Closing Date: May 15, 2018 at 10:00 PM St. Louis (CDT) Time

Welcome to Auction #68

A longstanding customer asked me to sell his collection and I couldn't say no. It is an interesting collection. No heavy pre-war blues but lot of interesting small labels including some blues and jazz and a lot of gospel and vocal group records, many I've never seen before

And I still have Set Sale records to dispose of. Those will be posted Sunday April 15th.

I may continue to do small auctions on an intermittent basis from time to time in the future.

Bid what the record is worth to you. If yours is the high bid you win it for that price. Please bid by lot number, label, and label number. The minimum bid is $5.00 unless stated otherwise. I reserve the right to refuse any bid I deem unreasonably low.

Call backs will be available, but only on items for which you have bid $200 or the minimum, whichever is higher. You must indicate on your bid you wish to compete and include full contact information. Raises must be in increments of 10% (or more). You can participate in call backs by email. You will have a maximum of 24 hours to respond to a raise or be eliminated. This is to account for time zone differences and work schedules. It usually takes no more than one day to conclude most call backs.

Grading scale for 78s: N, N-, E++, E+, EE+, E, EE-, E-, E--, V++, V+, nearly V+, VV+, V, VV-, V-, V--, G+, G, G-, F, P. I am now using "nearly V+" to designate records better than VV+ but not quite V+.

My grading is guaranteed. Open your order when it arrives and inspect the records at that time please. Returns must be received by March 15th, 2017. Consignors are paid at that time and refunds are no longer offered.

There is a key to abbreviations used at the bottom of this page.

Shipping charges are reasonable and will be quoted with your invoice. Overseas bidders please indicate customs and insurance preference with bids. Under-declared orders are at your risk. I can't insure for more than I declare.

Mail bids must be received by January 15th, 2018. If bidding by e-mail, please make your header explicitly clear, i.e. "78 Auction #67 BIDS" as I receive many spam messages a day and don't want your bids to get lost.

PAYMENT IS EXPECTED WITHIN 30 DAYS OF NOTIFICATION unless prior arrangements have been made. If you can't pay for your purchases put them on your credit card (via Paypal). Late payment is a great inconvenience. Many of the records are on consignment and consignors expect to be paid in a timely fashion. Payment can be made by cash, check, money order, Western Union or Paypal. When using Paypal please add a 2% convenience fee. Alternatively you can send money as a gift (for a much lower fee) and pay the fee at your end. Please e-mail if you have any questions.

Asterisk (*) after label number indicates buff (Bluebird), sunrise (Decca), King of them All (King), flag (Columbia), Electrobean (Gennett), scroll (Victor), electric (Paramount, Supertone, Superior, Okeh, Champion, Melotone, Perfect, etc.)

BLUES, R&B 78s
1 Johnny Ace Duke 128 Please Forgive Me/You've Been Gone So Long V+
2 Faye Adams Herald 419 Happiness To My Soul/I'll Be True E-
3 Ray "Aged" /Richard Brown Orch RK 101 Can't Find My Way/Brought It All On Myself mb 75 EE+
4 Ray Agee Queen 101 Can't Find My Way/Brought It All On Myself rare L.A. label, vsld, mb 40 V+
5 Ray Agee Spark 119 Wobble-Loo/Another Fool V
6 Lee Allen Ember 1027 Walkin' With Mr. Lee/Promenade VV+
7 Tony Allen Ultra 104 It Hurts Me So/Check Yourself V+
8 Gene Allison Champion 1008 If Things Don't Change/Goodbye My Love w/ Jimmy Beck, plays better, mb 50 V+
9 Richard Armstrong Cheker 104 Gene Nobles Boogie/Gene Nobles Blues instrs VV+
10 Kokomo Arnold De 7165* I Can't Get Enough Of That Stuff/Desert Blues V-
11 Baby Face Leroy Trio Parkway 104 Boll Weevil/Red Headed Woman slt stog causes swish last 3/4" A, mb 200 E/EE+
12 Doc Bagby Kaiser 383 Home Run/Cloud Eight V+
13 Eddie Beal Rim 1002 Roustabout Blues/Hungry Man Blues mb 200 EE+
14 Richard Berry Flair 1064 Please Tell Me/Oh! Oh! Get Out Of The Car VV+
15 Richard Berry Flair 1068 God Gave Me You/Don't Cha Go E
16 Big Bill /Chicago Five Okeh 06651 Hard Hearted Woman/I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town VV+
17 Otis Blackwell Jay-Dee 792 Nobody Met The Train/I'm Standing At The Doorway To Your Heart V+
18 Blind Blues Darby De 7816 Bootleggin' Ain't Good No More/Spike Driver mb 50 E
19 Eddie Bo Apollo 486 I'm Wise/Happy Tears mb 20 E-
20 Bobby Sue /Freeloaders Harlem 2335 Relief Check/It Takes A Lot Of Love E
21 Zuzu Bollin Torch 6910 Why Don't You Eat Where You Slept Last Night/Headlight Blues mb 30 V+
22 Priscilla Bowman Falcon 1004 Yes, I'm Glad/A Spire Man V+
23 Eddie Boyd Chess 13 24 Hours/The Tickler V+
24 Sunny Bridges Metro 25002 S.B. Boogie/Bed Room Blues instrs E-
25 John Brim Parrot 799 Tough Times/Gary Stomp VV+
26 Hadda Brooks Modern Music 1000 Sunset Limited/Juke Box Boogie V+
27 Charles Brown Aladdin 3091 I'll Always Be In Love With You/The Message V+
28 Charles Brown /Johnny Moore's Three Blazers Exclusive 120X I'll Miss You/So There E-/E+
29 Dolores Brown /Polka Dots Beacon 110 20-99 Blues/Cold Winter Papa V+
30 Dusty Brown Bandera 2503 Please Don't Go/Well, You Know mb 25 V
31 Richard Brown RK 101 Brought It All On Myself/Can't Find My Way vcl Ray "Aged" VV+
32 Bumble Bee Slim De 7098* The Death Of Leroy Carr/Blue Blues VV-
33 Bumble Bee Slim Fidelity 3004 Lonesome Old Feeling/Ida Red E
34 Bumblebee Slim Bb 6649 Dead And Gone Mother/Squalling Panther Blues VV-
35 Teddy Bunn Selective 114 Jackson's Nook/I've Come A Long Ways Baby E
36 Lillian Campbell Ebony 1010 Money Honey/Money Talking Boogie mb 100 E+
37 Elliot Carpenter Alpha 7001 I Don't Know Boogie/Hollywood Boogie piano instrs, mb 25 V+
38 Charles Clark /Willie Dixon Band Artistic 1500 Row Your Boat/Hidden Charms plays better, 5BW, Louis Myers, Otis Rush, mb 75 VV+
39 Dee Clark Abner 1019 Nobody But You/When I Call On You plays better, mb 40 V+
40 Micky Cooper Swing 192 I Had A Dream Last Night/When I Had Money E
41 Cousin Joe /Dickie Wells' Blue Seven Signature 1012 I Had To Stoop To Conquer You, Baby/Bachelor's Blues os E+
42 Pee Wee Crayton Modern 20-643 Texas Hop/Central Avenue Blues V+
43 G. Davy Crockett Chief 7010 Did You Ever Love Somebody/Look Out Mable plays better, Louis Myers gtr, mb 200 V+
44 Skatman Crothers/JEANNE RICHEY /Cosmo Combo Orchid 1 Shuffleboard Blues/MY TEDDY BEAR V+
45 Jesse Cryor C & G 1032 My Blue Heaven/My Baby Loves Me So Supreme V+
46 Maxwell Davis RPM 332 Jumpin' With Lloyd/New Flying Home VV+
47 Walter Davis Bb 7064 Angel Child/West Coast Blues V+/E
48 Walter Davis Bb 7512 I Hear My Baby Crying/Walking The Avenue mb 150 E+
49 Walter Davis Bb 7589 Million Dollar Baby/When Nights Are Lonesome VV+
50 Walter Davis Bb 8026 You Don't Know Right From Wrong/Smoky Mountain mb 100 E
51 Walter Davis Bb 8510 Come Back, Baby/No Place To Go V
52 Walter Davis MW 7433* Streamline Woman/Holiday Blues VV+
53 Walter Davis RCA 20-2156 My Friends Don't Know Me/When You Need My Help E-
54 Tommy Dean /St. Louisans Town & Country 800 Just Before Day/Rock Easy VV-
55 Mercy Dee Colony 102 Straight And Narrow/Happy Bachelor Blues VV-
56 Floyd Dixon Ebb 105X Oooh Little Girl/What Is Life Without A Home? V+
57 Fats Domino Imperial 5301 You Can Pack Your Suitcase/I Lived My Life V+
58 Don & Dewey Shade 9637 My Heart Is Aching/Miss Sue wol, mb 50 V+
59 Don And Dewey Spot 101 Fiddlin' The Blues/Slummin' mb 150 E+
60 Big Bob Dougherty Cardinal 1039 Knock Kneed Baby/Just Any Mood E/E-
61 Buck Douglas Square Deal 302 Douglas Boogie/I'm A Man his only V-
62 Billy Duke Casino 138 Flip, Flop, And Fly/Fun Lovin' Woman VV+
63 Champion Jack Dupree Celebrity 2012 Big Legged Mama/I'm A Doctor For Women mb 200 N-
64 Perline Ellison De 7910 New That Ain't Right/Razor Totin' Mama V++
65 Billy "The Kid" Emerson Sun 233 Little Fine Healthy Thing/Something For Nothing V
66 Frank Ervin Blaze 103 Hot Rod/Bed Time E
67 Rudy Ferguson Prestige 798 Baby, Baby, I Need You So/Cool Goofin' V+
68 Ernie Fields Frisco 103 Butch's Blues/Long Last Love V+
69 Flennoy Trio Excelsior 139 I'll Be True/It's Only A Paper Moon E+
70 Earl Forrest Flair 1015 Trouble And Me/Mid Night Hours Journey tol V+
71 Four Wild-Cats Delvar 502 Riffin' The Boogie/The Flying Ghost Boogie V
72 T.J. Fowler Paradise 120 Mango Blues/Sultry Moon tol V+
73 Calvin Frazier J-V-B 86 Have Blues Must Travel/Lilly Mae plays better, mb 100 VV-
74 James Freeman Folk-Star 103 Her Lover Man/About This Time Everyday mb 50 E
75 Lowell Fulsom /J. Russel Trio Scotty's Radio 101 Scotty's Blues/The Train Is Leaving mb 200 E-/E
76 Lowell Fulson Colonial 122 Good-Bye, Good-Bye/My Baby Left Me E-
77 Slim Gaillard Trio Bel-Tone 755 Mean Mama Blues/Riff City w/ Wini Beatty, tol E-
78 Earl Gaines Champion 1004 Love You So/Sittin' Here Drinking late one, mb 40 E
79 Slim Galliard Queen 4121 Slim Galliard's Boogie/Travelin' Blues V+
80 Cecil Gant Bop! Features 106 Travelin' Alone Blues/It's All Over Darling' mb 30 E-
81 Cecil Gant Dot 1016 Cryin' To Myself/Nobody Loves You V/V+
82 Cecil Gant Gilt-Edge 510 Blues In L.A./When I Wanted You E
83 Cecil Gant Gilt-Edge 500 CG 11/12 Put Another Chair At The Table/Cecil Boogie No. 2 E
84 Lloyd Glenn Colony 109 Stranger/Hep Cat Shuffle mb 30 E+
85 Lloyd Glenn/CHARLES BROWN Holluwood 1021 Sleigh Ride/MERRY CHRISTMAS BABY V+
86 Babs Gonzales Crazy 1002 Rockin' & Rollin' The Blues/Hair Dressen Women V+
87 Rosco Gordon Flip 237 The Chicken/Love For You Baby V/VV+
88 Big Don Gray MJC 502 Louella/I've Started To Live Again mb 75 VV+
89 Big Boy Groves Spark 114 I Gotta New Car/Midnight Special wol VV+
90 Stick-Horse Hammond Royalty 906 Highway 51/Too Late Baby mb 100 E-
91 Harmonica Slim Spry 103 Thought I Didn't Love You/Going Back Home plays better, mb 50 V+
92 Harmonica Slim Vita 138 You Better Believe It/My Girl Won't Quit Me V+
93 Manzy Harris Rockin' 506 You're Gonna Know/Crawlin' Around E-
94 Buddy Hawkins Key Notes Skyscraper 1202 Saint Louis Blues/I'm Lost V+
95 Erskine Hawkins Bb 10456 Rehearsal In Love/Satan Does The Rhumba V+
96 Roy Hawkins Cava-Tone 253 They Raided The Joint/Ain't No Fault Of Mine mb 25 V
97 Roy Hawkins Modern 898 Bad Luck Is Falling/The Condition I'm In V+
98 Edgar Hayes /Stardusters Exclusive 78X Century Room/Fat Meat 'N Greens V+/V
99 Henry Hayes Swing With The Stars 414 Baby Girl/Bowlegged Angeline mb 50 E
100 Frank Haywood Bronze 121 Please Believe Me/So Glad EE-
101 Frank Haywood /Tucker's Top Men Top Hat 1019 Rock-A-Bye Baby/There's A Stranger transparent red vinyl, mb 40 E
102 Haywood & Tucker Waters & Son Record Shop 123 Morning Low/Morning The Blues E-
103 John Heartsman /Gaylarks Music City 807 Johnny's House Party Pt. 1&2 tol, sld A E
104 Lucille Hegamin /Her Blue Flame Black Swan 2032 Arkansas Blues/Jazz Me Blues stamp on label VV-
105 Clarence Henry Argo 5266 I'm A Country Boy/Lonely Tramp V++
106 Al Hibbler The Boys Blue Bell 537 I Don't Mean A Thing/ Pt. 1&2 V+
107 Chuck Higgins/JOHNNY FLAMINGO Caddy 105 Roller Coaster/SO LONG E
108 Bertha "Chippie" Hill /Richard M. Jones'Jazz Wizards Decatur 502 Sport Model Mama/Do Dirty Blues E
109 Sam Hinton ABC-Eagle 230 Long John/Old Man Atom vsld V+
110 Smokey Hogg Ray's 33 Penitentiary Blues Pt. 1&2 mb 125 N-
111 Tony Hollins Okeh 06605 Married Woman Blues/Big Time Woman V-
112 Honey Dripper De 7352* Bread Pan/Monte Carlo Blues E-
113 Honey Dripper De 7483 Down On My Knees/The Train Is Coming mol E-
114 Honey Dripper De 7622 You Can't Fix It Back/Journey From The Germs E
115 Honey Dripper De 7747 Yellow Yam Blues/Ups And Downs Blues E
116 Honey Dripper De 7769 Right Now/Essie Mae Blues V
117 Honey Dripper De 7862 Sykes Advice Blues/Trouble And Whiskey V+
118 John Lee Hooker Modern 20-767 Roll N' Roll/Give Me Your Phone Number V+/V
119 Lightnin' Hopkins Harlem 2331 Fast Life/The Jackstropper VV+
120 Lightnin' Hopkins Herald 443 Early Mornin' Boogie/Nothin But The Blues V
121 Lightnin' Hopkins Jax 661 Down To The River/Gone Again mb 40 E-
122 Lightning Hopkins Modern 20-543 Shining Moon/Ida May V+
123 Joe Houston Lucky 004 Joe Go Go/Go Joe Go E-
124 Joe Houston Money 203 Way Out/All Night Long VV+/V
125 Helen Humes Gene Norman 105 New Million Dollar Secret/Hard Driving Mama EE+
126 Goo Goo Hutchinson Acme GH 503 My Railroad Man/Give Our Love A Chance To Work Out mb 40 V+
127 Bill Jackson Paris 101 Jumpin' Jack/Evil Ways Beverly Wright vcl B, mb 30 E+
128 Bop Jackson Davis 711 What'll You Have?/Broom And Dust Pan VV+
129 Bull Moose Jackson Encino 1004 Watch My Signals/Understanding E+
130 Bull Moose Jackson King 4305 Houston Texas Gal/Come Back To Me tol E-
131 Bull Moose Jackson Super 1045 Keep Your Big Mouth Shut/Memphis Gal tol V+
132 Harold Jackson Philmos 5001 Jealous Woman/Margo's Blues mb 30 V+
133 Lil' Son Jackson Imperial 5218 Black And Brown/Sad Letter Blues V+
134 Little Son Jackson Gold Star 663 Cairo Blues/Evil Blues V+
135 Mattie Jackson/ERVIN RUCKER /Blues Nighthawks Orch Duplex 9001 I Want To Do It/TWO PEOPLE IN LOVE mb 100 E-
136 Elmore James Meteor 5000 I Believe/I Held My Baby Last Night V+
137 Elmore James Modern 983 Long Tall Woman/Wild About You V
138 Herb Jeffries Olympic 803 No Arms Can Ever Hold You/Whistling Blues E-
139 Jim Jam Trio Sonora 107 Riffin' Rufus/Jim Jam Boogie VV+
140 Dr. Jo-Jo Freddie Williams & His Orchestra Melody Lane Record Shop 1172/1173 Jo-Jo Blues Pt. 1&2 V
141 Joe And His Kool Kats Von 22 The Blues Creeps/What's Shaking? mb 100 V+
142 Candy Johnson D.R.C. Danceland 399 Stampin/Ebony Jump instrs V
143 Edith Johnson Century 3018 Nickles Worth Of Liver/Honey Dripper Blues E+
144 Larry Johnson 3 Minutes T-502 Mean, Mistreating, Mama/Not Now, I'll Tell You When V+
145 Lonnie Johnson Holiday 5001 In Love Again/Drifting Along Blues mb 100 E
146 Lonnie Johnson Paradise 123 Tell Me Baby/Lonesome Day Blues VV+
147 Marv Johnson United Artists 160-78 Come To Me/Whisper rol, mb 75 E-/E
148 Marvin Johnson G&G 1022 That's My Baby Pt. 1&2 E
149 Mary Johnson De 7014* Deceitful Woman Blues/Black Gal Blues mb 150 E+
150 Meat Head Johnson /Blues Hounds Apex 1110 Goin' Back To Louisiana/Barrel House Mama mb 25 E-
151 Pete Johnson Solo Art 12004 Climbin' & Screamin'/How Long, How Long V
152 Plas Johnson Jet 112 Last Call/Caravan E-
153 Plas Johnson Tampa 1286 Bus Stop/Makin' Whoopee V+
154 Eddie (Guitar Slim) Jones J-B 603 Certainly All/Feelin' Sad VV+
155 Joe Jones Roulette 4063 Every Night About Eight/A-Tisket A-Tasket sld E-
156 Myrtle Jones Courier 507 I'm Alone/I'm Goin' Home mb 300 E-
157 Thunderclap Jones Oriole 1328 Sound Barrier Boogie/Ask For Joe hot piano instrs, mb 25 E
158 Parr Jones/GEO WASHINGTON Ace 150 Open The Door Richard/I'LL TURN SQUARE FOR YOU cartoon label & cool tol "Deluxe Record Shop - Toledo" E
159 Jackie Kelso Spry 104 Jumpin' Gee/Cooler, Please instrs, mb 20 E-/E
160 B.B. King Kent 319 Come By Here/The Fool EE+
161 Earl King Ace 514 Little Girl/My Love Is Strong V/E
162 King Gene Blues & Rhythm 7005 Train Time Boogie/Great Big Pretty Legs VV+
163 Kings Quintet/BLUE VELVET SEXTET Laurent 133 Why Did You Go/LOOKING FOR MY MAN Pee Wee Crayton vcl A V+
164 Robie Kirk Queen 4110 Let's Go Upstairs/Where Is Your Husband At? E
165 Lamplighter All Stars Lamplighter 102 Young Man's Blues Pt. 1&2 E+
166 Herb Lance Sittin' In 616 I Love You Truly/Always E+
167 Morris Lane Lenox 503 Summertime/Sellout instrs V+
168 Georgia Lane/EMMETT HOBSON Central 1001 Oo-Wee Mr. Jeff/LOOKA HERE, MATTIE BEE w/ Rag-Muffins B, mb 40 V+
169 Jean LaRue Universal 703 Trouble, Trouble/Boogie Joys #ol E-
170 Leadbelly Stinson 715 I've Got A Pretty Flower/Outskirts Of Town w/ Josh White A, Sonny Terry B E-
171 Julia Lee Tommy Douglas Orch Premier 29013 Lotus Blossom/Dream Lucky Blues St. Louis label VV+
172 J.B. Lenoir Checker 901 Daddy Talk To Your Son/She Don't Know V+
173 J.B. Lenoir Parrot 802 Eisenhower Blues/I'm In Korea VV-
174 Clarence "Junior" Lewis Red Robin 136 Lost Everything/Your Heart Must Be Made Of Stone V+
175 Smiley Lewis Imperial 5067 Lowdown/Tee-Nah-Nah EE+
176 Smiley Lewis Imperial 5356 I Hear You Knocking/Bumpity Bump sld V+
177 Joe Liggins /Honeydrippers Exclusive 232 Dripper's Boogie Pt. 1&2 in original sleeve, autographed by Liggins 6-16-45, mb 50 V+
178 Joe Liggins Specialty 355 Pink Champagne/Sentimental Lover V+
179 Lightning Slim Ace 505 Lightning Slim Boogie/Bad Feeling Blues VV-/E+
180 Lightning Slim Feature 3008 New Orleans Bound/I Can't Live Happy V+
181 Little Ceasar Little Ceasar 106 Can't Stand It All Alone/Big Eyes extremely rare, mb 150 EE+
182 Little Ceasar Recorded In Hollywood 238 Your Money Ain't Long Enough/Do Right Blues EE+
183 Little Jimmy Acorn 301 Rock That Boogie/Jimmie's Blues E-
184 Little Milton Meteor 5040 Let's Boogie Baby/Love At First Sight VV-
185 Little Papa Joe Blue Lake 116 Easy Lovin'/Looking For My Baby tol, wol, mb 40 E-
186 Little Richard Peacock 1658 Little Richard's Boogie/Directly From My Heart To You V
187 Little Sonny Duke 186 Hear My Woman Calling/I Gotta Find My Baby mb 40 V+
188 Little Walter Checker 904 Key To The Highway/Rock Bottom VV+
189 Little Willie Littlefield Eddie's 1202 Little Willie's Boogie/My Best Wishes E
190 James (Blazer Boy) Locks Regal 3231 Blazer Boy Blues/Mistreated Blues E
191 Dorothy Logan Drexel 902 Small Town Man/Since I Feel For You mb 30 V++
192 Louis & Frosty C Note 1207 Lonesome & Confused/Train Time V+
193 Preston Love Dig 101 Groove Juice/If You Ever Get Lonesome swol V
194 Paul Madison Colonial 114 P.M. BLues/Madison Square instrs V+
195 Magic Sam Cobra 5021 Everything Gonna Be Alright/Look Watcha Done hc tix VV-
196 Bobby Marchan Gale 101 Give A Helping Hand/Chickee Wah-Wah swol E
197 Madalyn Marselle Pheonix 019 Sorry/Love Ya Honey Blues mb 35 E
198 Fats Matthews Bayou 016 Goin' Down/I'mThankful V
199 Percy Mayfield Cash 1041 Look The Whole World Over/The Bluest Blues bad spot clix 9x start of A E+
200 Austin McCoy Sunshine 106 You Can Get A Lot For What You Got/You Gotta Make A Change V
201 Jimmy McCracken Courtney 123 You Had Your Chance/Special For You E/V+
202 Jimmy McCracklin /Blues Blasters JMC 209 Rockin' Man/I Am Tired E+
203 Jimmy McCracklin /Blues Blasters Peacock 1683 I Need Your Loving/The Swinging Thing V+
204 Willard McDaniel Crown 101 Your Feet's Too Big/I'm Waiting For Ships That Never Come in E
205 Rusty McDonald/Maxwell Davis Chesterfield 354 Easy Big Mama/Dirty Pool mb 50 E+
206 Brownie McGhee Alert 404 Lovin' With A Feelin'/Night-Time Is The Right Time VV+
207 Brownie McGhee Encore 102 Black, Brown & White Blues/High Price Blues E+/E
208 Stick McGhee Atlantic 873 Drinkin' Wine, Spo-Dee-O-Dee/Blues Mixture VV+
209 Sticks McGhee London 978 Oh What A Face/You Gotta Have Something On The Ball mb 30 E
210 Big Jay McNeely Universal 1007 Salt And Pepper/Boogie in Front mb 50 N-
211 Jay McShann Rex 28000 That's Crazy/Way Out rcnap E
212 Jack McVea Black & White 750 Ooh Mop/Bartender Boogie tol V+
213 Jack McVea Black & White 792 Open The Door Richard!/Lonesome Blues sld V+
214 Memphis Slim Hy-Tone 19 Cheatin' Around/A Letter Home VV+
215 Memphis Slim /House Rockers Swing-Master 1010 Believe I'll Settle Down/Country Girl E
216 Mickey And Sylvia Vik X-0267 There Oughta Be A Law/Dearest E-
217 Little Milton Bobbin 101 That Will Never Do/I'm A Lonely Man V+/V
218 Freddie Mitchell Derby 713 Hog Head/Doby's Boogie E-
219 Hal Mitchell Regis 6001 Put Your Brakes On Papa/Blitzkreig V+
220 Moohah Starmaker 501 Candy/All Shook Out V
221 Alice Moore De 7132* Blue Black And Evil Blues/Tomorrow Blues mb 100 E
222 Alice Moore De 7293* New Blue Black And Evil Blues/Just A Good Girl Treated Wrong mb 40 V+
223 Dwight "Gatemouth" Moore Chez Paree 853 Did You Ever Love A Woman/I Ain't Mad At You Pretty Baby sld V+
224 Johnny Moore Three Blazers Rhythm And Blues 100 Too Bad/I Don't Know Yes I Know E+
225 Johnny Moore/RAY JOHNSON Blend 105 Mama Don't 'Low No Mambo/LET ME PUT YOU STRAIGHT mb 25 E/E+
226 Joe Morris Monogram 172 The Applejack/Jax Boogie mb 100 N
227 Muddy Waters Aristocrat 1310 Streamlined Woman/Muddy Jumps One cool tol V-
228 Muddy Waters Chess 1585 I'm A Natural Born Lover/Loving Man dj V
229 Muddy Waters Chess 1692 I Won't Go On/She's Got It wol V
230 Jimmy (Mr. "T-99") Nelson Music City 797 She Moves Me/The Wheel mb 50 EE+
231 J.D. Nicholson Elko 202 Black Night Is Gone/Love's Limit E+
232 Elmore Nixon Peacock 1537 My Wish For You/Alabama Blues V+/V
233 Lee Norman Lissen 1041 Fat Man Blues/Just Plain Foxy VV+/E
234 Robert Parker Ron 327 All Nite Long Pt. 1 & 2 instrs, mb 100 E+
235 Jesse Perry Uptown 210 I WIsh That Dream Was Real/Lost My Baby tol V+
236 King Perry Lucky 003 Things Ain't What They Used To Be/Christopher Columbus instrs, mb 25 V+
237 King Perry Melodisc 108 Song Of The Islands/A Chicken Ain't Nothin' But A Bird V+
238 Rosetta Perry /Milliard Lee Orch Blues Boys Kingdom 107 Farewell Blues/Get Out And Go E
239 Bobby Pittman Coronet 1023 Too Bad/Peculiah Beulah E-
240 Lloyd Price KRC 303 Georgianna/Hello Little Girl mb 40 E+
241 Jesse Price/BUDDY FLOYD & MAXWELL DAVIS Miltone 5250 Tippin' Out/JUST BEFORE SUNRISE EE+
242 Madame "Ma" Rainey Pm 12081 Those All Night Long Blues/Bad Luck Blues red wax, crk clix 1st inch, original sleeve B
243 Tampa Red Bluebird 8205 Poor Old Gal Blues/You Got To Give Me Some tol V
244 Jimmy Reed Vee-Jay 132 I'm Gonna Ruin You/Pretty Thing VV-
245 Jimmy Reed Vee-Jay 298 I'm Gonna Get My Baby/Odds And Ends V+
246 Googie Rene Class 205 Midnight/Big Time instrs E
247 Gip Roberts J-V-B 29 No One Monkey Gonna Run My Show/Sandman mb 40 V
248 Rodans Vest 825 Queenie Bee/Time Is Passing mb 75 E-
249 Ike Rodgers Century 3003 Screenin' The Blues/It Hurts So Good E
250 Jimmy Rogers Chess 1721 My Last Meal/Rock This House V
251 Timmie Rogers Majestic 9000 Fla-Ga-La-Pa/Good Whiskey (And A Bad Woman) V
252 Riff Ruffin Ball 501 Solitude/I'm Confessin' mb 30 E
253 Otis Rush Cobra 5023 Three Times A Fool/She's A Good-'Un plays better V+
254 Saunders King Rhythm 303 Something's Worrying Me/2:00 A.M. Hop V+
255 Saunders King Rhythm Rhythm 204 Lazy Woman Blues/I'd Climb The Highest Mountain E
256 Scooby Doo All Stars Zephyr 70-006 Ernie's Journey/Moonglow E-
257 Marylin Scott Lance 1039 I Got What My Daddy Likes/Let's Do The Boogie Woogie mb 40 E
258 Marylyn Scott /Lou Currie Quartet Free 1002 Straighten Him Out/Another Womans Man V/E
259 Pete Seeger/PEOPLE'S SONGS CHORUS Charter 40 Black, Brown And White Blues/JIM CROW E-
260 Sepia Tones Juke Box 100 Boogie #1/When He Comes Home To Me sld V+
261 Gloria Shannon Goo Goo Hutchinson Orch. Ruby 3 Good News Blues/Station Blues VV+
262 Noble Sissle-Eubie Blake Vi 19086 Down Hearted Blues/Waitin' For The Evenin' Mail V+
263 Ben Smith Quartet Abbey 3008 I Ain't Fattenin' Frogs For Snakes/Don't Worry Me No More V+
264 Bobby Smith Ruby 101 Night Watch/Tread Lightly instrs V+
265 Effie Smith Gem 7 Effie's Blues/I'm In The Groove Tonight V+
266 Effie Smith Miltone 218 It's Been So Long/Answer To R.M. Blues cartoon label V+
267 Geechie Smith Kicks 5 I Want A Little Girl/Geneva Sue mb 25 E+
268 Ruby Smith Harmona 1805 Chicago Woman Blues Pt. 1&2 E
269 Trixie Smith Black Swan 2039 Desperate Blues/Trixies Blues VV-
270 St. Louis Jimmy Bb 9016 Soon Forget You/Can't Stand Your Evil Ways tol VV+
271 Arbee Stidham ABCO G100 I'll Always Remember You/Meet Me Half Way mb 30 V+
272 Arbee Stidham Sittin' In With 596 Sixty Minutes To Wait/Nothing Seems Right rare, mb 50 V+
273 Von Streeter /Wig Poppers Scoop 9000 A Tenor Plays The Blues/Landslide hot sax instrs, mb 25 V++
274 Von Streeter /Wig Poppers Scoop 9001 Hog's Knuckles/Chit'Lins instrs V+
275 Roosevelt Sykes De 48124 Have You Seen Ida B/44 Blues V++
276 Roosevelt Sykes Okeh 6709 Sugar Babe Blues/Training Camp Blues cool tol V+
277 Roy Tan Tan 3002 Isabella/I Don't Like It V
278 Tarheel Slim And Little Ann Fire 1009 Much Too Late/Lock Me In Your Heart V
279 Art Tatum Decca 8526 Wee Baby Blues/Battery Bounce Joe Turner vcl E
280 Danny Taylor Parody 1002 Butter Beans And Rice/Come Back Connie rare, mb 50 E+
281 Georgia Boy Terry Southern 119 Whiskey Head Woman/Doretha Doretha Boogie V-
282 Sonny Terry Trio Gramercy 1005 Dangerous Woman/Hootin' Blues E-
283 Sonny Terry Solo 10-004 Sweet Woman/Fox Chase vswol, mb 150 E+
284 Rocky Thompson Jade 207 My Wish/Bull Corn Blues gtr instrs B V
285 Sonny Thompson/EDDIE WIGGINS Sultan 2502 Southside Boogie/ONYX JUMP ld A, very thick record, mb 50 V
286 James Tisdom Universal Fox 102 I Feel So Good/Overhaul Blues mb 150 E+/VV+
287 Jimmie Toliver /California Blues Men Chimes 112 Rolling/Why Did You Leave mb 50 E/E-
288 Tonny & Bobbie/TONY ALLEN Aries 101 Check Yourself Baby/STRANGE ONE B-side is a ballad, mb 40 E+
289 Trilyters Trilyte 100 Two-0-Five Jump/The Beat instrs EE+
290 Joe Turner /Blues Kings Atlantic 1069 Hide And Seek/Midnight Cannonball E
291 Joe Turner National 9144 Howlin' Winds/Rocks In My Bed E
292 Mel Walker Mercury 70370 Another Sad Night/I'd Like To Make You Mine E
293 Mel Walker Regent 1018 Dreamin' Blues/Helpless E/E+
294 T-Bone Walker Atlantic 1074 Why Not/Play On Little Girl V
295 T-Bone Walker Comet 51 I'm Still In Love With You/Inspiration Blues tol E+
296 T-Bone Walker Post 2002 The Reason/I Get So Worried mb 35 E-
297 T-Bone Walker Rhumboogie M-33-1/2 Sail On Boogie/I'm Still In Love With You VV+
298 Baby Washington Neptune 101 The Time/You Never Could Be Mine V+
299 Ethel Waters Liberty 310 Taking A Chance On Love/Love Turned The Light Out E-
300 Katie Watkins Viceroy 3333 Trying To Get You Off My Mind/Black Snake Blues mb 50 V/VV+
301 James Waynes Sittin' In 588 Tend To Your Business/Love Me Blues V+
302 Curley Weaver Champion 50077 Oh Lawdy Mama/Fried Pie Blues VV-
303 Junior Wells Profile 4005 I Could Cry/Cha Cha Cha In Blue mb 50 VV+
304 Elsie Wheat /Jimmy Johnson Combo Jab 101 Cuban Blues/My Prayer mb 50 E-
305 Peetie Wheatstraw De 7379* New Working On The Project/Third Street's Going Down mb 50 E-
306 Peetie Wheatstraw Voc 03249 Kidnapper's Blues/Froggie Blues mb 100 E/E+
307 Peetie Wheatstraw Voc 03444 Last Dime Blues/Cut Out Blues mb 125 V++
308 Bukka White Okeh 05743 Sleepy Man Blues/Aberdeen Mississippi Blues mb 125 VV-
309 Josh White Stinson 702 The Lass With The Delicate Air/Prison Bound E
310 Irene Wiley Diamond 2037 Boa Hog Blues/Irene's Boogie Blues E
311 Bunny Williams /Shufflers Champion 103 Good Night My Love/Jack Pot-Jack Pot mb 75 E
312 Byllye Williams Opera 1 Disgusted Woman Blues/Good Luck Old Boy mb 25 V-
313 Byllye Williams Theron 101 Hangover Blues/Salty Simple Fool EE+
314 Lester Williams Macy's 5009 Mary Lou/Texas Town E/V+
315 Paul Williams Savoy 665 The Twister Pt. 1&2 V+
316 Paul Williams /Hucklebuckers Savoy 711 Pop-Corn/Free Dice V+
317 Sherman Williams Plymouth 1050 Dancin' The Bop/Ooie Baby Gee mb 40 E
318 Pete Williams/BUSTER BAILEY SWING GROUP Sterling 3022 Buffalo Boogie/PINE TOP'S BOOGIE V+
319 Sonny Boy Williamson Bb 8731 Western Union Man/Shotgun Blues VV+
320 Sonny Boy Williamson Checker 910 Cross My Heart/Dissatisfied VV+
321 Little "Walkin" Willie Jaguar 3012 Clayhouse Blues/Blow Little Willie mb 50 E+
322 Chuck Willis Okeh 7041 Change My Mind/My Heart's Been Broke Again E+
323 Jimmy Wilson Big Town 101 Tin Pan Alley/Big Town Jump V+
324 Jimmy Wilson Goldband 1074 Big Wheel Rolling/Please Accept My Love V+
325 Al Winter International 701 Central Avenue Blues/Barcarole Boogie Lucky Henry trmpt B VV+
326 Jimmy Witherspoon Down Beat 161 Funny Style Baby/Destruction Blues E+
327 Jimmy Witherspoon Federal 12095 Foolish Prayer/Two Little Girls E
328 Jimmy Witherspoon Rip 126 Coming Home/Endless Sleep E-/E
329 Jimmy Witherspoon Swing 158 The New Look/Big Heart large rcnap E-
330 Jimmy Witherspoon/AL WICHARD SEXTETTE Modern 20-557 Pinocchio Blues/JUNCTION DRIVE V+
331 Billy Wright Atlanta 6000 Man's Brand Boogie/Beg-A-Dog mb 40 E-
332 Arthur Wright/ARDIE STOKES Spitfire L-13 Don't Take Your Love Away/DRIZZLING RAIN mb 40 VV-
333 Jimmie Yancey Vocalion 05490 Bear Trap Blues/Old Quaker Blues mb 35 E
334 Marl Young Sunbeam 106 When Mommy Sings A Lullaby/I Don't Love You Any More rc5gA&B EE+

335 Lucky Joe Almond Trumpet 199 Rock Me/The Last Waltz V+
336 Jack Bradshaw Mar-Vel 751 My Heart, My Heart/Searching V+
337 Carter Family Coral 64019 The Broken Down Tramp/Honey In The Rock E+
338 Carter Family Vi 23599 My Old Cottage Home/Lonesome For You mb 25 V
339 Johnny Cash Sun 241 I Walk The Line/Get Rhythm VV+
340 Johnny Cash Sun 295 Guess Things Happen That Way/Come In Stranger mb 40 V+
341 Billy Cox & Cliff Hobbs Voc 04989 The Last Letter/Lover's Leap E-
342 Frank Crumit Vi 20715* Frankie And Johnnie/Abdul Abulbul Amir E+
343 Delmore Bros King 718 Peach Tree Street Boogie/Take It To The Captain V+
344 Al Dexter Ekko 1020 I Won't Be Number Two/Pistol Packin' Mama V+
345 Al Dexter King 884 Walking With The Blues/Hi De Ho Boogie E-
346 Tommy Duncan Intro 6037 Move A Little Closer/Relax And Take It Easy E-
347 Frankie And Johnny Cq 7976 Red Wing/Beech Fork Special V
348 Porky Freeman 4 Star 1569 Pickin' 8 To The Bar/Electric Guitar Blues tol E+
349 Art Gabbard /Dixie Melodeers Dixie 101 I'll Forgive But Not Forget You/No Children Allowed V+
350 Joe D. Gibson Tetra 4450 Good Morning, Captain/21 Years E-
351 Red Gillam Mercury 6254 Corn Pone Stomp/Columbus Stockade Blues V+
352 Tex Grimsley /Texas Showboys Pacemaker 1001 Walking The Dog/Teardrops V+
353 Bill Grubbs /Oklahoma Ramblers Blue Bonnet 101 My Gal Alice/Midnight Train To Texas the first Blue Bonnet VV+
354 Eddie Hazelwood Intro 6031 Don't Baby Your Baby Too Long/Blue Shadows On A White Christmas Tree E
355 Bill Helms /Upton County Band Vi 40079* Roscoe Trillion/Alabama Jubilee V
356 Bill Hicks /Kentucky Corn Crackers Vargo 29028 My Dreams Of You Cannot Come True/Kentucky Rag V
357 Tommy Jackson Dot 1138 Uncle Joe/Cripple Creek V+
358 Chickie King Speed 108 Lov-ie Lov-ie/O-o-o-H E
359 Jimmy Lee Cap 1509 I Keep The Blues All The Time/Love Is Hard To Understand wldj E-
360 Mississippi Slim /Nite Owls Tennessee 794 I'm A Long Gone Doggie/I Know You Can't Be True V+
361 Jimmy Newman Dot 1286 Honky Tonk Tears/Let The Whole World Talk EE+
362 Jimmie Revard /Oklahoma Playboys RCA 20-2987 Playboy's Breakdown/Tulsa Waltz E-
363 Jimmie Rodgers /Rainbow Ranch Boys RCA 20-6205 Mother, The Queen Of My Heart/Mule Skinner Blues V+
364 Jimmie Skinner Cap 1413 Running Out Of Time/Station Door Blues E
365 Ray Smith National 5019 Born To Lose/Hell's Fire VV+
366 Dave Stogner /Hayride Gang RCA 101 Hard Top Race/Juke Box Love E
367 Gid Tanner /Skillet-Lickers Col 15084 Ya Gotta Quit Kickin' My Dog Aroun'/Turkey In The Straw elec VV+/V
368 Three Old Cronies Voc 15305 The Arkansas Traveler/Turkey In The Straw with calls V-
369 Audrey Williams MGM 11083 Leave Us Women Alone/If You See My Baby E-
370 Hank Williams MGM 11054 Lonesome Whistle/Crazy Heart V+
371 Hank Williams Sterling 204 When God Comes And Fathers His Jewels/Wealth Won't Save Your Soul VV+
372 Hank And Audrey Williams MGM 12394 A Home In Heaven/The Pale Horse And His Rider E
373 Sheb Wooley MGM 10960 Country Kisses/Hoot Owl Boogie V+

374 Macbeth /Creole Rhythm Boys Monogram 859 Women Will Rule De World/Saga Boy V
375 Marion Marcotte Arcadia 106 Madame Ardon/O Piola E+
376 Jimmie Newman Khoury's 630 Darling/You Didn't Have To Go V+
377 Youngsters Empire 104 Shattered Dreams/Rock'n Roll'n Cowboy V

378 Sister Beatrice Adams Alben 1004 Now Lord/Prayer Changes Things E+
380 Rev. C.J. Anderson Echoes Of Zion Choir 2 Meeting Tonight Pt. 1&2 VV-
381 Angel Voices Meteor 5015 Tell The Angels/Walkin & Talkin With Jesus mb 75 V+
382 Elder Charles Beck Eagle 101 Blow, Gabriel/He Knows Just How Much We Can Bear V+
383 Birmingham Harmony Boys Vulcan 1201 Down On My Knees/I Want To Know More About My Lord V
384 Emily Brabham Greenwood Records 539 There Is Not A Friend Like Jesus/Move Up Higher VV-
385 Rev. J.C. Burnett Col 14166 I've Even Heard Of Thee/The Downfall Of Nebuchadnezzar elec VV+
386 Caravans Gospel 1029 He Won't Deny Me/Swing Low Sweet Chariot vsld E
387 Caravans States 109 Get Away Jordan/He'll Be There V+
388 Christian Leaders Quartet Scoop 506 I'm Going To Die With A Staff In My Hand/If You Love God, Serve Him mb 50 E+
389 Cleveland Colorado Quintet Gold-tone 114 Jesus Whispers I Am With You/Angels Watching Over Me vsld V+
390 Cleveland Colored Quartet Temple 9901 My Soul Is A Witness/Every Day With Jesus picture label E
391 Clouds Of Joy Murray 110 Just A Little Talk With Jesus/Tempted And Tried mb 500 E+
392 Edna Gallmon Cooke Nashboro 585 Up To Sweet Heaven/The Lord Blessed My Soul V+
393 Crowns Of Harmony Phoenix 005 Glory! Halleujah!/I Can Put My Trust In Jesus V
394 Ethel Davenport Coral 65030 When God Dips His Love In My Heart/Get Away Jordon V+
395 Dixie Four Tru Tone 1031 We Are Climbing/Must Jesus Bear The Cross Alone V+
396 Dixie Humming Birds Apollo 108 Amazing Grace/My Record Will Be There V
397 Dixieaires Spirituals 5000 He Never Said A Mumblin' Word/Buckle My Shoe mb 40 EE+
398 Bernice Dotson Calvary 302 Only A Look/Tell The Angels I'm On My Way V
399 Echoes Of Zion Gerald 103 Atlanta's Tragic Monday/Evening Sun mb 50 E+
400 Elite Jewels Ohio 800 Lord Look Down Upon Me/Ride On, King Jesus mb 40 V++
401 Evangelist Sisters/THE ROYAL KINGS Jackson 101 Sometimes/I CRIED HOLY E-
402 Jerome Evans Jaxyson 155 I Have Time For Jesus/God's Word mb 75 E
403 Fairfield Four Bullet 253 Who Stole My Ole Shoes/Better Leave That Liar Alone E-
404 Faithful Four Cherokee 29/30 Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego/In My Jesus's Arms E
405 Famous Soul Comforters Wasco 102 Eyes On The Sparrow/Watching And Waiting mb 100 EE+
406 Fiske Jubilee Singers Rainbow 723 I Wanna Die Easy/Dry Bones The Old Ark's A'Movering mb 40 E
407 Five Blind Boys Gospel 136 Blessed Be The Name/All The Days Of My Life V+/V
408 Five Soul Stirrers Bronze 102 Walk Around/He's My Rock G+
409 Rev. William W. Freeman Super 127 Freeman Revival Campaign "With His Stripes We Are Healed"/Only Believe E
410 J.R. Fullbright 4 Soul Savers J&M Fullbright 113 One Day/One Moment plays less, rare V+
411 Golden Light Quintet Marshall 703 God's Coming Back Again/Good Morning To Heaven rol E-
412 Golden Keys H and W 403 Feel Like Flying Away/I'll Be The One E+
413 Golden Star Gospel Singers Click 116 I Will Move On Up A Little Higher/O Thou Great Jehovah VV+
414 Golden West Quartet Della BMI DE 101/102 Savior Divine/A Little While Longer mb 25 EE+
415 Gospel Consolators H and W 404 One More River/How Do Earthly Men Know superb, mb 100 E
416 Gospel Silhouettes Songs Of The Cross 107 Trust And Obey/Tell It To Jesus E
417 Gospel Stars DC 8070 No Place To Lay His Head/Shady Green Pastures V
418 Grace Singers Chord 600 In That Beautiful Land/Daddy picture label, female group, mb 50 E+
419 Grace Singers Chord 601 Get Away Jordan/Thank God, Amen picture label VV-
420 Guiding Light Gospel Singers Coral 65055 I've Got The Holy Ghost/Just Like Jesus Did E-
421 Elder C. Guidry Oliver 18 My Record Will Be There/Shake My Mother's Hand E-
422 Bro. Will Hairston/REV. REUBEN L. HENRY Natural 111 Shout School Children/GOD'S GOING TO RING THOSE FREEDOM BELLS light stog nap, excellent, mb 100 E-
423 Royal Harmonaires Spirituals 2000 He Never Said A Mumblin' Word/Buckle My Shoe mb 35 EE+
424 Delores Hawkins Advance 2009 Sing You Sinners/Down In The Depths Of The 90th Floor E
425 Prof. J Earl Hines Esquire 112 Yes God Is Real/Look For Me In Heaven V
426 Prof. J. Earl Hines /Goodwill Singers Music Master 660 Get Back Jordan/He Knows My Heart vsld E+
427 Prof. James E. Hines REM Hollywood 127 Each Day/I'll Search Heaven For You V
428 Immanuel Male Quartet Hollywood no # Standin' In The Need O' Prayer+1/Moonlight On The Lake V
429 Jackson Harmoneers Excelsior OR-184 Standin' In The Safety Zone/The Lord Will Make A Way mb 30 E+
430 Dr. C.T. James Ruby 1003 In The Beginning, God/Oh, What A Feeling In My Soul E-
431 Bro. Leroy Johnson State 103 Jesus Prayed/Dear Mother V+
432 Gladys Jones Sacred 78 He Sees All You Do/On The Jericho Road V+/V
433 Rev. G.W. Killens Mt. Calvary Congregation RPM 335 Father I Stretch My Arm To Thee/Same Man V
434 Kings Of Harmony Of Alabama Manor 1007 Precious Lord/Lord Give Me Wings VV+
435 Sister Marie Knight Candy 4004 Just A Closer To Walk With Thee/The Land Beyond The River sld V/V-
436 Willie Lampkin Fine Art 210 I Say A Prayer Every Night/No Place To Lay His Head VV+/V+
437 Dorothy Lewis Star 3131 Precious Lord/Life Can Be Beautiful ldB E-
438 Rev. J.R. Lockley Gospel 1 I Know My God Is Able/Every Time I Feel The Spirit mb 25 E
439 Rev. James Lofton Prosperity 3419 Great Day Pt. 1 VV+
440 Macedonians Octive 707 Stop The War/Old Blind Bartmaeus acapella, label stain B, mb 40 V+
441 Magic Stars Pheonix 13/14 God A'Mighty Goin' Cut You Down/Jezebel mb 50 E
442 Roberta Martin Religious Recording 2000 He's All I Need/Precious Memories VV+
443 Sally Martin Dolphins Of Hollywood 111 Jesus/Thank You Jesus mb 100 V+
444 Jerry Moss /Frazier Goodson Gospel Singers Space 203 Lord I Need You/Oh Lord, I Come To Thee "10 yr old Billy Preston" on organ E/E-
445 Original Kings Of Harmony King Solomon 1005 I Got A Mother Done Gone On/Little David mb 30 E
446 Parkettes Park 101 When Jesus Christ Was Born/Ring Those Bells vinyl, plays E, mb 50 E-
447 Pilgrim Travelers Gospel Singers Greenwood 402 Just A Little Talk With Jesus/same E-
448 Rasberry Singers Of Cleveland Carl Hall Vee-Jay 128 I Thank You Lord/I'll Let Nothing Separate Me E-
449 Renowned Golden Star Gospel Singers Click 115 I'm Bound For Higher Ground/Didn't It Rain V+
450 Revelators Spiritual Qtt Mirror 529 Noah/I'll Tell It Wherever I Go their first L.A. '46 Rev. Charles Hopkins Leader EE+
451 Rhodeairs Carver 1401 When He Calls Me/Further Along E+
452 Lillie Ruth Modern Spirituals 904 Lord Keep Your Hand On Me/Witness V+
453 Selah Jubilee Quartet Arista 5021 I Will Be Home Again/Jericho Road E-
454 Brother John Sellers Chicago 109 I Had A Dream Last Night/What A Friend We Have In Jesus V+
455 Sister Rosa Shaw Chance 5007 I'm Leaving Soon/His Dying Was Not In Vain mb 50 E
456 Skylarks Nashboro 545 Baptism Of Jesus/I Stepped In The Water One Day sld E-
457 Skylarks Nashboro 583 Gonna Help The Needy/Come In At The Door V+
458 Smith Jubilee Singers Religious Tone 702 My Eternal Home/Nothing Can Change Me mb 40 E
459 Sons of Jordan Dome 104 Amazing Grace/Anyhow mb 30 V+
460 Soul-Stirrers Aladdin 2003 Lord, I've Tried/Elijah E
461 Southern Stars Chess 1520 Don't Give Up/Surely God Is Able VV+
462 Southern Tones Duke 205 The Dying Sinner/It Must Be Jesus E-
463 Southern Wonders Peacock 1702 Come On Over Here/Who is That Knocking? V+
464 Southern Wonders Quartet Elite X2 Raphael/I'm A Pilgrim E+
465 Spirit Of Memphis Quartet King 4576 Lord Jesus Pt. 1&2 V+
466 St. Paul Baptist Church Choir Of Los Angeles Cap 57-70024 In The Garden/I Will Run, Run, Run To Jesus E-
467 Stars Of Harmony Sacred 1100 Leak In This Old Building/Standing In The Safety Zone V
468 Stevens Singers Chariot New York 500 Jesus Paid It All/I Heard The Voice sld V
469 Sweet Tones Of Israel Timely 104 Now Lord/All On The Altar swol E-/E
470 Rev. Anna Tuell /Holy Hour Singers Holy Hour 711 I'm A Soldier/Somebody Saved Me E
471 Tune Blenders Wheeler 101 Bread Of Heaven/Come On To Jesus mb 25 VV+
472 United Spiritual Singers/Five Blind Boys Randy 5 An Interest Over There/By And By V
473 Volunteers Enterprise 203 Weepin' And Wailin'/I'm On My Way To Canaan Land mb 50 E
474 Watkins-Bell Singers Bandwagon 513 Jesus, Jesus, Jesus/I Can Call Him Anytime E
475 Earl Weatherford Melody Masters 14 Everywhere He Went/It Is No Secret V++
476 Earl Weatherford Quartet Melody Masters 35 Peace Like A River/Footprints Of Jesus V
477 West Coast Jubilee Singers Joy 5404 Joyful Noise/In The Garden E+
478 Evangelist Sister Winn Club 301 Building On The Good Place/Higher & Higher prob Jesse Thomas gtr, mb 400 EE+
479 Zion Travelers Score 5054 Where Is My Wandering Child/Moving Up The Kings Highway E+

480 Zena Ayo F.W. Clark I Dream't Last Night Jesus Came/My Little Child E
482 Carter Trio/GOSPEL ECHOES Fox 7014 Mansion Over The Hill/I BOWED ON MY KNEES AND CRIED HOLY V+
483 Kays Palace 135 Practice What You Preach/Heavenly Cannonball vinyl, mb 25 E-
484 Kingsmen Trio Harvester 1004 Old Time Religion/One Step More Last Mile Of The Way VV+
485 Kingsmen Trio Harvester 1005 I Know The Lord/Is This The Day Zion's Hill VV+
486 Wade Lane Sunshine Hour RP-11 I Am Praying For You/O Beulah Land E-
487 Louvin Brothers Cap 2852 Satan Lied To Me/If We Forget God dj, tol E-
488 Northlanders Select 208 Cast Now Thy Burden On Me/I Himlens Paradis V+
489 Sunshine Mission For Women Electro 558 The Prodigal Girl/Mission Prayer Song w/ Essie Brinkley West E

JAZZ 78s
490 Barclay Allen Rhythm Four Van-Es 1002 It Began In Havana/NOLA V+
491 Barclay Allen Van-Es 1003 Barclay's Boogie/Green Eyes instrs V/V+
492 Gene Ammons Aristocrat 411 Pennies From Heaven/The Last Mile E-
493 Irving Ashby Sextette Enterprise 285 If You Can't Control Your Man/My Oh My E
494 George Benson /All-Stars Gone 100 The Nearness Of You/Begin The Beguine tol V+
495 Abbey Brown Cool Cats Gem 11 Milkin' The Goat Pt. 1&2 E+
496 Milt Buckner Scooter 303 By The River St. Marie/Russian Lullaby mb 25 E+
497 Milton Buckner/ARNETT COBBS Hamp-Tone All Stars Hamp-Tone 102 Down Home/SHEBNA E-
498 Cecil Burke /3 Shades & 4 Dreamers Exclusive no # From Twilight Till Dawn/Lovely Hannah E+
499 Ceelle Burke Rhythmettes Ammor 111 When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano/The Lady And The Melody V+
500 Don Byas All Star Quintet Jamboree 901 Pennies From Heaven/Jamboree Jump E
501 Serge Chaloff & Ralph Burns Motif 002 King Edward The Flatted Fifth/Pat E
502 Clicquot Club Eskimos Pe 15334 Little White Lies/When Love Comes In The Moonlight red wax V+
503 Chris Connor Bethlehem 1291 Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, Gimme/Blue Silhouette E+
504 Prince Cooper Trio Aristocrat 1202 My Fate/Throw It Out Your Mind V+
505 Prince Cooper Club 51 101 I'm Sitting On Top Of The World/The Wiggler mb 250 EE-
506 Skatman Crothers/JEANNE RICHEY Cosmo Combo Orchid 1 Shuffleboard Blues/TAKE AWAY MY TEDDY BEAR V/E
507 Joe Darensbourg /Dixie Flyers Lark 782 Martinque/Yellow Dog Blues V+
508 Miles Davis All Stars Prestige 915 But Not For Me Pt. 1&2 VV-
509 Eclipse Alley Five Circle J-1012 The Girls All Love The Way I Drive/Bucket Got A Hole In It E
510 Tommy Edwards Trio Top 1158 That's Worryin' Me/Venus Is The Moon Tonight V
511 Fatso Fab 210 My Melancholy Baby/Shanty Town V+
512 Ella Fitzgerald Verve 2012 Stay There/A Beautiful Friendship E
513 Slim Gaillard Trio Bee-Bee-Bee 1001 Dunkin' Bagel/Chili & Beans VV+
514 Gaillard's Boogie Three 20th Century 20-10 Slim's Cement Boogie/Tuitti-Fruitti mb 40 EE+
515 Slim Galliard Qtt Bee Bee 101 Laguna/Boogin' At Berg's mb 40 V+
516 Errol Garner Portrait 8500 On The Sunny Side Of The Street/Stairway To The Stars E+
517 Stan Getz New Jazz 8189 Prezervation/Battleground E-
518 Dizzy Gillespie Dee Gee 3601 Caravan/Swing Low Sweet Cadillac V+
519 Al Grey Progressive Jazz 501 Walking One/Big Chief V+
521 Herbie Haymer Sunset 7561 Laguna Leap/Black Market Stuff w/ Charlie Shavers & Buddy Rich E+
522 Earl Hines H.R.S. 1009 Off Time Blues/A Monday Date E+
523 Art Hodes /Chicagoans Blue Note 507 Doctor Jazz/Shoe Shiner's Drag E+
524 Lena Horne Black & White 500 Frankie & Johnny Pt. 1&2 VV+
525 Pee Wee Hunt Mirror 45 Basin Street Blues/Muskrat Ramble EE+
526 Chubby Jackson Rainbow 10093 Crown Pilots/Lemon Drop E-
527 Preston Jackson /Uptown Band Century 3014 Harmony Blues/It's Tight Jim E+
528 Illinois Jacquet Metro 23000 Jacquet Special/Ladie's Lullaby EE-
529 George Jenkins /Tune Twisters Skylark 565 Shufflin' Boogie/Drum Boogie E
530 Bill Johnson /Musical Notes Harlem 1011 Don't You Think I Oughta Know/Tab's Purple Heart VV+
531 Bunk Johnson /Original Lu Waters Band Jay 5 Ace In The Hole/Careless Love E/E-
532 Jimmy Jones Wax 112 Bakiff/New York City Blues E-
533 Eddie Jordan /East Side Boys Vi 21563* The Sidewalks Of New York/In The Good Old Summer Time V+
534 Keynoters Keynote 629 The Way You Look Tonight/Airiness A La Nat E
535 King Cole Trio Premier 100 My Lips Remember Your Kisses/F.S.T. V+
536 King Cole Trio Spin 105 I'm Lost/Beautiful Moons Ago V+
537 Nappy Lamare Levee Loungers Mercury 2071 Sometimes I'm Nappy/Blues For Fannie VV+
538 Morris Lane Lenox 503 Summertime/Sellout V+
539 Vivian Lane /Gadabouts Caurent 1052 You've Got Me Under Your Skin/Yesterday E
540 Red Mack /All Stars Gold Seal 001 Gimme Some Skin - Mah Friend/Hit The jive, Jack tol V+
541 Que Martin Delcro no # I Couldn't Stay Away/Your Money Ain't Long Enough E-
542 Howard McGhee/GEORGE DUKES Melodisc 1001 Night Mist/ABERNATHY'S VOO-IT VOO-IT E
543 Howard McGhee/SONNY KRISS Bop! 104 The Hunt Pt. 1&2 E
544 Rosy McHargue Memphis Five Jump 13 Original Dixieland One-Step/They Called It Dixieland tol E-
545 Emmett Miller Okeh 41005* Sam And His Family/Hungry Sam V-
546 Johnny Miller Sabre 109 I Cover The Waterfront/Always E
547 Charles Mingus Quintet Debut 103 Extrasensory Perception/Montage mb 50 E+
548 Charles "Barron" Mingus /Symphonic Airs Fentone 53281 He's Gone/Story Of Love several small spots tic A, mb 40 E-
549 Thelonious Monk Sextet Blue Note 1603 Hornin' In/Carolina Moon mb 150 E+
550 Thelonious Monk Trio Prestige 850 Monk's Dream/Little Rootie Tootie VV-
551 Bill Moore Bop! 103 Wild Bill Pt. 1&2 E-
552 Phil Moore Discovery 121 Moonglow/June Eye EE+
553 Gene Morris Clear Tone 502 G-ing With Gene/Laughing At Life Mingus bass, mb 40 E-
554 Jelly Roll Morton Seven General 1703 Sweet Substitute/Panama E
555 Jelly Roll Morton Seven General 1704 Good Old New York/Big Lip Blues E+
556 Mystery Band Mystery 1002 The Moon Is Blue/I Love Paris tol, vinyl V+
557 Phineas Newborn Progressive Jazz 500 How High The Moon/'Round About Midnight repaired hc tix E-
558 Johnny Otis United Artists 142/156 Ultra-Violet/Harlem Nocturne instrs E+
559 Pasadena Jazz Society Tournament 2503 Gulf Coast Blues/Skeleton Jangle E-
560 Ben Pollack /Pick-A-Rib Boys Two-Beat 8551 Stompin' At The Savoy/Fidgety Feet E
561 Bud Powell Blue Note 1629 Sure Thing/Collard Greens And Black-Eye Peas mb 125 E+
562 Louis Prima Robin Hood 111 Come On - A My House/Bring Forth De-Light V+
563 Rita Raines Deed 1003 If I Were You/Boy Meets Girl E
564 Della Reese Great Lakes 1203 Yes Indeed/Blue And Orange Birds wldj E
565 Little Jimmy Scott Roost 605 After I'm Gone/Dearest Darling E+
566 Lonnie Simmons Quartet Parrot 790 Black Orchid/I Can't Get Started instrs EE+
567 Effie Smith Gem 15 Ooh, What I Dreamed About You/Ditty Bag Jump V+/V
568 Ike Smith /Chicago Boys Champion 50040* Fighting Joe Louis/Chicago State Street Blues E
569 Tubby "Tab" Smith Ebony 104 If You Don't/On The Jersey Side sld VV+
570 Slam Stewart Quintet Continental 10005 Talkin' Back/The One That Got Away instrs E+
571 Billy Taylor Trio Prestige 900 My One And Only Love/Who Can I Turn To dj E-
572 Cal Tjader Trio Galaxy 703 Chopsticks-Mambo/Vibra-Tharpe E
573 Fats Waller Jolly Roger 2002 If You're A Viper/A Birdie's Lament E
574 Johnny Wiggs New Orleans 3 Congo Square/Bourbon St. Bounce E-
575 Ralph Wilson Quintette Lucky 711-4 I'm Tired/Lips V+
576 Teddy Wilson Dig 202 Just A Mood Pt. 1&2 E+
577 Wisconsin Roof Orchestra Broadway 1249 Dream Train/That's Why I'm Crying For You V
578 Lester Young/BILLY HOLIDAY Blue Ace 243 I Found A New Baby/I'LL NEVER BE THE SAME/ V+

579 Antlers Quartette Antlers 1313 The Woman In The Show/I Wish I Had Died in My Cradle E+
580 Black Pirates Broadway 1218* Just A Sweetheart/Some Of These Days V
581 Jimmy Borba Turquoise 101 Willow Green/Dressed In Blue E+
582 Californians Craft 1002 Alone/Please Don't Tell Me V+
583 Creatore Pm 50039 American Fantasie Pt. 1&2 VV+
584 Do Ray Me Trio Ivory 750 Only One Dream/Tell Me You Love Me V+
585 Johnny Fosdick Nocturne 3135 Swinging The Jungle/Get Hep Anita Boyer vcl E
586 Lenny Herman Ruby 5002 Topsy-Turvy Love/Put A Little Salt On De Watermelon dj E
587 Hi-Fi's Madcap 101 Josephine/Smog Bound E
588 Frankie Kahn Duchess 100 Too Blue To Care/Harlem Nocturne E
589 Batt Masian Mecca 102 Tamara/Teach Me To Love V+
590 Maxine And The Boys Alvin 101 I Still Have That First Picture Of You/Two, Four And Eight V+
591 Paramount Trio/ALBERT TAYLOR Pm 30050 Perfect Day/SIMPLE CONFESSION V+
592 Pat Rainey Four Notes Of Rhythm Gold Medal 949 Gotta Love You Til I Die/Headin' For A Heartache V+
593 Shytans Power 106 Savoy Mambo/BMT Special instrs V+
594 Sterling Trio Meteor 1103 Georgia Moon/Shades Of Night V
595 Ray Vincent /Rhythm Rays Raven 1210 When The Cat's Away/From The Bottom Of My Heart VV+
596 Jimmie Whetmore California JW-1011 Miss You/Time On My Hands V-

597 Becky Barfield Crystal 211 Don't Talk To Me About Men/Crawl Away You Cur E
598 Gene Bianco Harpinaires Starmaker no # Harpin' Boogie/Limehouse Blues dj E-
599 Elmer Bieck Hollywood Rhythms 1552 Danube Waves/I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now V-/V
600 Brother Bones Theme 130 Jealous/Who? E
601 Carol Bruce Schirmer 507 Louisiana Purchase/The Lord Done Fixed Up My Soul V+
602 Al Castellanos Mardi-Gras 1008 Cha-Cha-Cha-At The Harem/Free For All V+
603 Guy Chookoorian Lightning 5718 Opal From Constantinople/Armenian Rock V-
604 Four Friends Harmad 105 Yucca Bean/By Your Side E
605 Redd Fox Authentic 385 Song Plugging/The New Soap V++
606 Lalo "Pancho Lopez" Guerrero L&M 1000 Pound Dog/Pancho Claus E-
607 Clancy Hayes Down Home 14 Ragtime Rufus/Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home VV+
608 King Joy Bop 211 Exclamation Blues/Mood For Love V+
609 Mad Milo/ROY TAN Million 20018 Elvis For Xmas/HAPPY NEW YEAR mb 20 E
610 Johnnie Marvin Varsity 5021 Mississippi Blues/7-11 V+
611 Chas. V. Moore Fine Art 207 The Tango Spree/Let's Do The Things V++
612 Cass Paley Drummond 5001 Red Wing/Red Wing Mambo mb 25 E+/E
613 Neely Plumb /Alfafa Philharmonic Rhythmtone R512A Double Concerto/That Half-Hacienda Of Mine E
614 Al Robbin /Robins Sapphire 715 There's A Man At The Door/I'm Just A Fool in Love V+
615 Paul Robeson Montgomery Ward 6054 Water Boy/Deep River V+
616 Wm Walker/Macceo Woods NBC 108 Dying Boy Mistake Pt. 1&2 E
617 Edwin M. Whitney Vi 16661 The Darky And The Boys/Old Oaken Bucket E-

618 Milton Charles Pm 4003 Just A-Wearyin' For You/Moonlight And Roses E-
619 Sibyl Sanderson Fagan Pm 30080 The Blue Bird/The Boy And The Birds V+
620 Frisco Syncopators Pm 1344 Honeymoon Time/I'm Drifting Back To Dreamland V+
621 Louise And Ferera Pm 2040 Hawaiin Hula Medley/Kilima Waltz rcnap V+
622 Louise And Ferera Pm 33023 O Sole Mio/Honolulu March V+
623 Paramount Dance Orchstra Pm 30074 Smiles/Djer Kiss V+
624 Paramount Military Band Pm 30008 Battleship New York March/Under The Double Eagle V+
625 Walter Rogers Pm 30071 Garde Du Corps March/Sabre And Spurs V+

626 Little Joe Arwood Kingsport 101 Tiger Town Blues/Wooden Leg Boogie V
627 Chuck Berry Chess 1683 Sweet Little Sixteen/Reelin And Rocking plays better VV+
628 Billy & Lillie Swan 4002 La Dee Dah/The Monster V+
629 Joey Biscoe Fee Bee 202 A Little Man Sat Down And Cried/Che-Chee-Wah-Woo E-
630 Eddie Cochran Liberty 55056 Sittin' In The Balcony/Dark Lonely Street mol, mb 30 E-
631 Sam Cooke Keen 4-2006 Win Your Love For Me/Love Song From "Houseboat" rainbow label E
632 Sam Cooke Keen 4-4002 For Sentimental Reasons/Desire Me black label E+
633 Dave 'Baby' Cortez Clock 1009 The Happy Organ/Love Me As I Love You VV+/V+
634 Duane Eddy Jamie 1117 Detour/The Lonely One mb 40 E
635 Gene & Billy/BILLY AND THE BILLYGOATS Loma 702 Zerlene/THE WHIP wol VV-
636 Bill Haley De 29418 Birth Of The Boogie/Mambo Rock rcnap E-
637 Bill Haley /Saddlemen Holiday 105 Rocket "88"/Tear Stains On My Heart mb 40 V
638 Roy Hamilton Epic 9015 You'll Never Walk Alone/I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry E-
639 Bobby Hendricks Sue 706 Itchy Twitchy Feeling/A Thousand Dreams V
640 Jan And Arnie Arwin 108 Jennie Lee/Gotta Getta Date mol E
641 Jumpin' Jacks 1-0-1 100 Let There Be Rockin/Mop-Top V+/E-
642 Bill Justis Phillips 3522 The Stranger/College Man E
643 Bob Kayli Carlton 482 I Took A Dare/Everyone Was There Berry Gordy's brother E-
644 Bobby Lewis Spotlight 394 Oh Baby/Mumbles Blues E+
645 Little Richard Specialty 572 Long Tall Sally/Slippin' And Slidin' VV+/V
646 Little Richard Specialty 579 Ready Teddy/Rip It Up VV-
647 Carl McVoy Hi 45-2001 Tootsie/You Are My Sunshine rare on 78, mb 50 E+
648 Mickey & Sylvia Vik X-0267 There Oughta Be A Law/Dearest E
649 Mickey And Sylvia Groove 0175 Love Is Strange/I'm Going Home E
650 Nervous Norvus Dot 15485 Ape Call/Wild Dog Of Kentucky V+
651 Carl Perkins Sun 234 Blue Suede Shoes/Honey, Don't! V+
652 Elvis Presley RCA 20-6540 I Want You, I Need You, I Love You/My Baby Left Me VV+
653 Elvis Presley RCA 20-6604 Hound Dog/Don't Be Cruel V+
654 Elvis Presley RCA 20-6870 That's When Your Heartaches Begin/All Shook Up V+
655 Elvis Presley Sun 210 I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine/Good Rockin' Tonight clear vinyl N
656 Elvis Presley Sun 217 Baby Let's Play House/I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone black vinyl N
657 Elvis Presley Sun 223 I Forgot To Remember To Forget/Mystery Train black vinyl N
658 Jody Reynolds Demon 1507 Endless Sleep/Tight Capris mb 40 E+
659 Bird Rollins Johnson 105 Pretty Little School Girl/That's All I Wanna Do vinyl, mb 25, 1957 nearly V+
660 Ocie Smith Cadence 1304 Slow Walk/Forbidden Fruit E-
661 Clyde Stacy /Nitecaps Candlelight 1015 Hoy Hoy/So Young rockabilly, mb 75 V+
662 Storey Sisters Cameo 126 Bad Motorcycle/Sweet Daddy E-
663 The Mark IV Cosmic 704 45 R.P.M./(Make With) The Shake mb 25 V
664 Gene Vincent Capitol 3450 Be-Bop-A-Lula/Woman Love tol E-
665 Jimmy Witherspoon Rip 105 Endless Sleep/Coming Home rol, mb 25 E

666 3 Friends Lido 500 Baby I'll Cry/Blanche E+
667 4 Shades Of Blue Cormac 1148 Sugar Baby/Caleb's Little Trumpet mb 40 E+
668 4 Shades Of Rhythm Swing-Master 138 Baby I'm Gone/My Blue Walk E
669 5 Willows Pee Dee 290 Please Baby/Love Bells mb 50 VV-
670 Blinky Allen /Kool Kats Melody House 1001 (I'm) All Shook Up/BigWig V
671 Lee Andrews /Hearts United Artists 123 Try The Impossible/Nobody's Home mb 50 EE+
672 Baltineers Teenage 1000 New Love/Moments Like This mb 50 E
673 Dean Barlow /Montereys Onyx 513 Through The Years/Dearest One mb 75 E
674 Basin Street Boys Flame 1002 Exactly Like You/I Sold My Heart To The Junkman mb 50 E+
675 Belvederes Baton 214 Come To Me, Baby/Dear Angels Above V++
676 Bombers Orpheus 1101 Malena/I'll Never Tire Of You EE+
677 Bop-Chords Holiday 2601 Castle In The Sky/My Darling To You VV+
678 Dusty Brooks /Four Tones La Marr's 101 Do! Do! Baby/I'll Follow You sld V+
679 Dusty Brooks /Four Tones Memo 1002 Little Chum/Uptown Rhythm V
680 Dusty Brooks /Four Tones Memo 1003 Please Don't Rush Me/Seclusion E
681 Calvaes Cobra 5003 Fine Girl/Mambo Fiesta V-
682 Castelles Grand 105 Do You Remember?/If You Were The Only Girl V
683 Champions Chart 111 Keep A-Rockin'/Annie Met Henry V/V+
684 Chancellors Port 5000 There Goes My Girl/Tell Me You Love Me V+
685 Chanels DEB 500 Skiddily Doo/The Reason E-
686 Channels Gone 5012 That's My Desire/Stay As You Are VV+
687 Channels Whirlin Disc 107 I Really Love You/What Do You Do VV+
688 Chantels End 1005 Maybe/Come My Little Baby V+
689 Charioteers Keystone 1416 I'm The World's Biggest Fool/S'Posin tol V
690 Charioteers Tuxedo 2515 Thanks For Yesterday/I'm A Stranger E
691 Charts Everlast 5001 Deserie/Zoop swol, mb 50 E/E-
692 Chromatics Blend 1005 Believe Me/Who's Fooling Who? mb 50 VV+
693 Coasters Atco 6064 Down In Mexico/Turtle Dovin' maroon V+
694 Coasters Atco 6098 Idol With The Golden Head/My Baby Comes To Me E-
695 Cookies Lamp 8008 All Night Mambo/Don't Let Go V+
696 De'Bonairs Ping 1000 Lanky Linda/Mothers Son V-
697 Dell-Vikings Dot 15592 Whispering Bells/Don't Be A Fool E
698 Dots Caddy 107 I Lost You/Johnny V
699 Dundees Space 201 Evil One/Never mb 75 E-/E
700 Empires Harlem 2333 Magic Mirror/Make Me Or Break Me N-
701 Encores Look 105 Time Is Moving On/Ha-Chi-Ri-Bi-Ri-Bi-Ri EE+
702 Falcons Silhouette 222 Can This Be Christmas/Sent Up mb 20 VV-
703 Feathers Show Time 1104 Johnny Darling/Nona V+
704 Fi-Tones Quintette Atlas 1055 I Belong To You/Silly & Sappy V+
705 Five Echoes /Fat's Coles Band Sabre 102 Baby, Come Back To Me/Lonely Mood plays better VV+
706 Five Scalders Drummond 3000 There Will Come A Time/If Only You Were Mine mb 75 E
707 Five Scalders Sugar Hill 3000 If Only You Were Mine/There Will Come A Time mb 50 VV-
708 Five Stars Mark-X 7006 Dead Wrong/Ooh Shucks mb 50 E+
709 Flamingos Checker 837 A Kiss From Your Lips/Get With It E-/E
710 Four Dots Bullseye 103 Rita/He Man Looking For A She Girl mb 25 E
711 Four Fellows Glory 234 Soldier Boy/Take Me Back, Baby E+
712 Four Tones A-1 1001 I'll Follow You/Do, Do Baby w/ Sophia Nae vcl A E+
713 Four Tones D&S 153 Muggin' With A Swing/I'm A Happy Cowboy #ol V+
714 Four Tones La Marr 101 Seclusion/Thanks For The Lies w/ Dusty Brooks E-
715 Four Tones Preview 666 Someone Over Here Loves Someone Over There/same E
716 Four Tones And Eddie Beal Trio Make Believe Ballroom A.M. 02357/8-E Someones Rocking My Dream Boat/Goodnight Baby, Goodnight sld V+
717 Fran And Flo Jvpiter 212 You Walked Out The Door/You Gotta Be Bohemian E-
718 Gems Drexel 901 Talk About The Weather/Deed I Do V+
719 Glowtones East West 101 The Girl I Love/Ping Pong E+
720 Cornel Gunter /Ermines Loma 701 True Love/Peek, Peek-A-Boo E-
721 Harptones Bruce 102 My Memories Of You/Just For Laughs V+
722 Harptones Paradise 101 Life Is But A Dream/You Know You're Doing Me Wrong wol V+
723 Harptones featuring Willie Winfield Andrea 100 What Is Your Decision/Gimmie Some sld, mb 60 E-
724 Heartbeats Hull 716 People Are Talking/Your Way VV+
725 Hearts Baton 208 Oo-Wee/Lonely Nights V
726 Joe Hinton Back Beat 526 Pretty Little Mama/Will You mb 25 VV+
727 Hitmakers Original 1 Chapel Of Love/Cool School mb 50 EE
728 Briant Holland Kudo 667 In Nature Boy/Shock mb 50 V+
729 Hollywood Four Blazes C.P. Mac Gregor 10-217 Prisoner Of Love/Longhair's Nightmare "complimentary disc", mb 200 E
730 Hollywood's Four Flames Unique 005 Tabarin/Crying For My Baby G+
731 Inspirators Treat 502 If Loving You Is Wrong/Three Sixty mb 50 V+
732 Ray Jackson /Jackets Besax 1001 Yes... Yes.../Ricka, Jicka, Jack swish 1st 1"A V
733 Russell Jacquet /Heart Beats Quintet Network 1200 Tormented/After Everybody's Gone V/P
734 Jaguars Aardell AA-0003 Rock It, Davy, Rock It/I Wanted You V+
735 Jayhawks Flash 109 My Only Darling/Stranded In The Jungle V+
736 Jesters 20th Century 20-59 I Had But 50/Abdul Abulbul Amir E-
737 Jets 7-11 2102 Gomen Nasai/Volcano mld B, mb 100 E
738 Jewels R and B 1303 Oh Yes I Know/A Fool In Paradise swol VV+/V+
739 Johnnie & Joe J & S 1659 It Was There/There Goes My Heart mb 40 E
740 King Cole Trio Premier 100 My Lips Remember Your Kisses/F.S.T. rare label V+
741 Marie Knight Wing 90069 As Long As I Love/Tell Me Why E
742 Sonny Knight Starla 10 School's Out/Once In A While mb 40 EE+
743 Larks Lloyds 110 If It's A Crime/Tippin' In "advance" EE+
744 Frankie Lymon Gee 1012 I Want You To Be My Girl/I'm Not A Know It All E
745 Marvin & The Chirps Tip Top 202 Sixteen Tons/I'll Miss You This Xmas mb 50 E-
746 Mello-Moods Robin 105 Where Are You/How Could You? mb 50 V+
747 Melloharps Tin Pan Alley 146 Ain't Got The Money/I Love Only You stamp on label, mb 75 V+
748 Tony Middleton /Willows Eldorado 508 The First Taste Of Love/Only My Heart mb 50 EE+
749 Midnighters Federal 12251 Sweet Mama, Do Right/Partners For Life V+
750 Clarence Muse /Four Tones Kangaroo 1300 Muse A While/Why Should I? w/ Dusty Brooks V+
751 New Yorker's 5 Danice 801 Cha Cha Baby/Gloria My Darling mb 50 V+
752 Nobles Sapphire 151 Who's Been Riding My Mule/Do You Love Me E
753 Nu-Tones Hollywood 797 Goddess Of Love/Niki Niki Mambo rare! (B isn't playable), mb 50 VV+/P
754 King Odom Quartette Perspective 5001 Amazin' Willie Mays/Basin Street Blues E
755 Opals Luna 5001 Squeeze Me Baby/Come To Me Darling E-
756 Original Casuals Back Beat 510 Ju-Judy/Don't Pass Me By mol, mb 25 V/V+
757 Orioles Natural 5000 Barbara Lee/It's Too Soon To Know E
758 Paragons Winley 220 Let's Start All Over Again/Stick With Me Baby V
759 Penguins Dootone 348 Hey Senorita/Earth Angel V++
760 Ruby Peters /Dusty Brooks And The Four Tones Kangaroo 1301 Bag-Pipe Boogie/You Told A Lie V+
761 Plaids Darl 1001 Keeper Of My Heart/I Sing For You E
762 Planets ERA 1038 Stand There, Mountain/Never Again VV+
763 Prisonaires Sun 186 Just Walkin' In The Rain/Baby Please V-
764 Ramblers Jax 319 Search My Heart/50-50 Love VV+
765 Ravens National 9053 September Song/Once In A While E-
766 Ravens Rendition 5001 Write Me A Letter/Marie mb 50 E/E-
767 Revelaires Burgundy 1002 Down By The Well/Only The Angels Know rare, mb 25 V+
768 Jimmy Ricks Paris 504 Do You Promise/The Sugar Man Song E/E-
769 Robins Whippet 200 Out Of The Picture/Cherry Lips V+
770 Royals Federal 12160 Someone Like You/That's It VV+
771 Royals Venus 103 I Want You To Be My Baby/Someday We'll Meet Again rare, mb 40 V-
772 Satisfiers Rudder 1004 Choose Your Partner/Please Be Kind tol V+
773 Scamps Modern 20-512 Don't Cry Baby/More Than You Know E
774 Shields Tender 513 You Cheated/That's The Way It's Gonna Be E
775 Soft Tones Samson 103 A Moth Around A Flame/My Mother's Eyes mb 40 E-
776 Sophomores Dawn 216 Cool Cool Baby/Every Night About This Time E
777 Squires Mambo 105 Sindy/Do-Be-Do-Be-Wop-Wop V+
778 Julie Stevens /Premiers Dig 115 Blue Mood/Crazy Bells sld V+
779 Jerry Strong /Progressive Four Paragon 8047 My Mother's Eyes/Basin Street Blues hcnap, rare, mb 100 E-
780 Swans Ballad 1003 It's A Must/Night Train mb 50 E
781 Three Chuckles Boulevard 100 At Last You Understand/Run Around E
782 Travelers Andex 4-4006 Why/Teen Age Machine Age mb 50 E+
783 Up-Beats Zebra 23 Goodness Gracious Baby/I Would If I Could mb 30 E/E-
784 Velvetones Coronet 2 Sweet Lorraine/Easy Baby mb 25 E+
785 Velvets Fury 1012 Dance Honey Dance/I-I-I (Love You So-So-So) mb 40 E
786 Vibranaires After Hours 103 Doll Face/Ooh, I Feel So Good mb 40 V-
787 Victorians Selma 1002 Please Say You Do/Wedding Bells mb 75 V+
788 Voice Of Victory/REV. ARTHUR PETERS Choir 101 Blessed Assurance/HOW TO GET ALONG WITH PEOPLE V+
789 Billy Ward /Dominoes Liberty 55071 Star Dust/Lucinda E
790 Wheels Premium 405 Let's Have A Ball/My Heart's Desire VV+
791 Jimmy Williams Neil 104 I Knew/Love Only Me E
792 Mel Williams /Montclairs Rage 101 O O Wah/Fools Fall In Love mb 50 E-
793 Sherman Williamson Cee-Jay 576 Darlin'/I Want You Around mb 25 E
794 Willows Club 1014 This Is The End/Don't Pull, Don't Push, Don't Shove mb 60 E+
795 Willows Melba 102 Church Bells May Ring/Baby Tell Me E
796 George Zimmerman /Thrills Jab 103 Whose Baby Are You/Ain't Got The Money To Pay For This Drink mb 150 EE+


clix=noise each rev for cracked record
crk=crack, dimension in inches indicates how far in from edge, if no dimension goes all the way to label;
chd=center hole damage;
dh=drill hole
dj=disc jockey/promo copy,
wldj=white label disc jockey;
wlbiodj=wldj with biography;
hc=hairline crack;
illeg=foreign alphabet on label;
lams=lamination cracks,
pot lams=potential lams;
ld=extensive label damage,
s-mld=slight to moderate ld,
sld=slight ld;
vsld=very slight; label damage;
mol=mark on label
nap=not affecting play;
number+ g (i.e. 5g)=number of grooves flk or chip affects play;
os=original sleeve;
pdig=passing dig,
rc=rim chip;
rol=ring on label;
schd=slt center hole damage;
SS=still sealed;
shrink=shrink wrap present but opened;
stog=stain on grooves;
tix = not as loud as "clix"
tol=tag, tape or sticker on label;
wol=writing on lbl, swol= slight;
xol=x on label
U=You, w/=With, R=Are, 2=To