'm In Love Again/My Blue Heaven plays better E-
210 Fats Domino Imperial 5407 Blueberry Hill/Honey Chile V+
211 Fats Domino Imperial 5417 Blue Monday/What's The Reason I'm Not Pleasing You E-
212 Fats Domino Imperial 5428 I'm Walkin'/I'm In The Mood For Love E+
213 Lonnie Donegan London 1650 Rock Island Line/John Henry E+/EE-
214 Duane Eddy Jamie 1104 Stalkin'/Rebel-Rouser slt wrp EE+
215 Tommy Edwards MGM 12688 Please Love Me Forever/It's All In The Game Canadian VV+
216 Everly Brothers Cadence 1315 Bye Bye Love/I Wonder If I Care As Much E
217 Everly Brothers Cadence 1337 Maybe Tomorrow/Wake Up Little Susie EE+
218 Everly Brothers Cadence 1348 All I Have To Do Is Dream/Claudette EE+
219 Everly Brothers Cadence 1350 Devoted To You/Bird Dog vinyl mb 25 N-
220 Everly Brothers Warner Bros 5163 So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad)/Lucille 2" wide rim chip not into grooves EE+
221 Connie Francis MGM 12588 You Were Only Fooling/Who's Sorry Now VV-
222 Ernie Freeman Imperial 5474 Raunchy/Puddin' E-/E
223 Georgia Gibbs Mercury 70517 You're Wrong, All Wrong/Tweedle Dee V
224 Georgia Gibbs Mercury 70572 Every Road Must Have A Turning/Dance With Me Henry VV-/V+
225 Charlie Grace Parlophone R. 4313 Fabulous/Just Lookin' sld E+
226 Elmer Grosso/NEW YORKERS Gennett 6643* My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now/YOU'RE THE CREAM IN MY COFFEE mb 50 E-
227 Bill Haley De 29124 Rock Around The Clock/Thirteen Women vinyl, pink dj, wol, mb 50 V
228 Bill Haley De 29204 Shake, Rattle And Roll/A.B.C. Boogie light scratches VV+
229 Bill Haley De 29713 Burn That Candle/Rock-A-Beatin' Boogie repaired crack plays good V
230 Bill Haley De 29870 The Saints Rock N' Roll/R-O-C-K E-
231 Bill Haley Essex 321 Crazy Man, Crazy/Whatcha Gonna Do cracked but plays good V
232 Roy Hamilton Epic 9015 You'll Never Walk Alone/I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry scr side A nap, rc nap E
233 Roy Hamilton Epic 9068 Beware/Ebb Tide EE-
234 George Hamilton IV ABC 9765 If You Don't Know/A Rose And A Baby Ruth E
235 George Hamilton IV ABC 9782 Only One Love/If I Possessed A Printing Press E
236 Thurston Harris Aladdin 3398 I Hope You Won't Hold It Against Me/Little Bitty Pretty One plays better, vinyl V
237 Dale Hawkins Checker 863 Susie-Q/Don't Treat Me This Way VV-
238 Clarence Henry Argo 5259 Ain't Got No Home/Troubles, Troubles tol V-
239 Buddy Holly Coral 72293 Peggy Sue/Everyday slt groove wear, UK press, mb 100 E-
240 Johnny Horton Col 40813-c I'm Coming Home/I Got A Hole In My Pirogue sld RaB V++
241 Johnny Horton Col 41339 All For The Love Of A Girl/The Battle Of New Orleans slt wrp,a few scratches nap E+
242 Tab Hunter Dot 15533 Red Sails In The Sunset/Young Love E
243 Tab Hunter Dot 15548 Ninety-Nine Ways/Don't Get Around Much Anymore V
244 Kalin Twins Br 05751 When/Three O'Clock Thrill UK press VV-
245 Kingston Trio Cap 14951 Ruby Red/Tom Dooley E
246 Buddy Knox Roulette 4002 My Baby's Gone/Party Doll E++
247 Jerry Lee Lewis Sun 267 Whole Lot Of Shakin' Going On/It'll Be Me tear on label V/EE-
248 Kathy Linden Felsted 8510 Billy/If I Could Hold You In My Arms V++
249 Little Richard Specialty 572 Long Tall Sally/Slippin' And Slidin' tag residue on label, mb 50 E-
250 Little Richard Specialty 598 Send Me Some Lovin'/Lucille mb 50 V++
251 Laurie London Parlophone SPD 111 He's Got The Whole World In His Hands/The Cradle Rock South Africa E-
252 Frankie Lymon Gee 1039 Creation Of Love/Goody Goody EE-
253 Gisele Mackenzie X 0137 Hard To Get/Boston Fancy VV-
254 Johnny Mathis Col 40784 Wonderful! Wonderful!/When Sunny Gets Blue VV+
255 Johnny Mathis Col 40851 Warm And Tender/It's Not For Me To Say mb 25 E-
256 Johnny Mathis Col 40993 The Twelfth Of Never/Chances Are V+
257 Johnny Mathis Col 41060 Wild Is The Wind/No Love EE+
258 Johnny Mathis Col 41082 When I Am With You/Come To Me E++
259 Clyde McPhatter Atlantic 1149 Heartaches/Long Lonely Nights EE-
260 Mickey & Sylvia Vik 0267 There Oughta Be A Law/Dearest E++
261 Mickey & Sylvia Vik 0290 Let's Have A Picnic/Love Is A Treasure vinyl E++
262 Johnny Nash ABC 9874 Won't You Let Me Share My Love With You/A Very Special Love V+
263 Ricky Nelson Imperial 5483 Waitin' In School/Stood Up V
264 Ricky Nelson Verve 10047 I'm Walkin'/A Teenager's Romance vsld, mb 75 E
265 Carl Perkins Sun 234 Honey, Don't!/Blue Suede Shoes very light water stains nap E+
266 Elvis Presley /Jordanaires RCA 1020 Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do!/Party UK press EE-
267 Elvis Presley /Jordanaires RCA 1043 I Beg Of You/Don't UK press E-
268 Elvis Presley RCA 20-6540 I Want You, I Need You, I Love You/My Baby Left Me sld, tol EE-
269 Elvis Presley RCA 20-6604 Hound Dog/Don't Be Cruel E
270 Elvis Presley RCA 20-6636 Tutti Frutti/Blue Suede Shoes slt crck pops n clix V-
271 Elvis Presley RCA 20-6643 Anyway You Want Me/Love Me Tender EE-
272 Elvis Presley RCA 20-6800 Playing For Keeps/Too Much sld, mb 25 EE-
273 Elvis Presley RCA 20-6870 All Shook Up/That's When Your Heartaches Begin E+
274 Elvis Presley RCA 20-7000 Teddy Bear/Loving You E+
275 Elvis Presley RCA 20-7035 Treat Me Nice/Jailhouse Rock Canadian EE+
276 Elvis Presley RCA 20-7240 Doncha' Think It's Time/Wear My Ring Around Your Neck plays better V+
277 Elvis Presley RCA 20-7410 I Got Stung/One Night plays better, sld, Canadian, mb 50 V-
278 Lloyd Price ABC 9792 Why/Just Because sld V
279 Johnnie Ray Col 40729 In The Candlelight/Just Walking In The Rain stog, rc nap EE-
280 Johnnie Ray Okeh 6840 Cry/The Little White Cloud That Cried E
281 Debbie Reynolds Vogue Q.72274 Tammy/French Heels UK press E-
282 Marty Robbins Col 21545 I Can't Quit (I've Gone Too Far)/Singing The Blues E++
283 Marty Robbins Col 40815-c The Same Two Lips/Knee Deep In The Blues E+
284 Marty Robbins Col 40864 Grown-Up Tears/A White Sport Coat V+
285 Jimmie Rodgers Roulette 4015 Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring/Honeycomb E
286 Jimmie Rodgers Roulette 4031 Better Loved You'll Never Be/Kisses Sweeter Than Wine plays less E-
287 Jimmie Rodgers Roulette 4045 Oh-Oh, I'm Falling In Love Again/The Long Hot Summer EE+
288 Jimmie Rodgers Roulette 4090 The Wizard/Are You Really Mine EE-
289 Jimmie Rodgers Roulette 4116 You Understand Me/Bimbombey groove wear E
290 Royal Teens ABC 9882 Short Shorts/Planet Rock vinyl, mb 25 E-
291 Jodie Sands Chancellor 1003 With All My Heart/More Than Only Friends VV+
292 Tommy Sands Cap 3639 Hep Dee Hootie/Teen-Age Crush E
293 Tommy Sands Cap 3690 My Love Song/Ring-A-Ding-A-Ding vinyl E-
294 Bobby Scott ABC 9658 Chain Gang/Shadrach swol EE-
295 Jack Scott Carlton 493 Goodbye Baby/Save My Soul Canadian, mb 50 E-
296 Somethin' Smith /Red Heads Epic 9093 My Baby Just Cares For Me/It's A Sin To Tell A Lie V++
297 Sparkletones ABC 9837 Black Slacks/Boppin' Rock Boogie V+/E-
298 Gale Storm Dot 15539 On Treasure Island/Lucky Lips EE+
299 Gale Storm Dot 15558 A Little Too Late/Dark Moon V-
300 Teddy Bears Dore 503 To Know Him, Is To Love Him/Don't You Worry My Little Pet Canadian Press, mb 50 E
301 Art And Dotty Todd Era 1064 Chanson D'Amour/Along The Trail With You VV+/V-
302 Tomcats Cap 15341 Daddy's Lullaby/You Better Get Yourself Some Gold V
303 Gene Vincent Cap 3839 Dance To The Bop/I Got It tol V++
304 Thomas Wayne Quality 1841 Saturday Date/Tragedy tag residue on label E
305 Sheb Wooley MGM 12651 I Can't Believe You're Mine/The Purple People Eater V

306 Crecendos Nasco 6005 My Little Girl/Oh Julie wol E-
307 Crows Rama 5 Gee/I Love You So VV+
308 Dell-Vikings Dot 15538 How Can I Find True Love/Come Go With Me vinyl, mb 25 V-/V+
309 Dell-Vikings Dot 15592 Whispering Bells/Don't Be A Fool EE-
310 Diamonds Mercury 71060 Faithful And True/Little Darlin' vinyl E-
311 Diamonds Mercury 71128 Words Of Love/Don't Say Goodbye E
312 Diamonds Mercury 71165 Zip Zip/Oh, How I Wish vinyl V++
313 Dream Weavers Br 05515 It's Almost Tomorrow/You've Got Me Wondering UK press EE-
314 Drifters Atlantic 1029 Warm Your Heart/Honey Love V+
315 Dubs Gone 5011 Such Lovin'/Could This Be Magic mb 50 VV-
316 Four Esquires Pilgrim 717 Follow Me/Summer Vacation VV+
317 Impalas MGM 9022 Sorry (I Ran All The Way Home)/Fool, Fool, Fool Canadian, mb 25 V++
318 Jayhawks Flash 109 My Only Darling/Stranded In The Jungle EE-
319 Frankie Lymon Gee 1002 Please Be Mine/Why Do Fools Fall In Love one white spot clix 3 revolutions side B, sld V
320 Nutmegs Herald 452 Story Untold/Make Me Lose My Mind rc nap VV-
321 Penguins DooTone 348 Hey Senorita/Earth Angel VV+/V-
322 Platters Mercury 70753 I'm Just A Dancing Partner/The Great Pretender V-
323 Platters Mercury 70819 The Magic Touch/Winner Take All VV-
324 Platters Mercury 70893 My Prayer/Heaven On Earth VV-
325 Platters Mercury 71011 On My Word Of Honor/One In A Million vinyl VV-
326 Platters Mercury 71289 Out Of My Mind/Twilight Time V
327 Platters Mercury 71383 Smoke Gets In your Eyes/No Matter What You Are sld VV-
328 Pony-Tails HMV POP. 516 Come On Joey Dance With Me/Born Too Late UK press E-
329 Rays Cameo 117 Silhouettes/Daddy Cool EE+
330 Rover Boys ABC 9700 I Hear Music/Graduation Day vinyl EE-
331 Silhouettes Ember 1029 Get A Job/I Am Lonely vinyl nearly V+
332 Billy Ward Liberty 55099 Deep Purple/Do It Again E/E-

10" LPs 78s
333 various Folkways FP 10 Lonesome Valley vinyl 10" 33 RPM E-/E

334 Atlantic Starr Warner Bros PRO-S-2663 Always Promo copy, no cover, record shaped like a heart with arrow through it VG++
335 Bobby Caldwell Clouds 11 What You Won't Do For Love single promo, red trans vinyl, shaped like a heart, ss bottom right VG+/VG+

336 Dock Boggs Folkways 5458 An Interview With no cover VG/no cover
337 New World Singers Atlantic 8087 same dj VG+/VG+
338 Doug Sahm Atlantic SD 7254 Doug Sahm and Band stereo, ringwear VG+/VG+
339 Earl Scruggs Col 30584 Performing With His Family and Friends: Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Doc Watson, The Byrds and more, stereo VG+/VG+

340 Nathan Abshire La Louisianne 139 A Cajun Tradition stereo SS
341 Cajun Born La Louisianne 147 same SS
342 LJ Foret La Louisianne 138 Cajun Country Singer stain on back cover stereo SS
343 Harry And The Cajuns La Louisianne 146 same SS
344 Ambrose Thibodeaux La Louisianne 143 Authentic Cajun French Music & Folk Songs stereo, shrink VG++/M-
345 various La Louisianne 141 Cajun Country French Classics Vol. 2 stereo SS
346 various La Louisianne 145 Cajun Country French Classics, Cajun Accordion Greats stain on cover SS

347 JoĆo Gilberto Cap ST 10280 Brazil's Brilliant JoĆo Gilberto stereo VG+/VG++

348 Joan Baez Vanguard 2097 same Vol. 2 VG++/VG+
349 Joan Baez Vanguard 2123 In Concert Part 2 VG+/VG+
350 Gentle Soul Epic BN 26374 same dj, stereo, mb 200 VG+/VG++
351 Jim & Jean Verve FTS-3001 Changes stereo, shrink, light scratches side B VG+/VG++
352 Bonnie Koloc Epic PE 34184 Close - Up dj VG+/VG++
353 Bonnie Koloc Ovation 1429 same, stereo, dj, dh, gf VG++/VG++
354 Bonnie Koloc Ovation 14-38 You're Gonna Love Yourself In The Morning stereo, shrink, dj VG++/VG++
355 Joni Mitchell Reprise 6293 same stereo, gf, mb 100 VG++/VG++
356 Fred Neil Cap ST 2665 same stereo, mb 30 VG+/VG+
357 Fred Neil Cap T 2862 Sessions stereo, shrink, "FREE" punched into the corner, mb 30 VG+/VG++
358 John Renbourn Reprise 2082 Faro Annie autographed, dj, ring wear, mb 50 VG+/VG+
359 various Col KC 31171 A Tribute To Woody Guthrie gf VG+/VG+
360 various Vanguard 79144 Newport Broadside:Topical Songs Of The Newport Folk Festival 1963 dg VG+/VG++

361 Gene Ammons Prestige Moodsville 18 Nice An' Cool dg, 2"ss top right, rare VG/VG+
362 Louis Armstrong Audio Fidelity 1930 Satchmo Plays King Oliver VG/VG+
363 Bob Brookmeyer Col 2237 Bob Brookmeyer And Friends Stan Getz, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter, Gary Burton & Elvin Jones stereo VG++/VG+
364 June Christy Cap ST 1953 The Intimate Miss Christy stereo, dj VG+/VG+
365 Ornette Coleman Atlantic 1327 Change Of The Century black label, 3"ss bottom, mb 50 VG+/VG+
366 Miles Davis Col 1041 Miles Ahead orch under the direction of Gil Evans, six-eye lbl, 2"ss bottom right, mb 100 VG++/VG+
367 Lou Donaldson Cadet 768 Rough House Blues arranged and conducted by Oliver Nelson VG+/VG+
368 Duke Ellington Col 830 Uptown dj, wobc, six-eye lbl, some surface marks VG+/VG+
369 Duke Ellington Col 1245 Newport 1958 six eye label, no cover VG
370 Duke Ellington Col 1323 Jazz Party six-eye lbl, tear on back cover, 2"ss top right, mb 30 VG+/VG
371 Duke Ellington Col 8241 Blues In Orbit stereo, dj, six-eye lbl, mb 25 VG/VG
372 Ella Fitzgerald Verve MGV-4004 Like Someone In Love stereo VG++/VG++
373 Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong Verve MG V-4003 Ella And Louis VG/VG++
374 Ella Fitzgerald w/ Duke Ellington Verve MGV 4008-2 Ella Fitzgerald Sings The Duke Ellington Song Book wobc VG+/VG
375 Bud Freeman Summa Cum Laude Trio Dot 3166 same VG+/VG+
376 Bud Freeman Emarcy MG-36013 Midnight At Eddie Condon's dg, ss bottom and top right VG+/VG
377 Stan Getz Verve V6-8412 Focus stereo, gf VG+/VG++
378 Stan Getz Qrtt Verve V6-8600 Getz Au Go Go stereo, gf VG+/VG++
379 Stan Getz & Charlie Byrd Verve V6-8432 Jazz Samba stereo, gf, mb 30 VG++/VG++
380 Stan Getz & Joao Gilberto Verve V6-8545 Getz/Gilberto featuring Antonio Carlos Jobim stereo, gf, mb 100 VG++/VG++
381 Stan Getz &Joao Gilberto Verve V6-8623 Getz/Gilberto #2 Recorded Live At Carnegie Hall stereo, gf VG++/VG+
382 Benny Goodman Col 552 The New Benny Goodman Sextet six eye lbl VG/VG+
383 Johnny Griffin Sextet Riverside 12-264 same taped seams, edgewear, mb 75 VG+/VG
384 Earl Hines Impulse A-9108 Once Upon A Time stereo, gf, mb 25 VG++/VG+
385 Art Hodes & Truck Parham Emarcy 66005 Plain Old Blues stereo, dh, plays better VG/VG+
386 Billie Holiday RIC M2001 A Rare Live Recording VG+/VG
387 Billie Holiday Spinorama 184 Misty & Blue stereo, shrink VG+/VG++
388 Billie Holiday Verve 2304 243 Songs For The Distingué Lovers French press VG+/VG++
389 Yusef Lateef Impulse A-69 Live At Pep's stereo, gf, 3"ss top, mb 25 VG+/VG+
390 Zoot Sims Qrtt Argo 608 same shrink, saw cut VG+/VG++
391 Ralph Sutton Qrtt Omega OSL-51 Jazz At The Olympics stereo, inscription from Ralph to Charles (Lavere) VG+/VG++
392 Art Tatum & Ben Webster Qrtt Verve MGV-8220 The Art Tatum Ben Webster Quartett featuring Red Callender And Bill Douglass mb 50 VG+/VG+
393 Sonny Thompson King 568 Moody Blues: Play Only After Midnight tobc, dg, ss top & bottom VG+/VG
394 Stanley Turrentine Blue Note 4150 A Chip Off The Old Block N.Y. Label mb 50 VG+/VG++
395 various Riverside 9356/9357 New Orleans The Living Legends stereo, 2 LP, mb 50 VG++/VG++
396 Ethel Waters Sandy Hook 2060 Who Said Blackbirds Are Blue? shrink VG++/VG++
397 Ben Webster Reprise R9-2001 The Warm Moods stereo VG++/VG
398 Ben Webster And Joe Zawinul Riverside 9476 Soulmates stereo VG+/VG+

399 Ernie Andrews Crescendo GNPS-1008 Travelin' Light stereo, shrink VG++/M-400 Tiny Bradshaw King 953 24 Great Songs mb 30 VG+/VG++
401 Big Bill Broonzy Emarcy 36137 The Blues taped seams, wobc, ring wear, some surface marks cause skippin in last 2 songs on side 1 G+/VG
402 Big Bill Broonzy Scepter M 529 The Blues dh, slight ring wear and edge wear, some surface marks VG/VG+
403 Ray Charles Tangerine 755 A Message From The People VG++/VG++
404 Lightnin' Hopkins D 8000 Blues Underground scratches on vinyl, some pops & clix, mb 50 VG-/VG
405 Lightnin' Hopkins Jewel 5001 Talkin' Some Sense mb 50 VG/VG+
406 Lightnin' Hopkins Mainstream 311 The Blues taped seam top, ss bottom mb 20 VG+/VG-
407 Lightnin' Hopkins Vee Jay 1044 Lightnin' Strikes mb 100 VG+/VG
408 Howlin' Wolf Chess 1434 Moanin' In The Moonlight autographed by Hubert Sumlin, dg, black label, mb 500 VG/VG+
409 Lazy Lester Flyright 526 They Call Me Lazy includes autographed piece of paper from 1988, mb 50 VG++/VG++
410 Furry Lewis w/ Bukka White & Gus Cannon Adelphi 1007 On The Road Again no cover VG+/no cover
411 Lightnin' Slim Excello 8000 Rooster Blues some surface marks, creased corner, slight tear on cover VG+/VG+
412 Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry Savoy MG 14019 Back Country Blues G+/VG
413 Memphis Slim Chess 1455 same, mb 50 VG+/VG
414 Little Brother Montgomery Adelphi 1003S No Special Rider w/ Jeanne Caroll sealed SS
415 Victoria Spivey, Roosevelt Sykes, Big Joe Williams and Lonnie Johnson Spivey 1004 Three Kings And A Queen mb 100 VG+/VG++
416 Ethel Waters Mercury 20051 The Favorite Songs Of Ethel Waters dg, wobc VG/VG+

417 Pete Johnson Oldie Blues 2801 Master Of Blues And Boogie Woogie 1904-1967 "sample records" stamp on cover, Dutch press VG++/VG+
418 James "Yank" Rachel Wolf WSE 106 Vol. 1 (1934-38) Complete Recordings In Chronological Order, Austrian press, inscription autograph (to Joel), mb 100 VG++/VG++
419 James "Yank" Rachel Wolf WSE 107 Vol. 2 (1938-41) Complete Recordings In Chronological Order Austrian press, autographed, mb 100 M-/VG++

420 Dr. John Atco SD 7018 In The Right Place autographed w/ drawings of a piano, music notes and reference to the shoofly by Dr. John The Nite Tripper on the back cover, gf, mb 100 VG+/VG+
421 Bob Dylan no # Help! + the riverside tapes and various album outtakes VG++/VG+
422 Bob Dylan Contraband no # The Gaslight Tapes shrink, mb 50 VG+/VG++
423 Bob Dylan Go International 2 Historical Archives Volume 2 Italian press shrink VG++/VG++
424 Bob Dylan Piece Isle OF Wight: In Concert On The Island Pt. 1&2 boot VG/VG+
425 Bob Dylan Trade Mark 71061 Don't Look Back shrink, purple vinyl, boot mb 100 VG+/VG++
426 Bob Dylan Trade Mark no # Stealin' shrink, boot, mb 50 VG+/VG++
427 Bob Dylan Trade Mark no # VD Waltz shrink, transparent blue vinyl, dg, small scr in first song, boot, rare, mb 50 VG+/VG++
428 Bob Dylan Trade Mark no # Burn Some More shrink, boot mb 75 VG++/VG++
429 Bob Dylan Zerocks no # Zimmerman:Looking Back 2 LP VG+/VG++
430 Barry Goldberg Atco SD 7040 same, dj VG+/VG++
431 Steve Goodman Buddah BDS 5096 same gf VG+/VG+
432 Steve Goodman Buddah BDS 5121 Somebody Elses Troubles stereo, promo copy, dh VG++/VG+
433 GWW no # John Birch Society Blues 1st press? VG+/VG+
434 GWW Trade Mark 71055 The Demo Tapes shrink, boot, mb 100 VG+/VG++
435 GWW Trade Mark no # Talkin' Bear Mountain Blues shrink, purple splatter vinyl, boot, mb 300 VG++/VG++
436 GWW Trade Mark no # A Thousand Miles Behind boot, mb 50 VG++/VG++
437 GWW Trade Mark no # BBC Broadcast: Royal Albert Hall, London 1965 shrink, 2 LP blue & white marbled wax, red & white marbled wax, small spot track 3 side 1 clix, boot, mb 300 VG+/VG++
438 GWW Trade Mark no # Seems Like A Freeze Out shrink, boot, mb 200 VG++/M-
439 Ikettes United Artists LA190-F Gold & New autographed, cut corner, mb 50 VG+/VG++
440 It's A Beautiful Day Col CS 9768 same gf VG/VG+
441 Jimi Hendrix Experience Track 612 001 Are You Experienced UK press, some creases in cover, mb 100 VG++/VG+
442 Joy Of Cooking Cap ST-661 same stereo, shirnk VG++/VG++
443 Kaleidoscope Epic BN 26304 Side Trips stereo, dj, mb 50 VG++/VG+
444 Kaleidoscope Epic BN 26333 A Beacon From Mars: Marches And Two Steps stereo, dh, mb 50 VG+/VG+
445 Kaleidoscope Epic 26467 same stereo, gf, ss bottom, mb 30 VG++/VG+
446 Kaleidoscope Epic 26508 Bernice stereo, dj, rare, mb 30 VG++/VG+
447 John Lennon Apple T-5001 Two Virgins brown paper outer sleeve mb 100 VG+/VG
448 John Lennon Apple SW 3379 Imagine w/ poster & cards, shrink, mb 300 VG+/VG++
449 John Lennon Apple SW 3414 Mind Games stereo, shrink, mb 100 VG++/VG++
450 John Lennon & Yoko Ono Geffen 2001 Double Fantasy stereo, shrink, mb 50 VG+/M-
451 John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band Apple SW 3372 same stereo, shrink VG+/M-
452 Philamore Lincoln Epic 26497 The North Wind Blew South stereo VG++/VG+
453 Peggy Lipton Ode Z12-44006 same stereo, slt groovewear, gf, mb 50 VG+/VG+
454 Barry McGuire & The Doctor A&M SP-77004 same stereo, dj, wobc, dh VG+/VG+
455 Mothers Of Invention Verve V6-5013 Absolutely Free stereo, gf,4"ss top right, mb 50 VG+/VG+
456 Mothers Of Invention Verve V6 5045X We're Only In It For The Money stereo, gf, mb 50 VG/VG
457 Mothers Of Invention Verve V6 5055X Cruising With Ruben & The Jets stereo, gf, mb 25 VG+/VG+
458 Mugwumps Warner Bros 1697 An Historic Recording stereo, shrink VG+/VG++
459 Fred Neil Elektra 7293 Bleecker & McDougal dh, mb 50 VG+/VG+
460 Plastic Ono Band Apple SW 3362 Live Peace In Toronto 1969 stereo VG+/VG+
461 The Fraternity Of Man ABC 647 The Fraternity Of Man stereo, shrink, mb 30 VG+/VG++
462 The Mar-Keys Stax 707 The Great Memphis Sound dj, mb 50 VG+/VG++
463 various Council For United Civil Rights 1A We Shall Overcome VG+/VG++
464 Frank Zappa CBS 66368 Shut Up n' Play Yer Guitar three record box set, mb 50 VG+/VG++
465 Zodiac Elektra 74009 Cosmic Sounds mb 25 VG+/VG+


Set Sale #68
Set Sale #67B
Set Sale #FIFTYC
Set Sale #FIFTYD

clix=noise each rev for cracked record
crk=crack, dimension in inches indicates how far in from edge, if no dimension goes all the way to label;
chd=center hole damage;
dh=drill hole
dj=disc jockey/promo copy,
wldj=white label disc jockey;
wlbiodj=wldj with biography;
hc=hairline crack;
illeg=foreign alphabet on label;
lams=lamination cracks,
pot lams=potential lams;
ld=extensive label damage,
s-mld=slight to moderate ld,
sld=slight ld;
vsld=very slight; label damage;
mol=mark on label
nap=not affecting play;
number+ g (i.e. 5g)=number of grooves flk or chip affects play;
os=original sleeve;
pdig=passing dig,
rc=rim chip;
rol=ring on label;
schd=slt center hole damage;
SS=still sealed;
shrink=shrink wrap present but opened;
stog=stain on grooves;
tix = not as loud as "clix"
tol=tag, tape or sticker on label;
wol=writing on lbl, swol= slight;
xol=x on label
U=You, w/=With, R=Are, 2=To