Closing Date: September 15, 2017 at 10:00 PM St. Louis (CDT) Time

Welcome to Auction #66: Lots of choice 78s, 45s and a terrific group of blues LPs

Bid what the record is worth to you. If yours is the high bid you win it for that price. Please bid by lot number, label, and label number. The minimum bid is $5.00 unless stated otherwise. Minimum bid on LPs is $15. I reserve the right to refuse any bid I deem unreasonably low.

Call backs will be available, but only on items for which you have bid $200 or the minimum, whichever is higher. You must indicate on your bid you wish to compete and include full contact information. Raises must be in increments of 10% (or more). You can participate in call backs by email. You will have a maximum of 24 hours to respond to a raise or be eliminated. This is to account for time zone differences and work schedules. It usually takes no more than one day to conclude most call backs.

Grading scale for 78s: N, N-, E++, E+, EE+, E, EE-, E-, E--, V++, V+, nearly V+, VV+, V, VV-, V-, V--, G+, G, G-, F, P. I am now using "nearly V+" to designate records better than VV+ but not quite V+.

My grading is guaranteed. Open your order when it arrives and inspect the records at that time please. Returns must be received by November 15th, 2017. Consignors are paid at that time and refunds are no longer offered.

There is a key to abbreviations used at the bottom of this page.

Shipping charges are reasonable and will be quoted with your invoice. Overseas bidders please indicate customs and insurance preference with bids. Under-declared orders are at your risk. I can't insure for more than I declare.

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PAYMENT IS EXPECTED WITHIN 30 DAYS OF NOTIFICATION unless prior arrangements have been made. If you can't pay for your purchases put them on your credit card (via Paypal). Late payment is a great inconvenience. Many of the records are on consignment and consignors expect to be paid in a timely fashion. Payment can be made by cash, check, money order, Western Union or Paypal. When using Paypal please add a 2% convenience fee. Alternatively you can send money as a gift (for a much lower fee) and pay the fee at your end. Please e-mail if you have any questions.

Asterisk (*) after label number indicates buff (Bluebird), sunrise (Decca), King of them All (King), flag (Columbia), Electrobean (Gennett), scroll (Victor), electric (Paramount, Supertone, Superior, Okeh, Champion, Melotone, Perfect, etc.)

BLUES, R&B 78s
1 Johnny Ace Duke 118 Saving My Love For You/Yes, Baby V
2 Johnny Ace Duke 128 Please Forgive Me/You've Been Gone So Long V+
3 Sue Allen & Oscar Black Groove 0037 Don't Leave Me To Cry/I Dedicate My Heart mol E+
4 Baby Face Leroy Trio Parkway 104 Boll Weevil/Red Headed Woman mb 400 EE-
5 Will Batts Voc 02542 Cheatin' Woman/Cadillac Baby rare, mb 3000 V+/VV+
6 Jimmy Binkley Chance 1134 Hey, Hey, Sugar Ray/Midnite Wail scr side one last 20 grvs E/E+
7 Sunny Blair Meteor 5006 Gonna Let You Go/Please Send My Baby Back mb 500 E+
8 Blues Man Juke Box 101 My Baby's Blues/Kansas City Boogie E-
9 Houston Boines RPM 364 Superintendant Blues/Monkey Motion mb 500 E+
10 Pillie Bolling And Barefoot Bill Col 14544 I Don't Like That/She's Got A Nice Line V
11 Earl Bostic Gotham 154 845 Stomp/Earl's Rumboogie E
12 Tommy (Mary Jo) Braden United 177 Do The Do/Did You Ever See A Monkey Play A Fiddle V+
13 Jackie Brenston Chess 1458 Rocket "88"/Come Back Where You Belong mb 300 E/E+
14 Brother Bell Blues & Rhythm 7002 If You Feel Froggish/Whole Heap Of Mamma Ike pno, Kizart gtr, Johnny O'Neal vcl mb 200 EE+
15 Charles Brown Aladdin 3044 Tormented/Did You Ever Love A Woman EE+
16 Roy Brown DeLuxe 3318 Big Town/Train Time Blues VV+/V
17 Milton Buckner Savoy 785 Red, Red Wine/Boogie Grunt VV+
18 Leroy Carr Bb 5877* Where The Sun Goes Down/Ain't It A Shame mb 35 V+
19 Savannah Churchill Arco 1259 Can Anyone Explain?/The Devil Sat Down And Cried wldj, #ol, E
20 Savannah Churchill Manor 1116 Time Out For Tears/All My Dreams E-
21 Ida Cox & Papa Charlie Jackson Pm 2109 Mister Man - Part 1 & 2 mb 75 V
22 Pee Wee Crayton Imperial 5353 Yours Truly/Be Faithful plays better, flexi, wol V+
23 Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup Bb 34-0717 My Mama Don't Allow Me/Standing At My Window V+
24 Dallas Jug Band Varsity 6025 You Gotta Have That Thing/Bottle It Up And Go Will Shade, Vol Stevens, etc, very rare, mb 600 EE+
25 Charlie Davis Imperial 5016 Going To L.A./The Traffic Is Terrific tol V+/V
26 Jimmy DeBerry Sun 185 Take A Little Chance/Time Has Made A Change faint mark on grooves nap, mb 1200 E
27 Pearl Dickson Col 14286 Twelve Pound Daddy/Little Rock Blues mb 250 E-/E+
28 Fats Domino Imperial 5386 I'm In Love Again/My Blue Heaven V+
29 Billy Eckstine National 9096 There Are Such Things/What's New? E
30 Earl Forest Duke 113 Last Night's Dream/Fifty Three VV+/E-
31 Pete Franklin RCA 22-0012 Down Behind The Rise/Casey Brown Blues mb 250 E+
32 Rocky Fuller Checker 753 Come On Baby, Now/Soon One Morning mb 1200 N-
33 Georgia Tom Champion 15815 Suicide Blues/Pig Meat Blues (as Smokehouse Charley) mb 50 V++
34 Georgia Tom & Hannah May Me 6-01-58 Come On Mama/Terrible Operation Blues mb 150 V+
35 Boyd Gilmore Modern 860 Ramblin' On My Mind/Just An Army Boy mb 350 E+
36 Lillian Glinn Col 14360 Lost Letter Blues/Packing House Blues mb 150, elec E-
37 Jimmie Gordon De 7207* Sweet Jelly Rollin'/Baker Man (as "Mississippi Mudder") E+
38 Slim Green Murray 501 Baby I Love You/(Tricky Woman Blues) two A labels, mb 500 E+
39 John Greer Groove 0016 Too Long/When The Roses Bloom In Lovers' Lane vinyl, wldj, tol E+
40 Griffin Bros Orch Dot 1145 My Baby's Done Me Wrong/Black Bread #ol, E
41 Stick-Horse Hammond JOB 105 Highway 51/Too Late Baby mb 500 V+
42 Harmonica Frank Chess 1494 Howlin' Tomcat/She's Done Moved autographed!, mb 500 E/E-
43 Harmonica Frank Sun 205 The Great Medical Menagerist/Rockin' Chair Daddy crack clix 2gA, 6gB, mb 3000 E+
44 John Heartsman Music City 807 Johnny's House Party Pt 1 & 2 instrs EE+
45 Leroy Henderson Voc 03020 Deep Sea Diver/Low Mellow Man Blues mb 350 EE-
46 Hipp Cats De 7518 It Must Be Jelly ('Cause Jam Don't Shake That Way)/Chippin' Rock Blues sld, flk nap VV-
47 Tony Hollins De 48300 Fishin' Blues/I'll Get A Break pink dj, mb 400 N-
48 Wright Holmes Miltone 5221 Alley Special/Good Road Blues tight 1" hcnap B only, mb 500 E+
49 Honey Dripper De 48068 Eight Ball Blues/Yellow Yam Blues V+
50 John Lee Hooker Deluxe 6004 Lovin' Guitar Man/Blue Monday (as John Lee Booker) mb 750 E+
51 Hot Shots Savoy 1128 Blue Hours/Horse's Neck #ol E
52 Lawyer Houston Atlantic 916 Dallas Be-Bop Blues/Lawyer Houston Blues mb 500 E+
53 Howlin' Wolf Chess 1497 The Wolf Is At Your Door/Howlin' Wolf Boogie mb 150 E++
54 Howlin' Wolf Chess 1510 Mr. Highway Man/Gettin Old And Grey mb 150 N
55 Ivory Joe Hunter MGM 10861 Sorta Need You/You Thrill Me E
56 Hunter & Jenkins Okeh 02613 Meat Cuttin' Blues/Lollypop VV+
57 Zaidee Jackson De F.3521 I've Got The Wrong Man/Mediterranean Madness UK press V+
58 Walter Jacobs & Carter Brothers Okeh 45468* Sheiks Special/Dear Little Girl 1" lam B nap, mb 500 EE+
59 Elmore James Trumpet 146 Dust My Broom/Catfish Blues mb 250 E+/E
60 Blind Lemon Jefferson Pm 12454* Rabbit Foot Blues/Shuckin' Sugar Blues mb 3000 E+
61 Bo-Bo Jenkins Fortune 838 10 Below Zero/Baby, Don't You Wan't To Go mb 300 E+
62 Jimmy & Walter Sun 180 Easy/Before Long B plays less, mb 500 EE+/E-
63 Buddy Johnson De 8671 That's The Stuff You Gotta Watch/One Of Them Good Ones V+
64 Buddy Johnson Mercury 70377 Ain't Cha Got Me (Where You Want Me)/Let's Start All Over Again E-/E+
65 Pork Chop Johnson Champion 15796 Wash Board Rub/Pork Chop Stomp V+
66 Louis Jordan De 29166 I Didn't Know What Time It Was/Only Yesterday pink dj, tol V+
67 Luke Jordan Vi 21076* Church Bells Blues/Cocaine Blues in it's Victor race sleeve mb 2500 N
68 Keghouse Okeh 8583 Shiftin' My Gear Blues/Keghouse Blues mb 500 E-/E
69 Jack Kelly Vocalion 05312 Men Fooler Blues/World Wandering Blues potential lateral crack nap, nd > two clix, tiny rcnap, mb 450 EE+
70 Sam Kimble Bruce 124 Stop And Go!/Sam's Blues instrs V
71 Eddie Kirkland King 4680 I Mistreated A Woman/Please Don't Think I'm Nosy wldj, #ol, mb 700 E++
72 Sonny Knight Aladdin 3207 Baby, Come Back/Dear Wonderful God N-
73 Lazy Bill Chance 1148 I Had A Dream/She Got Me Walkin mb 750 E+
74 Noah Lewis Vi 38581* Chickasaw Special/Devil In The Wood Pile mb 350 V+
75 Papa Lightfoot Imperial 5289 Wine, Women, Whiskey/Mean Old Train vinyl, mb 500 N-
76 Little Brother Bb 6733* Crescent City Blues/Shreveport Farewell tolA&B, piano solos, mb 300 E+
77 Little Brother Bb 10953 Shreveport Farewell/Crescent City Blues E+
78 Little Milton Meteor 5040 Love At First Sight/Let's Boogie Baby autographed, scr tix B, mb 250 E-
79 Little Milton Sun 194 Beggin' My Baby/Somebody Told Me autographed, mb 350 E-/E
80 Little Walter Herald 403 Just Keep Lovin' Her/Take A Walk With Me mb 500 E+
81 Little Walter Herald 404 Rollin' Blues/Boll Weevil wldj, mb 500 E/E+
82 Little Walter Trio Parkway 502 Just Keep Lovin' Her/Moonshine Blues sldA, mb 1000 E/E+
83 Little Walter Trio Regal 3296 Muskadine Blues/Bad Actin' Woman mb 750 N-
84 Joe Hill Louis Meteor 5004 Western Union Man/Jack Pot (as "Chicago Sunny Boy") mb 500 EE+
85 Hot Shot Love Sun 196 Harmonica Jam/Wolf Call Boogie mb 2000 E+
86 Lovin' Sam Br 7183 Ugly Child/Bring It On Home To Your Grandma mb 200 E-/E+
87 Jane Lucas & Georgia Tom Champion 50015 Terrible Operation Blues/Where Did You Stay Last Night? flk B nap, mb 150 EE-
88 Bobby Marshall Abbey 3014 Just One More Time/Call Me Darling tol, sld V
89 Frankie Marshall Atco 6061 If It's The Last Thing I Do/Song From My Heart scarce EE-
90 Carl Martin Okeh 8961* Farewell To You, Baby/Badly Mistreated Man mb 750 E+
91 Ernest McClay Murray 506 Big Timing Woman/Night Working Woman Beverly Scott gtr, mb 500 N
92 Willard McDaniel Crown 101 I'm Waiting For Ships That Never Come In/Your Feet's Too Big E
93 Brownie McGhee Harlem 2323 Worrying Over You/Christina V
94 Brownie McGhee Savoy (SMB 70335) Death Of Big Bill one-sided test, unissued N-
95 Memphis Five Voc 04760 Mary Blues/Just Got To Hold You Tight V+
96 Memphis Jug Band Vi 21657* Peaches In The Springtime/Evergreen Money Blues mb 200 V++
97 Memphis Jug Band Voc 03175 Take Your Finger Off It/Fishin' In The Dark sld A, mld B, less than 10, mb 200 V-
98 Memphis Minnie J.O.B. 1101 Kissing In The Dark/World Of Trouble mb 500 E/E+
99 Memphis Minnie J.O.B. 1101 Kissing In The Dark/World Of Trouble vsld, mb 500 E-
100 Amos Milburn Aladdin 211 I Still Love You/Pool Playing Blues N-
101 Amos Milburn Aladdin 3018 Bewildered/A And M Blues mld B E-
102 Amos Milburn Aladdin 3049 Johnson Rag/Walking Blues V+
103 Amos Milburn Aladdin 3150 Greyhound/Kiss Me Again V+
104 Amos Milburn Aladdin 3253 Vicious, Vicious Vodka/I Done Done It E+
105 Josie Miles Gennett 5307 He Went Away And Left Me Blues/I Want My Sweet Daddy Now mb 75 E-
106 Josie Miles Gennett 5359 War Horse Mamma/You Don't Know My Mind Blues mb 75 E-
107 Roy Milton DooTone 363 Fools Are Getting Scarcer/I Can't Go On E-
108 Mississippi Sheiks Okeh 8947 Show Me What You Got/Kitty Cat Blues mb 1200 N-
109 Bobby Mitchell Imperial 5326 I Wish I Knew/Nothing Sweet As You sld V++
110 Freddie Mitchell Br 84017 Roses Of Picardy/I'm Goin' Home instrs E
111 Johnny Moore Aladdin 130 Till The Real Thing Comes Along/Rocks In My Bed E-
112 Johnny Moore RCA 22-0025 A New Shade Of Blues/This Is One Time, Baby E-
113 Joe Morris Herald 417 Just Your Way Baby/I Had A Notion #ol EE+
114 Mr. Bear Groove 0125 I'm Gonna Keep My Good Eye On You/How Come vsld, rcnap V+
115 Muddy Waters 20th Century 20-51 Let Me Be Your Coal Man/Mean Red Spider (as by James "Sweet Lucy" Carter) only B side is Muddy, his first and rarest record,less than 10 known copies, mb 4000 M-
116 Nighthawks Aristocrat 2301 Annie Lee Blues/Black Angel Blues mb 250 E+
117 One String Sam J-V-B 40 My Baby, OOOO/I Need A Hundred Dollars xolB, off-center hole mb 1000 EE
118 Johnny Otis Peacock 1625 Rock Me Baby/Young Girl V+
119 Johnny Otis Savoy 743 Blues Nocturne/New Orleans Shuffle EE+
120 Hal Paige Atlantic 1032 Please Say You Do/Big Foot May #ol E-
121 Papa Lightfoot Imperial 5289 Mean Old Train/Wine, Women, Whiskey mb 300 E-
122 Prince Patridge Cat 105 Cooperation Pt 1 & 2 V+/E
123 Paul Perryman Duke 158 Just To Hold My Hand/I'm Crying No vinyl, plays better, E-
124 Gene Phillips Modern 527 Big Legs/Just A Dream E
125 Gene Phillips Modern 20-527 Big Legs/Just A Dream V+
126 Piano Red RCA 4524 Bouncin' With Red/Count The Days I'm Gone V+
127 Charlie Pickett De 7762 Crazy 'Bout My Black Gal/Trembling Blues mb 400 E+
128 Lloyd Price Specialty 535 Oo-ee Baby/Chee-Koo Baby wldj, #ol, E+
129 Sam Price De 8547 The Goon Drag/I Lost Love tol, rc 3g A E
130 Snooky Pryor J.O.B. 1014 Cryin' Shame/Eighty Nine Ten internal tight hcnap, Eddie Taylor, Moody Jones gtrs, mb 900 E
131 Maurice Rocco De 8544 Java Jive/Little Rock Getaway V+
132 Rocking Brothers Whippet 207 Little Mike/Yeah Yeah E
133 Ike Rodgers Pm 12816* It Hurts So Good/Screenin' (sic)The Blues rc clix 4gA, heat damage > soft swish 2nd 1/2 A & B, doesn't overpower music, mb 300 E-
134 Marlylin Scott Lance 1039 I Got What My Daddy Likes/Let's Do The Boogie Woogie E+
135 Johnny Shines J.O.B. 1010 Brutal Hearted Woman/Evening Sun Walter Horton hca, mb 900 E
136 Sister Harris Pathe 020951 Laughin' Cryin' Blues/Beale Street Mama vsld V++
137 Henry Smith Fortune 802 Dog Me Blues/Rocking Chair Boogie mb 1500 N-
138 State Street Boys Okeh 8965* Sweet To Mama/The Dozen mb 750 E-
139 Lawrence Stone Modern 913 I'll Surrender Anytime/Please Remember Me rare, sld V+
140 Sunnyland Slim JOB 102 Down Home Child/Sunnyland Special mb 500 E+/E
141 Swing Brothers Palda 2004 Notoriety Woman/Papa's Boogie (Eddie Burns) repaired crk clix 1st 1" B, less A, mb 50 E
142 Myra Taylor Mercury 8027 Take It Easy Greasy/Tell Your Best Friend Nothin' V+
143 Sonny Terry Gotham 518 Lonesome Room/Harmonica Rumbo E
144 Jon Thomas Checker 809 Rib Tips/Hi Fi wldj, #ol, xol, E+
145 Sonny Thompson Miracle 126 Long Gone Pt I & II V+
146 Sonny Thompson Miracle 128 Sonny's Return/Late Freight N-
147 Sonny Thompson Old Swing-Master 1011 The Fish Pt.. 1 & 2 vinyl, plays better V
148 Joe Turner Atlantic 939 Chains Of Love/After My Laughter Came Tears E+
149 Joe Turner Fidelity 3007 After While You'll Be Sorry/Just A Travellin' Man E
150 Joe Turner National 4009 Mad Blues/Sunday Morning Blues E-
151 Joe Turner RPM 345 Playful Baby/Riding Blues V+
152 T-Bone Walker Cap 799 On Your Way Blues/Go Back To The One You Love residue of tol, E
153 T-Bone Walker Cap 15033 I Got A Break, Baby/Mean Old World tol VV+
154 Baby Boy Warren Drummond 3003 Stop Breakin' Down/Somebody Put Bad Luck On Me mb 300 E+
155 Baby Boy Warren Federal 12008 Forgive Me Darling/Please Don't Think I'm Nosey mb 500 E++
156 Ethel Waters Col 14132 Throw Dirt In Your Face/Refrigeratin' Papa(Mama's Gonna Warm You Up) noisy start B, elec V+
157 Bukka White Voc 05489 When Can I Change My Clothes/High Fever Blues mb 1000 E-/E+
158 Arnold Wiley Chicago 105 My Best Gal/Barkin' Dog plays less E-
159 Arnie Williams Herald 479 Come on Sweetie/Margie EE+
160 Joe Williams Vee-Jay 227 Goin' Back/My Baby Left (as "Po Joe Williams") V++/V+
161 Lester Williams Imperial 5402 McDonald's Daughter/Daddy Loves You E
162 Lester Williams Macy's 5000 I'm So Happy I Could Jump/Wintertime Blues, slt mark ongrooves nap E
163 Paul Williams Savoy (680) Paradise Valley Walk/Walkin' Around 2 one-sided tests E
164 (Homesick) James Williamson Chance 1121 Lonesome Old Train/Farmers Blues pressing bubble thumps several times B, mb 1000 EE+
165 Chuck Willis Okeh 7048 Give And Take/I've Been Away Too Long white label test, #ol E-

166 Roy Acuff Cap 2548 Don't Say Goodbye/Sixteen Chickens And A Tamborine E++
167 Joe Allison Cap 1308 The Statue In The Bay/It Is No Secret V+
168 Arkansas Woodchopper Champion 45192 The Little Green Valley/Old And Only In The Way V+
169 Bob Atcher Col M 412 I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes/Country Boy Japanese press N-
170 Gene Autry Regal MR 3513 Wild Cat Mamma Blues/Bear Cat Papa Blues UK press, EE+
171 Blue Sky Boys Bb 6714 You Give Me Your Love/Somebody Makes Me Think Of You E
172 Blue Sky Boys RCA 20-2755 Let's Not Sleep Again/Don't Take The Light (From My Dark Cell) EE-
173 Blue Sky Boys RCA 20-2900 Romans 6:23/Angel Mother E
174 Blue Sky Boys RCA 20-3158 I Cannot Take You Back Now/The Chapel In The Hills EE+
175 Chris Bouchillon Col 15151 Born In Hard Luck/The Medicine Show plays better, elec V-
176 Jimmy Boyd Col 39871 I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus/Thumbelina V+
177 Buccaroo Billy Gilt-Edge 5018 Shake Hands With The Devil/You Done Daddy Dirty E
178 Jerry Byrd Mercury 6198 Byrd's Boogie/Moonland EE+
179 Ken Card MW 4941 The Last Flight Of Wiley Post/Will Rogers Your Friend And My Friend E-
180 Carroll County Boys Flair 1023 Flying Eagle Blues/Carroll County Boogie instrs E
181 Jenny Lou Carson De 6107 Jealous Heart/Dear God, Watch Over Joe E+
182 June Carter Col 21074 No Swallerin' Place/Juke Box Blues EE+
183 Carter Family Vi 40207* The Homestead On The Farm/The Cyclone Of Ryecove V++
184 Carter Family Vi 40328* Don't Forget This Song/The Little Log Hut In The Lane EE-
185 Harry Choates Gold Star 1348 Dragging The Bow/Te Petite V+
186 Alvadean Coker Abbott 163 Sugar Doll/Witch's Waltz #ol E
187 Cowboy Copas King 598 Kentucky Waltz/Heartaches E
188 Cowboy Copas King 666 As Advertised/Would Be Better For Us Both EE+
189 Curly Joe Continental 5055 Have I Told You Lately That I Love You/A Home On The Range V+
190 Vernon Dalhart Champion 15073 The Unknown Soldier's Grave/The Prisoner's Song VV+
191 Vernon Dalhart Champion 15232* Wreck Of The Royal Palm/Wreck Of The Number 9 V+
192 Dalhart & Robison Col 15282 Drifting Down The Trail Of Dreams/Bring Me A Leaf From The Sea elec E
193 Denver Darling De 9006 When I Gets To Where I'm Goin'/Easter Sunday On The Prairie tol E-/E
194 Jimmie Dean 4 Star 1613 Bumming Around/Picking Sweethearts E+
195 Billy Dee Fabor 104 Drinking Tequila/Falling Star Waltz E+
196 Delmore Bros King 1158 Whatcha Gonna Gimme/The Trail Of Time wldj, #ol E+
197 Delmore Brothers De 5925 Will You Be Lonesome Too?/When It's Time For The Whip-Poor-Will To Sing E
198 Down Homers King 936 Nothin' Clickin' Chicken/Rosanna (Girl That I Love) V+
199 Dusty Ellison 4 Star 1155 It Would Only Hurt Me If I Knew/Footprints In The Snow E-
200 Esmereldy & Dick Thomas/RED RIVER DAVE Musicraft 288 Seven Years With The Wrong Woman/ALTOONA FREIGHT WRECK E-
201 Red Foley De 46205 Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy/Sugarfoot Rag tol V+
202 Wally Fowler Mercury 6031 That's How Much I Love You/Brown Eyes A Cryin' In The Rain VV+
203 Terry Gilkyson 4 Star 1430 The Cry Of The Wild Goose/Rabbit Where Is Your Mama E
204 R.D. Hendon 4 Star X-41 I'm Going To See My Baby/Nervous Breakdown EE+
205 Salty Holmes De 46116 Mama Blues/John Henry E-
206 Johnny Horton And Hillbilly Barton Abbott 108 Somebody's Rockin' My Broken Heart/Betty Lorraine E-
207 Sam Jones (Stovepipie No. 1) Harmony 5100 Cripple Creek And Sourwood Mountain/Turkey In The Straw E+
208 Buell Kazee & Sookie Hobbs Br 210 Snow Deer/Red Wing rc4gB VV+
209 Bradley Kincaid Cq 8091* The True And Trembling Brakeman/Bury Me Out On The Prairie N-
210 Jimmie Lawson Col 37203 Foggy River/I Just Can't Forgive You Anymore E+
211 Cindy Lord MGM 11173 Goodbye Sweetheart/Wishin' E-
212 Myrna Lorrie Abbot 177 I'm Your Man/Underway V+
213 J.E. Mainer Bb 6088* Ship Sailing Now/The World Is Not My Home E-
214 J.E. Mainer Bb 7151 We Can't Be Darlings Any More/Answer To "Greenback Dollar" E
215 Wade Mainer Bb 8042 Sparkling Blue Eyes/We Will Miss Him V+
216 McMichen's Melody Men Col 15288 Home Sweet Home/Where The River Shannon Flows sld V+
217 Bill Monroe De 28749 Cabin Of Love/Country Waltz pink dj, wol, #ol V+
218 Oklahoma Ed Moody Black & White 10005 No Kisses For You/Down The Trail To Home #ol EE+
219 Moon Mullican King 931 Short But Sweet/Too Many Irons In The Fire EE+
220 Doye O'Dell Exclusive 88 Okies In California/She Left Me When My Dream Boat Started Leakin' E
221 Oklahoma Sweethearts Cap 40024 Remember Me/I Won't Care tol E
222 Sheriff Tom Owen Mercury 6018 Baby You Done Flubbed Your Dub With Me/Don't Say You Love Me If You Don't VV+
223 Tom Owens Gennett 3303 Stoney Point/Ocean Waves os, plays less E
224 Patti Page Mercury 70295 Changing Partners/Don't Get Around Much Anymore tol V+
225 Norman Phelps De 5191* Sweet Violets/It's Tight Like That E-
226 Norman Phelps De 5192* Roll Along Prairie Moon/The Rose In Her Hair plays better, tol A & B V
227 Norman Phelps De 5245* Margie/Swing Low Sweet Chariot EE-/EE+
228 Norman Phelps De 5268* Bye Bye Blues/Black Eyed Susan Brown E-/V+
229 Norman Phelps De 5286* Minnie The Mermaid/When I Wore My Daddy's Brown Derby V+
230 Pete Pike Pete Pike 6640 I Can See An Angel vinyl, wldj, "4 Star" E
231 Russ Pike/HENRY KING AAFS 8 Soldier, Won't You Marry Me +1/FOD +1 E
232 Riley Puckett Bb 5432* The Old Spinning Wheel/Waitin' For The Evenin' Mail VV-
233 Red River Dave Continental C-5045 You Never Waited For Me/There's A New Moon Over My Shoulder V+
234 Red River Dave Continental 3017 Jolly Joe/Load Of Pretty Women E
235 Red RIver Dave Continental 5058 My Home Is A Prison/Heartaches EE+
236 Jim Reeves RCA 20-6517 Pickin' A Chicken/My Lips Are Sealed E-
237 Rice Bros' Gang De 6088 I'll Always Love You/Please Don't Stay Away V+
238 Renus Rich/Carl Bradshaw Col 15341 Goodbye Sweetheart/Sleep Baby Sleep elec, tol EE+
239 Carson Robison Vi 40226* Naw, I Don't Wanta Be Rich/Don't You Believe It VV+
240 Jimmie Rodgers Vi 23564* Travellin' Blues/I'm Lonesome Too V++/E-
241 Jimmie Rodgers Vi 40054* I'm Lonely And Blue/The Sailor's Plea tol A V+
242 Jimmie Rodgers Vi 40096* My Carolina Sunshine Girl/Desert Blues V++
243 Shenandoah Valley Boys De 28949 Plunkin' Rag/Ridin' The Waves pink dj EE-
244 Sunshine Boys Pan-American PAN 058 I Wasn't Born To Be Happy/If You Care For Me VV+
245 Gid Tanner Col 15142 The Wreck Of The Southern Old '97/John Henry elec, mol V+
246 Tennessee Ernie Cap 1295 The Shot Gun Boogie/I Ain't Gonna Let It Happen No More E
247 Travelers De 449* Toodle-Oo Rag/Raggin' The Fiddle V+
248 Justin Tubb & Goldie Hill De 29145 Looking Back To See/I Miss You So V+
249 Douglas Venable Courtney 101 You Brought Sorrow To My Heart/Take Me Back Again Into Your Heart vcl Rex Jennings EE-
250 Jimmy Wakely Coral 64011 A Broken Heart/Go Your Way And I'll Go Mine V+
251 Frankie Wallace Cq 7558* Yodeling Cowboy/Over At The Old Barn Dance EE-
252 Frankie Wallace Cq 7704* Don't Send My Boy To Prison/A Gangster's Warning EE+
253 Hank Williams MGM 10832 Moanin' The Blues/Nobody's Lonesome For Me V+
254 Jess Young Col 15338 Fiddle Up/Oh! My Lawd sm pressing defect thumps B, vvsld, elec E-/V+

255 Don Alvaro Champion 15205 El Ucayali/El Picaflor V+
256 Pannalal Bhattacherjee Col BE 7904 illeg/illeg Bengali devotional song, cool label w/ tiger, cool somewhat ragged sleeve w/ pics of musical intrs, last inch B V+, E+
257 Bi Omode Oku Society Parlophone 506 Onikoyi/Elo Aiyedun w/ Salu Olaribigbe drummers, Yoruba, UK press E+
258 Lilia Chernova Stinson Trading Co. 6260 (The Hobo)/(Gypsy Wine Song) Gypsy folk song V+
259 Lilia Chernova Stinson Trading Co. 6260 (The Hobo)/(Gypsy Wine Song) Gypsy folk song V+
260 NoŽ Fajardo, Lorenzo Bravo Peerless 2111 El Mexicano/El Relampago cool tol E+
261 Adrian Gallardo Peerless 2817 Jurame/Quiereme Mucho os E-
262 Jacques Helian Col 192 C'est Si Bon/Au Chili French press E+
263 HenŽin Odeon 220025 illeg/illeg vcl w/ ensemble, cool tol, Gm press, V
264 Dan Hill De FM6347 Fanagalo/Believe Me nice os E-
265 Hurtado Bros Royal Marimba Band Vi 18095 Fletita One-Step/Catalina One-Step Guatemalan E-
266 Pedro Infante Peerless 3293 En Tu Dia/Las Ma–anitas os E-
267 Pedro Infante Peerless 3957 El Mala Estrella/Tu Recuerdo Y Yo os E-
268 John Kimmel Edison 50604 Bonnie KateĐMedley Of Reels/Kimmel March thick disc, os (torn) E-
269 Toots Paka Vi 65972 Ninipo (To Love)/Kamawe (Shake Your Feet) V+
270 Pills & Tabet Col DF 1077 Un Mois De Vacances Pt 1 & 2 w/ Mireille V+
271 Pipers Of 1st Batt. Scots Guards Parlophone F. 3117 Frae Scotia's Hills And Glens Pt 1 & 2 sld, UK press E-
272 Rotorua Maori Choir Col DO-63 Po Atarau/He Moke Moke lam nap, elec, Australian press E-
273 Walter Scanlon Puritan 9128 Killarney/Soldiers Of Erin lateral cut, os E-
274 Patrick J. Scanlon/HAROLD VEO Edison none Medley Of Irish Reels/IRISH WASHERWOMAN MEDLEY OF JIGS thick disc V+
275 Pujya OmkarnathjiPanditji Thakur Col GE. 3117 illeg/illeg Hindustani vcl w/ sarangi (?) & percussion, flk nap, sld, Google him!, cool os w/ pics of Indian instruments, VV+
276 Harold Veo Vi 18308 Irish Jigs/Medley Of Irish Reels VV+
277 NŽpi Egyźyettes Zenekar‡t M.H.V. 1367 EmlŽkezŽs Bihari J‡nosra/Uveges T‡nc instr Hungarian w/ matching sleeve E-

278 Aguila Y Sol RCA 23-5449 No Te Aquerencies/Dos Seres Que Se Aman N-
279 Bernal Y Perez Voc 8400 Parodia De La Virgencita (Parody On The Little Virgin) Pt 1 & 2 plays better V
280 Carmen Y Laura Ideal 043 Errante Golondrina/Duena De Mi Alma V++
281 Carmen Y Laura Ideal 096 Lydia/Mi Sendero De Amor EE-
282 Conjunto Ni‡gara RCA 23-0688 El Soldado/Me Voy Pa' Sibanicś E+
283 Cuarteto Monterrey Voc 8470 Nancornadora De Mi Corazon/La Bola plays E-, laminated pressing, 1 lamnap A, vsld VV+
284 Hermanos Chavarria Voc 8507 Ojitos Negros Y Chinos/Las Gaviotas great strings V+
285 Hermanos Colmenero Bb 3404 Yo TambiŽn Le Salgo Al Toro/Las Glorias De Guanajuato E+
286 Libertad Lamarque RCA 38538 Madreselva/Mu–ecos E+
287 Laurita Y Max Bb 3159 El Comal/Que Favor Le Debo Al Sol EE+
288 Ni–o De Utrera RCA 39235 Copla En La Noche/Veleta N-
289 Pepe Y Juanita Bb 3377 Huerfano/Tras De La Reja E+
290 Roca Y Amador Col 4339-X Corrido De Juan Reyna Pt 1 & 2 rare corrido, elec EE+
291 Netty Y Jesśs Rodriguez Bb 3113 Me Cai Gordo/La Payasa EE-
292 Netty Y Jesśs Rodriguez Bb 3121 Se–ora Vaca/Pos Ni Me Cuadra E
293 Fernando Rosas Azteca 211 Por Eso No Debes/Para Que Sufras V++
294 Rosita Y Laura Ideal 905 Que Te Pasa Corazon/Espere Demasiado EE-
295 Trio Calaveras RCA 23-0669 Peregrina/Quisiera N-
296 Trio Guayacan Azteca 214 Ora Si Es De Deveras/Por Confiado N-
297 Trio JosŽ Ma. Arredondo Bb 3148 So–adora/Pos Cuando, Pos Dionde tol, wol E
298 Bruno Villarreal Voc 8550 Las Gaviotas/Es Imposible 1 1/4" hcnap V

299 Doris Akers Imperial 5271 Lead Me, Guide Me/Meet Me In The Glory Land vinyl EE+
300 Sister Wynona Carr Specialty 855 I Know By Faith/The Ball Game wldj, #ol E+
301 Mary DeLoach Lance 1033 Our Father Loves His Son/I'll Ride On A Cloud With My Lord VV+
302 Mary Deloatch Savoy 4039 Rumors Of War/Life Was A Burden E
303 Four Knights De 48018 He'll Understand And Say Well Done/Lead Me To That Rock cool tol V
304 Rev. G. W. Killens RPM 335 Same Man/Father I Stretch My Arms To Thee E+
305 Little Joe Br 84005 Will You Be Glad To See Your Son Come Home/Let Us Pray E+
306 Original Five Blind Boys Of Alabama Specialty 850 Precious Lord/I'll Fly Away #ol EE+
307 Patterson Singers Of Brooklyn, N.Y. King 4703 (Early One Morning) He Answered My Prayer/How Longer Lord, Shall It Be wldj, #ol EE+
308 Lillie Ruth Modern Spirituals 904 Witness/Lord Keep Your Hand On Me EE+
309 Spirit Of Memphis Qrtt King 4463 The World Prayer/Every Day And Every Hour filmy, plays V+ E
310 St. Mark's Chanters Col 14149 My Lord's Gonna Move This Wicked Race/Live Humble E
311 Charlie White/SISTER H. MATTHEWS Jaxyson 23 How Long/STAND BY ME mb 500 EE+
312 Wings Over Jordan Queen 4155 My Lord's Gonna Move This Wicked Race/You Got To Stand The Test In Judgement E
313 Jimmy Witherspoon Modern 903 Each Step Of The Way/Let Jesus Fix It For You N-

314 Augustinian Fathers Vi 61111 Gregorian Chant one-sided E-
315 Cardinal Quartet/CLIFFORD MURRAY Pm 477 Joy To The World/ADESTE FIDELES E-
316 Chapel Bells Trio Br 7475 God Be With You/Face To Face V+
317 Chapel Bells Trio Br 7476 Nearer My God To Thee/Lead, Kindly Light V+
318 Higgins Sisters Vi 22312* Have Thine Own Way, Lord/Nailed To The Cross E
319 Red River Dave Continental 3019 I've Nobody To Love/White Cross On The Hillside os E+
320 Southern Sacred Singers Okeh 45342 Work For The Night Is Coming/The Wondrous Story V+
321 Stamps Qrtt Bibletone 3005 You'll Reap Whatever You Sow/Soon The Clouds Will Roll Away V+
322 Stamps Qrtt Col 15347 Go On, We'll Be There Soon/Coming tol, elec VV+
323 Ernest V. Stoneman Vi 20223* In The Golden Bye And Bye/I Will Meet You In The Morning scuffs nap B nearly V+
324 Vaughan's Texas Qrtt Vi 40257* That Beautiful Land/We'll Reap What We Sow VV+

JAZZ 78s
325 Alexander's Jazz Band Trilon 221 Ace In The Hole/Ballin' The Jack tol EE-
326 Shorty Allen Savoy (525) Have Yourself A Ball/Savoy Riff 2 one-sided tests E
327 Louis Armstrong Okeh 41415* My Sweet/I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me s-mld E
328 Louis Armstrong Okeh 41423* Exactly Like You/Indian Cradle Song slt stripping A, sm red label V+
329 Louis Armstrong Okeh 41423* Exactly Like You/Indian Cradle Song flk nap, sm blk label, V+
330 Louis Armstrong Okeh 41448* If I Could Be With You/Confessin' sm red label, mb 150 N-
331 Louis Armstrong Okeh 41463* Memories Of You/You're Lucky To Me vsld, sm red label, mb 150 N-
332 Louis Armstrong Okeh 41501* Little Joe/Them There Eyes sm black label, mb 150 N-
333 Louis Armstrong/SAMMY STEWART Pm 14003 Prince Of Wails/COPENHAGEN scuffs B V+
334 Atlantic Dance Orch Edison 51018 If Winter Comes/Dancing Fool rcnap V+
335 Lovie Austin/JIMMY O'BRYAN'S WASHBOARD WIZARDS Vinylite Jazz Re-Issues 18 Peepin' Blues/GEORGIA BREAKDOWN red vinyl EE-
336 Frank Banta & Harry Akst Col A2953 Dirg Toes/Typhoon E
337 Bar Harbor Society Orchestra Voc 14355 Romany Love/Coo-Coo orange wax E+
338 Beale Street Five/JOHNNY JOHNSON Cameo 553 Who Is The Meanest Gal In Town? Josephine/My Papa Doesn't Two Time No Time nearly V+
339 Emmett Berry Savoy 594 Minor Romp/Berry's Blues E-
340 Archie Bleyer Pe 35-09-18 The Piccolino/Cheek To Cheek EE+
341 Nate Brown Savoy (792) Swanee River/Get Happy 2 one-sided tests EE-
342 Pud Brown's Delta Kings West Craft 1003 Pretty Baby/Charmaine EE+
343 Buntas' Storyville Jazz Band Gazell 1003 Ice Cream/Careless Love Swedish press EE+
344 Don Byas Savoy 582 Worried And Blue/Riffin And Jivin E
345 Serge Chaloff Savoy 956 Pumpernickel/Serge's Urge N
346 Club Royal Orch Vi 18919 Who'll Take My Place (When I'm Gone)/Georgette tol E+
347 Cozy Cole Savoy 501 Body And Soul/Talk To Me N-
348 King Cole Premier 100 My Lips Remember Your Kisses/F.S.T. instr B E-
349 Chris Connor Atlantic 1105 My Heart Is So Full Of You/I Miss You So V+
350 Continental D.O./IMPERIAL D.O. Banner 7013 Beautiful/THEN I THINK OF YOU E
351 Cotton Pickers Voc 3263 Woe Is Me/Dere's Jazz In Dem Dere Horns EE-
352 Julian Dash Signature 32025 My Silent Love/Creamin' V+
353 Dixie-Land Thumpers Century 3002 Oriental Man/Sock That Thing re of Pm 12594, E-
354 Eddie's Hot Shots Vi 38046* I'm Gonna Stomp Mr. Henry Lee/That's A Serious Thing Jack Teargarden vcls, mb 100 E-
355 Duke Ellington Br 8169 You Gave Me The Gate/Dinah's In A Jam E-
356 Duke Ellington Vi unissued no # Cotton Club Stomp same intro & song both sides, acetate on metal, 10" 33 1/3 RPM V+
357 Duke Ellington Voc Swing Series 22* It Was A Sad Night In Harlem/Shoe Shine Boy EE-
358 Duke Ellington Voc Swing Series 31* In A Jam/Black Out wol E-
359 Max Fisher/FRED RICH Col 1235 Is She My Girlfriend?/I FELL HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE elec VV+
360 Four Kings & A Queen Comet 1301 All I Need Is A Lucky Break/Shoo Shoo Baby V+/E-
361 Roy Fox De 786* Everything Stops For Tea/There'll Never Be Another You E
362 Fred And Frank 4 Star 1587 Redwing/With All Your Heart E+
363 Barbara Gale Lloyds 107 So Long Good-Bye Joe/Lonely Weather wldj EE+
364 Nathan Glantz Pm 6032 La Escoba/Corazon Roto tol V+
365 Jean Goldkette/Frankie Masters Vi 21565* Just Imagine/My Darling E+
366 Babs Gonzales Essex 377 Manhattan Fable/The Be-Bop Santa Claus V+
367 Dexter Gordon Savoy 576 Blow Mr. Dexter/Dexter's Deck E+
368 Johnny Guarnieri Savoy 509 Basie English/Exercise In Swing E+
369 Johnny Guarnieri Savoy 530 Bowing Singing Slam/Gliss Me Again E
370 Handy's Memphis Blues Band Black Swan 2054 She's A Mean Job/Muscle Shoals Blues acetate on metal w/ reproduction labels EE+
371 Coleman Hawkins Parlophone R 1685 Jamaica Shout/The Day You Came Along UK press E+
372 Coleman Hawkins Savoy 550 On The Sunny SIde Of The Street/Stompin At The Savoy E+
373 Billie Holiday Voc 4457 The Very Thought Of You/I Can't Get Started stog first 18 grvs side 1, mb 200 V+
374 Claude Hopkins De 1286* June Night/Church Street Sobbin' Blues V+
375 Jack Jackson HMV 6525 Two Cigarettes In The Dark/Miss Otis Regrets "Frank Driggs Collection" E+
376 Jack Jackson HMV 6530 Soon/Ole Faithful UK E
377 Jazz Pilots Okeh 40908* She Don't Wanna!/Pastafazoola VV-
378 Muggin' Boyd Kelly & Sweet Dixon De 7318* Swing To You/Bourbon Spree E
379 Ted Lewis Col 1296 Good Night/The Sweetheart Of Sigma Chi elec E+
380 Vincent Lopez Okeh 4921 Gloria/Ragging The Scales V+
381 Luke The Spook Phffft 1313 Shanty In Old Shantytown/Nightshift rare, pseud for Billy Mitchell, EE+
382 Manhattan Melodymakers Broadcast Twelve 2595 My Baby Just Cares For Me/A Girl Friend Of A Boy Friend Of Mine rare label, 1" hc tix V+
383 Clyde McCoy Col 2466 The Nightmare/Black And Tan Fantasy tol, elec E-
384 Billy Moore Savoy 562 The Chair Song/Liebestraum E+
385 Jelly Roll Morton SD 101 Mamamita/35th Street Blues E
386 Ozzie Nelson Bb 7465 Joseph/Happy Ending E
387 New Orleans Stompers Vinylite Jazz Re-Issues 19 Alabama Shuffle/Georgia Bo Bo red vinyl EE-
388 Frank Novak Voc 03557 Here's To Good Old Whiskey/same wol VV+
389 King Oliver Br 02201 Mandy Lee Blues/I'm Going Away To Wear You Off My Mind UK press EE+
390 King Oliver Br 02202 Weather-Bird Rag/Just Gone UK press EE+
391 King Oliver Vinylite Jazz Re-Issues 6 High Society/Snake Rag red vinyl E+
392 Hot Lips Page Savoy 521 Uncle Sam Blues/Paging Mr. Page E+
393 Oscar Peterson HMV 56-0010 The "C' Jam Blues/If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight Canadian E-
394 Flip Phillips Signature 28119 Stompin' At The Savoy/A Melody From The Sky VV+
395 Prince's Dance Orchestra Puretone 11360 On The Blue Lagoon/What'll I Do #ol V+
396 Buck Ram Savoy 572 Swing Street/Twilight In Terehan E+
397 Earl Randolph Pm 20163 Why Should I Cry Over You/I Wish I Knew sld VV+
398 Riley-Farley De 683* I'm Gonna Clap My Hands/Not Enough tol EE-
399 Boyd Senter Bb 6957 Smiles/No One EE-
400 Six Jumping Jacks Br 3940 C-O-N-S-T-A-N-T-I-N-O-P-L-E/Etiquette Blues VV+
401 Effie Smith Gem 15 "Ooh What I Dreamed About You"/"Ditty Bag Jump" V+
402 Stuff Smith Voc 3169 I'se A Muggin'/I'se A Muggin' Musical Numbers Game V++
403 Paul Specht Col 174* Jealous/Maytime E
404 Charley Straight Br 3076* Talking To The Moon/Sweet Southern Breeze EE+
405 Art Tatum De 03121 St. Louis Blues/Begin The Beguine UK press E+
406 Bob Terry Champion 40094 It's Been So Long/Sing An Old Fashioned Song V+
407 Frankie Trumbauer Br 7663* 'S Wonderful/The Mayor Of Alabam' E-
408 Tommy Tucker Varsity 5123* When My Blue Bird Sings The Blues/Good EveningMr. Nightingale EE+
409 Sarah Vaughan Mercury 70777 Mr. Wonderful/You Ought To Have A Wife EE-
410 Victor Salon Orchestra Vi 21055* Apache Dance/La Golondrina N-
411 Wadsworth Novelty D.O. Pathe 020925 Beale Street Blues/The Weary Blues VV+/E-
412 Fats Waller Vi 38086* Lookin' Good But Feelin' Bad/I Need Someone Like You mb 100 VV+
413 Fats Waller Vi 38119* Ridin' But Walkin'/Won't You Get Off It Please mb 150 E
414 Fats Waller Vi 20-1595 Oh! Frenchy/It's A Sin To Tell A Lie EE-
415 Thomas Waller Vi 38508* Handful Of Keys/Numb Fumblin' scrs nap A, EE-
416 Thomas Waller Vi 38508* Handful Of Keys/Numb Fumblin' mb 100 EE+
417 Earl Warren Savoy 507 Tush/Empty Hearted N-
418 Earl Warren Savoy 539 Circus In Rhythm/Tush w/ Prez E
419 Paul Whiteman/CHARLES DORNBERGER Vi 19151 I Love You/THE LIFE OF A ROSE E-
420 Johnny Wiggs New Orleans 1/2 Ultra Canal/Two Wing Temple In The Sky V+
421 Johnny Wiggs New Orleans 3/4 Congo Square/Bourbon St. Bounce V+
422 Douglas Williams Vi 38518* Buddy George/Neal's Blues mb 200 E-
423 Paul Williams Savoy (751) Rye Boogie/Weasel Swing 2 one-sided tests V+
424 Paul Williams Savoy (721) Cranberries/Juice Bug Boogie 2 one-sided tests E-


425 Adler Trio Voc 14785 By The Waters Of Minnetonka/From the Land Of The Sky Blue Water orange wax E
426 Ambassadors Voc 14829 Ukulele Blues/Maytime orange wax EE-
427 Black Hawks Broadway 1212 Until Yesterday/When Darkness Turns The World To Midnight Blue V+
428 Bessie Brown Br 3817 Chloe/Someone Else May Be There While I'm Gone #ol E+
429 Henry Burr Pm 2034 Somewhere in France is the Lily/Send Me Away With A Smile VV+
430 Edith Clifford Col 901 Yes Flo!(The Gal Who Never Says "No")/No Wonder She's A Blushing Bride elec V
431 Conway's Band Okeh 1240 To Victory/Gate City E+
432 Ernest Davis Pm 33079 Hosanna/The Palms E
433 Paul Eisler Okeh 1177 Prelude/Albumleaf+Papillon EE+
434 Famous Saxophone Sextette Famous 915 Dapper Dan/Tuck Me To Sleep In My Old Tucky Home V+
435 Wendell Hall Br 3007 Kentucky's Way Of Sayin' Good Mornin'/Show Me The Way To Go Home E-
436 Ernest Hare/CRESCENT TRIO Artuelle 020508 Pining/MAMMY'S LITTLE SUNNY HONEY BOY E-
437 Byron G. Harlan Pm 2053 'Round Her Neck She Wears a Yellow Ribbon/Life Is a Merry Go 'Round VV+
438 Charles Harrison Actuelle 020583 Macushla/Come Back To Erin E-
439 Slim Henderson and John Mason Col 14234 "Argufying" Part 1 & 2 elec V
440 Honey Duke Silvertone 3278 Pretty Cinderella/Mary Lou EE+
441 Lewis James Gennett 4503 Somewhere A Voice Is Calling/Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming E-
442 Joe & His Old Banjo Cameo 8147 Rufus Green At The Circus/Rufus Green At The Christenin VV+
443 Kansas City Police Qrtt De 3744 Bringin' Home The Bacon/I Want To Linger +2 E
444 Edward And Minnie Kendall/HARRY BLAKE Rishell 9014 Love Me While The Loving Is Good/MY CROONY MELODY E+
445 Don Large Galahad 13 Hail! Queen Of The Nations/Mother Beloved (A Song To Our Lady) St. Louis label E-
446 Lt. Ridgely's 69th Reg't Band Pm 33062 Tenth Regiment March/National Emblem March mld V
447 Old Homestead Trio Pm 33064 Silver Threads Among The Gold/When You and I Were Young Maggie V+
448 Peerless Quartet Pathe 020959 America - My Country 'Tis Of Thee/Tenting Tonight On The Old Camp Ground V+
449 Samuels Music Masters Pm 20180 Dumbell/I'm Through Shedding Tears V
450 Frank Sinatra Col 38708 Chatanoogie Shoe Shine Boy/God's Country tol E-
451 Morton Thal & Miss Bones Modern 678 The Sheik Of Araby/Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue tol E-
452 Sophie Tucker Okeh 4839 Old King Tut/Papa Better Watch Your Step VV-
454 Uptown String Band Krantz K-1014 I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover/My Little Girl tol E-
455 Varsity Men/ELEANOR BAUER Broadway 1260 Lover Come Back To Me/I'm Ka-razy For You V
456 Harry Warren & Max Gordon Tempo 3518 Chatanooga Choo Choo/Amor, Amor, Amor os German Press E/E+

457 Frankie Avalon X 0026 Trumpet Tarantella/Dormi, Dormi (Sleep, My Darling) vinyl dj, 1954 N
458 Pat Boone Dot 15338 Two Hearts/Tra-La-La slt wrp EE-
459 Pat Boone Dot 15521 Anastasia/Don't Forbid Me V+
460 Bobby Breen REO 8141 Wait/If The Night Could Tell You Canadian V+
461 Chordettes Cadence 1247 "Mr. Sandman"/"I Don't wanna See You Cryin'" E-
462 Don Cornell Coral 61584 Teenage Meeting (Gonna Rock It Up Right)/I Still Have A Prayer E+
463 Tommy Edwards MGM 11763 If You Would Love Me Again/Linger In My Arms dj E+
464 Gino & Gina Mercury 71283 Love's A Carousel/Pretty Baby Canadian duet w/ reverb gtr N-
465 Bill Haley De 29418 Birth Of The Boogie/Mambo Rock V+
466 Bill Haley De 30394 Miss You/The Dipsy Doodle N-
467 Jerry Lee Lewis Sun 281 Great Balls Of Fire/You Win Again plays better, VV+
468 Bonnie Lou Quality 4354 Dancin' In My Socks/Daddy-O Canadian, sld , swol V+
469 Robin Luke Dot 15781 Susie Darlin'/Living's Loving You 1958, Canadian, E
470 Marvin & Johnny Specialty 488 How Long She Been Gone/Jo Jo #ol E+
471 Frank Nari Tune 1005 You Are My Love/Dreamer Heart, Ohio teen, E-/E
472 Ricky Nelson Verve 10047 I'm Walkin'/A Teenager's Romance V+
473 Elvis Presley Sun 210 Good Rockin' Tonight vvsld B, mb 750 EE-/E
474 Elvis Presley Sun 215 Milkcow Blues Boogie/You're A Heartbreaker pink vinyl, N-
475 Johnnie Ray Col 40252 To Ev'ry Girl - To Ev'ry Boy/Going-Going-Gone! E-
476 Johnnie Ray Col 40729 Just Walking In The Rain/In The Candlelight V+
477 Jackie Riggs REO 8070 The Great Pretender/His Gold Will Melt Canadian Press V+
478 Marty Robbins Col 21545 Singing The Blues/I Can't Quit E
479 Royal Teens Sparton 534 Short Shorts/Planet Rock Canadian VV+
480 Tommy Sands RCA 20-5435 Love Pains/Transfer wldj, vinyl E++
481 Jimmy Saunders Jay-Dee 890 Daddy's Little Girl/Daddy's Little Boy #ol E+
482 Kay Starr RCA 20-6359 The Rock And Roll Waltz/I've Changed My Mind A Thousand Times E-
483 Benny Strong Imperial 40001 Open House/Gonna Get A Girl wldj, red vinyl N-
484 Tazmen Taz 9121/22 Easy Pickin'/The Chicken V+
485 Sue Thompson Mercury 70309 Gee But I Hate To Go Home Alone/Donna' Wanna' EE+
486 Sammy Turner London Int'l PD.8254 Lavender-Blue/Wrapped Up In A Dream South African press, E
487 Gene Vincent Cap 3763 Lotta Lovin'/Wear My Ring mb 50 E

488 Bonnie Sisters Rainbow 328 Cry Baby/I Saw Mommy Cha Cha Cha With You Know Who? E
489 Cap-Tans Dot 15114 With All My Love/I'm So Crazy For Love vinyl, tol, vvsld N-
490 Cardinals Quality 1393 Come Back My Love/Two Things I Love Canadian VV+
491 Chanteclairs Quality 1319 Someday My Love Will Come My Way/Baby Please Canadian VV+
492 Charms Chart 608 Love, Love, Stick Stov/Love's Our Inspiration vvsld E
493 Charms Deluxe 6062 Hearts Of Stone/Who Knows E-
494 Charms Quality 4323 Two Hearts/The First Time We Met Canadian Promo VV+
495 Clovers Atlantic 1046 I Confess/All Righty Oh Sweetie EE+
496 Coasters Atco 6087 Searchin'/Young Blood E
497 Colts Vita 112 Adorable/Lips Red As Wine N-
498 Crewcuts Mercury 70529 Earth Angel/Kokomo test pressing E-/VV+
499 Crows Rama 10 Heartbreaker/Call A Doctor E/V+
500 Crows Rama 29 Baby/Untrue E
501 Crystals Luna 10-101 Come To Me Darling/Squeeze Me Baby #ol E
502 Fred Darian Modern 866 Please Say You Love Me/I Passed Your House Tonight V+
503 Del-Vikings Dot 15571 Little Billy Boy/What Made Maggie Run E+
504 Diamonds Mercury 70934 Ka-Ding-Dong/Soft Summer Breeze E-
505 Diamonds Mercury 71128 Words Of Love/Don't Say Goodbye E
506 Dodgers Aladdin 3259 You Make Me Happy/Let's Make A Whole Lot Of Love N-
507 Embers Col 40287 Sweet Lips/There'll Be No One Else But You N
508 Five Bills Br 84004 Till Dawn & Tomorrow/Waiting Wanting wldj,wol, water on grooves, A V+/E
509 Five C's United 180 My Heart's Got The Blues/Goody, Goody E+
510 Five Keys Aladdin 3131 Mistakes/How Long E/E-
511 Flamingos Parrot 808 Dream Of A Lifetime/On My Merry Way mb 150 E++
512 Four Blazes United 168 My Great Love Affair/All Night Long E
513 Four Esquires Quality 1788 Repeat After Me/Hideaway Canadian Press VV+
514 Four Tunes Jubilee 5152 Lonesome/The Greatest Feeling In The World wldj, os N
515 Barbara Gale Lloyds 111 Who Walks In/When You're Near vinyl, wldj E-
516 Gaylarks Music City 792 Tell Me, Darling/Whole Lot Of Love E
517 Cornel Gunter Loma 701 True Love/Peek, Peek-A-Boo slt wrp E
518 Jacks RPM 428 Smack Dab In The Middle/Why Don't You Write Me? V+
519 Jewels Imperial 5351 Hearts Can Be Broken/Angel In My Life E-
520 Jewels R & B 1301 Runnin'/Hearts Of Stone V+
521 Jewels R & B 1303 Oh Yes I Know/A Fool In Paradise xol EE+
522 King Odom Qrtt Musicraft 543 Mary Lou/I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover nearly V+
523 Kings Jax 316 Baby Be There/You Made Me Cry E-
524 Marigolds Excello 2057 Rollin' Stone/Why Don't You formerly The Prisonaires, rcnap V+
525 Arthur Lee Maye RPM 424 Oochie Pachie/Truly tol, sld V+
526 Bette McLaurin Jubilee 5139 Please Don't Leave Me/I'm Alone Because I Love You N-
527 Midnighters Federal 12210 Ashamed Of Myself/Ring A-Ling A-Ling EE+
528 Bobby Mitchell Imperial 5295 The Wedding Bells Are Ringing/Meant For Me w/ vcl grp, vinyl E+
529 Moonglows Chess 1611 Lover, Love Me/In My Diary V+
530 Native Boys Combo 113 Strange Love/Cherrlyn sld, tol V+
531 Nitecaps Groove 0176 In Each Corner Of My Heart/Let Me Know Tonight acetate, hand typed labels, "prevue" V+
532 Orioles Jubilee 5025 Every Dog-Gone Time/At Night E
533 Orioles Jubilee 5127 In The Mission Of St. Augustine/Write And Tell Me Why E+
534 Palms United 208 Edna/Tear Drops E+
535 Preludes Empire 103 I Want Your Arms Around Me/Don't Fall In Love Too Soon E
536 Ray-O-Vacs Coleman 100 I'll Always Be In Love With You/Lillette VV+
537 Ray-O-Vacs Josie 763 Darling/Ridin' High #ol E
538 Ray-O-Vacs Regent 1039 Happy Am I/Hot Dog V+
539 Regals Atlantic 1062 I'm So Lonely/Got The Water Boiling V++
540 Shadows De 28765 No Use/Stay EE+
541 Solitaires Old Town 1014 The Wedding/Don't Fall In Love sld, wol V++
542 Spiders Imperial 5265 I Didn't Want To Do It/You're The One E-
543 Spiders Imperial 5291 I'm Slippin In/I'm Searching red V+
544 Strollers States 163 Go Where Baby Lives/In Your Dreams E+
545 Suburbans Baton 227 TV Baby/I Remember E
546 Swallows King 4525 Beside You/You Left Me V++
547 Syncopators National 9095 River Stay Away From My Door/These Are Things I Want To Share With You tol, rare, mb 200 E
548 Teen Queens RPM 464 Until The Day I Die/Billy Boy E+
549 Sonny Til Vee-Jay 228 Never Leave Me Baby/For All We Know E
550 Victorians Specialty 411 I Guess You're Satisfied/Don't Break My Heart Again E-

10" LPs LPs graded record/cover
551 Doc Evans Jazzmen Pm 106 Sposin' + 3/Doc's Ology +3 no cover, transparent red vinyl VG+
552 Norman Granz Mercury 55009 "JATP Vol 9" VG rec in VG DSM cvr
553 Earl Hines & Count Basie Emarcy 26023 "jazz royalty" VG rec in VG cvr
554 Brother John Sellers Vanguard 8005 "Blues And Folk Songs" VG rec in VG cvr, scr clix all of side 1 cut 1

BLUES, R&B 45s
557 Albert Washington VLM Records 1099 I Haven't Got A Friend/So Tired rol VV+
558 Barbara & The Browns XL 1372 You Don't Love Me/If I Can't Run To You I'll Crawl mb 40 VG++
559 Big Maybelle Br 55234 Cry/Candy VG
560 Larry Birdsong Vee-Jay 254 If You Don't Want Me No More/I'm Pleading Just For You maroon VG++
561 Etoy Bogart Philwood 226 This Maybe The Last Time/Hold Out Until The End slt, rol mb 40 M-
562 Hadda Brooks Modern 1008 Old Man River/Close Your Eyes xol VG
563 Andrew Brown 4 Brothers 4B446 If We Try/You Ought To Be Ashamed M-
564 Buster Brown Fire 1032 Doctor Brown/Sincerely VG
565 Ruth Brown Atlantic 1082 Old Man River/I Want To Do More yellow label VG
566 Joe Burrell Junior 1000 Teardrops Will Be Falling/The Horse wldj, mol M-
567 Chuck Carbo Teem 1000 Lover Of Love/Wake Up Crying VG++
568 Clarence Carter Atlantic no # Courtroom acetate on metal VG
569 Alvin Cash Mar-V-Lus 6015 Feel So Good/Doin' The Ali Shuffle VG+
570 Clovers Atlantic 977 Hey, Miss Fannie/I Played The Fool yellow, mb 100 M
571 Jimmy Coe Intro 002 Cold Jam For Breakfast/French Fried instrs, VG++
572 Chuck Como Foxy 1001 Tear Drops On My Pillow/Bells In My Heart M-
573 Confiners Electro 261 Harmonica Boogie/The Toss Bounce sld, stol, superb instrs, plays VG+ or better VG to VG+
574 Sam Cooke Keen 34013 You Send Me/Summertime VG
575 Cross Town Blues Band Lunar #2 005 Everybody Wants Freedom/In This World Alone Sherman Roberson [sic] vcl, stereo VG++
576 Arthur Crudup RCA 50-0001 Katie May/Boy Friend Blues mb 150 M-
577 Crystals Philles 102 Uptown/What A Nice Way To Turn Seventeen VG++
578 David Dee Vanessa 208 Sweet Loving Baby/Reconsider Baby M
579 Henry Dixon Token 105 Promise Me Baby/Come Back w/ Classie Ballou VG
580 Fats Domino Imperial 5428 I'm Walkin'/I'm In The Mood For Love VG+
581 Fats Domino Imperial 5704 My Girl, Josephine/Natural Born Lover VG++
582 Dough Boys Sue 780 Copy Cat/Priscilla's Walk instrs, xol. rol VG+
583 Drippers Moon Shot 6701 Honey Bunch Pt 1 & 2 instr VG
584 Jack Dupree King 6299 Blues For Everybody/Tongue Tied Blues yellow dj VG++
585 Little Bobby Foster Stevens 102 Shirley Can't You See/I Woke Up One Morning VG-
586 Roosevelt Fountain Prince-Adams 447 Red Pepper I & II instr VG++
587 Ray Frazier Excel 111 Turn Me On/Days mb 35 VG+
588 Bob Freenly Big Boy 41 My Mojo Working/Up In Here prod Chicago blues,mb100 VG+
589 Kenny Gamble Arctic 123 The Joes On You/Don't Stop Loving Me 1974 repress of 1966 original,mb 150 VG++
590 Gene The Hat Walden 101 Ram-Bunk-Sush/Jelly Beans VG+
591 Hank & Sugar Pie Federal 12217 I'm So Lonely/Please Be True wlbiodj VG+
592 Ben Harper Cenco 120 Red Dress Woman/Drop In To See Me mb 100 VG+
593 Willie Hooks Soul World 101 A Little More Time/Take It Easy On Me Baby northern, M-
594 Howlin' Wolf Chess 1575 Evil Is Goin' On/Baby How Long? silvertop, mb 500 M-
595 Eddy Hughes Bard 1014 Soul Searcher/Dry Tears northern, dj, mb 600 VG+
596 Jimmy Hughes Fame 1003 Neighbor, Neighbor/It's A Good Thing VG++
597 Jimmy Hughes Fame 1006 I Worship The Ground You Walk On/A Shot of R&B dj, dist. by ATCO VG++
598 Jimmy Hughes Fame 6407 It Was Nice/Goodbye My Love Goodbye VG++
599 Jessie James Shirley Records 112 I Wanna Full Time Love/I Gotta Little Girl VG+
600 Bill Johnson jocida 301 You Got Soul/It Ain't Never Gonna Die wldj, xol VG++
601 J.R. Johnson Winner 200 I'm Just A Lover/This Is The Way I Feel VG
602 Roy Lee Johnson Philips 40509 Guitar Man/Cheer Up, Daddy's Coming Home promo stamp on label, rol VG++
603 Spider Johnson Riverside 4522 Doin' The Popeye/The Gospel Truth wldj VG+
604 Stacy Johnson Modern 1001 Consider Yourself/Don't Believe Him VG
605 Juggy Sue 140 Soul At Sunrise/Just A Minute instrs VG
606 Calvin Leavy Soul Beat 109 Give Me A Love (That I Can Feel)/Born Unlucky dark blue, xol VG+
607 Memphis Slim Vee-Jay 294 This Time I'm Through/What's The Matter wldj VG
608 Johnny Moore RCA 50-0009 This Is One Time Baby/A New Shade Of Blues cerise vinyl, mb 35 M-
609 Bill Moss Bilesse 337 Everything Is Going To Be Alright/One Hundred And 44 Thousand VG-
610 Nov-Elites Kentucky 4-583 Butcher Shop Blues/Put That Knife Away Nellie VG+
611 Jim Pipkin s Emerge 1108 Mr. C.C. /I'm Just A Lonely Guy mb100 VG+
612 Jimmy Reed Vee-Jay 304 Ends & Odds/I Told You Baby wldj VG-
613 Jimmy Reed Vee-Jay 347 Where Can You Be/Found Love VG-
614 Wilbur Reynolds Solid State 1403 Huffin' & Puffin' Pt 1 & 2 hot instrs, mol, xol, M-
615 Rising Sons Col 4-43534 The Devil's Got My Woman/Candy Man wldj, autographed by Taj Mahal and Kevin Kelly, mb 75 VG++
616 Jimmy Rivers Ron 333 The Blue Eagle Pt I & II VG+
617 Herb Sadler H & N 10 Soul Guitar/The Gulley mb 75 VG/VG-
618 Fred Sanders Soul Beat 117 Don't Know What You're Doing To Me/Across The River vvsld VG+
619 Gene Simmons Tupelo 2981 Hop Scotch/Litttle Rag Doll mb 75 VG++
620 Herman Solomon Enrica 1021 Girl Don't You Be No Fool/I'm Not Ashamed Of You Baby M-
621 Soul Blenders Vanessa 103 Love Built On A Strong Foundation/Beautiful Illusion soiling, mb 125 VG
622 Arbee Stidham RCA 50-0003 My Heart Belongs To You/I Found Out For Myself cerise vinyl, mb 30 M-
623 Nolan Struck Ace 6000 Let Me Be Your Man/I'm Getting Married M-
624 Nolan Struck I.C.T. 11145 Welfare Problems/She's The One That Hits The Spot M-
625 Johnny Talbot Jasman 2 Git Sum/Pickin Cotton funk, VG+
626 Joe Turner Atlantic 1122 Midnight Special Train/Feeling Happy VG
627 Alvin "Red" Tyler Ace 556 Walk On/Snake Eyes VG++
628 Voice Masters Bamboo 103 If A Woman Catches A Fool/You've Hurt Me Baby VG
629 Robert Ward Thelma 601 Nobody Does Something For Nothing/Your Love Is Real wldj, mol, mb 100 M-
630 Albert Washington M. In The Street 1 Go On And Help Yourself/Loosen These Pains And Let Me Go VG+
631 Joe (Everyday) Williams Savoy 1165 Blow Mr. Low/Time For Moving VG+
632 Lee "Shot" Williams Federal 12522 You're Welcome To The Club/Hold Me, Hold Me, Hold Me mb 100 VG
633 Willie Williams Supreme 1001 Wine Headed Woman/Detroit Blues wldj, Eddie Taylor gtr VG+

634 Lee Adkins Memphis 116 Together Again/Don't You Believe It VG+
635 Mattie Allen Dayton 351 Ride Around/Just The Same Old Girl VG
636 Rayburn Anthony Sun 373 Big Dream/How Well I Know VG
637 Von Brady Von 654 You'll Think Of Me/Let Me Fill His Shoes VG-
638 Charlie Grace Cameo 105 Butterfly/Ninety-Nine Ways VG-
639 Merle Haggard Tally T-179 Strangers/Please Mr. DJ wol G+
640 Bobby Helms De 30557 Just a Little Lonesome/Love My Lady VG
641 Edwin Howard Phillips 3540 Forty - 'Leven Times/More Pretty Girls Than One VG++
642 Johnny Nace C-A-R-S 10003 The Kind You Find Tonight/Blue Notes rare, includes autographed picture of Nace, mb 100 M-
643 Paul & Roy Mercury 70197 The Flower Of Old Tennessee/I'm Lost Without You stog side A G+
644 Charlie Rich Phillips 3584 There's Another Place I Can't Go/I Need Your Love VG+
645 Paul Richy Sun 338 Broken Hearted Willie/The Legend Of The Big Steeple M
646 Ray Salter Country American 490 Honky Tonk Mem'rys/Make Your Memory Let Go Of Me VG
647 Dane Stint Sun 402 Always On The Go/Don't Knock What You Don't Understand VG++
648 Bill Taylor Pen 117 "Border Town"/"Twilight Fantasy" VG
649 Billy Wagner & "Fiddlin" Billy Higgins Vokes 117 The Mocking Bird/Pretty Flowers VG-
650 Anita Wood Sun 361 I Can't Show How I Feel/I'll Wait Forever VG+
651 Joe Turner vogue EPV 1038 "Piano Mood" VG rec in VG- cvr

652 James Anderson Electro 262 I'm Working, Digging Deeper Every Day/I Know rare!, mb 150 M-
653 Norfleet Brothers bandera 1967 Draw Me Nearer/Standing On The Highway VG++
654 Ora Brown Promo no # Poor Pilgrims Of Sorrow one-sided acetate test on metal VG++
655 Ora Brown Promo no # I've Got That Old Time Religion one-sided acetate test on metal M-
656 Jerry Ann Red River 17058 Hello Hello/Go Go Girl this is rare Jesse Thomas, Shreveport, 1965, mb 150 N-

657 Nathaniel Mayer Fortune 557 Going Back To The Village Of Love/My Last Dance With You VG++ rec in VG++ sleeve, mb 100

658 Elvis Presley RCA 47-7908 His Latest Flame/Little Sister woc VG
659 Dave Armstrong Bang 548 Get Yourself Ready/Another Lonely Day dh VG
660 Hank Ballard King 5430 The Hoochi Coochi Coo/I'm Thinking Of You VG+
555 Johnny Burnette Coral 9-61758 Lonesome Train/I Just Found Out mb 300 E+
661 Balls Rabbit 12975 Kid Leo/You Got To Me VG+
662 Ray Charles Atlantic 2106 It Should've Been Me/Am I Blue VG+
663 Charlie & Bill Bethlehem 3064 Country Twist/Sing Along With Mitch wldj VG
664 Cheers Cap 3219 Black Denim Trousers/Some Night In Alaska VG++
665 Cosimo Warwick 570 Maruska/Siberiana wldj VG
666 Crickets Br 9-55009 That'll Be The Day/I'm Lookin' For Someone To Love tol VG
667 Crickets Br 9-55072 Think It Over/Fool's Paradise VG-
668 Bobby Day Class 241 The Bluebird, The Buzzard & The Oriole/Alone Too Long VG
669 Bo Diddley Checker 1045 Surfers' Love Call/GReatest Lover In The World stog nap B, wldj VG+
670 Mark Dinning MGM 12958 The World Is Gettin' Smaller/She Cried On My Shoulder VG-
671 Bob Dylan Col 42856 Blowin' In The Wind/Don't Think Twice, It's All Right red label promo, mb 100 VG+
672 Bob Dylan Col 75606 Blowin' In The Wind/Don't Think Twice, It's All Right "Special Album Excerpt" wldj, swol, mb 100 VG+
673 Flirtations josie 956 Natural Born Lover/Change My Darkness Into Light VG
674 Frankie Ford Ace 549 Cheatin Woman/Last One To Cry VG+
675 Harris & Poland Virgo 1002 Colors Of My Love/A Man And His Wife VG++
676 Dennis Herrold Imperial 5482 Make With The Lovin'/Hip Hip Baby mb 200 VG+
677 Stevie Holland Atco 6578 Four Wheels/Fell By The Wayside wldj, VG++
678 Glenn Honeycutt Sun 264 I'll Be Around/I'll Wait Forever autographed, VG+
679 Billy Hope Savoy 1539 The Deacons Walk/Bad Times M-
680 Jackson Bros Candy 002 Baby Baby/Troubles VG+
681 Jay Sam Phillips Recording Studios No # Try And Understand/Come Back Sam Phillips acetate on metal VG
682 Johnny Twirl 4003 Reveille Rock/Red River Rock VG+
683 Bill Johnson Sun 340 Bobaloo/Bad Times Ahead wldj VG+
684 Bob Kuban Norman 558 Jerkin' Time/Turn On Your Love Light autographed mol mb 25 VG
685 Lane Bros RCA 7220 Boppin' In A Sack/Somebody Sweet VG+
686 Jerry Lee Lewis Sun 267 Whole Lot Of Shakin' Going On/It'll Be Me tol VG
687 Jerry Lee Lewis Sun 317 Lovin' Up A Storm/Big Blon' Baby VG+
688 Little Richard Specialty 624 Good Golly Miss Molly/Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey VG
689 Little Richard Specialty 633 True, Fine Mama/Ooh! My Soul VG+
690 Robin Luke Dot 1578 Susie Darlin'/Living's Loving You tol VG++
691 Lonnie Mack Fraternity 918 Baby, What's Wrong/Where There's A Will VG+
692 Charlie Phillips Renay 313 Rambling Guitar Man/Kiss Her Once For Me slt mol VG+
693 Elvis Presley RCA 6870 All Shook Up/That's When Your Heartaches Begin VG+
694 Elvis Presley Sun 217 Baby Let's Play House/I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone push marks, mb 100 VG-
695 Ramblers Addit 1257 Devil Train/Rambling instrs VG
696 Rudi Richardson Sun 271 Fool's Hall Of Fame/Why Should I Cry VG+
697 Rockin' Rebels Swan 4125 Wild Weekend/Wild Weeken Cha-Cha red & white label, titles in quotes VG+
698 Rockin' Rebels Swan 4140 Hully Gully Rock/Rockin' Crickets dh, tol VG+
699 Tony Rossini Sun 378 (Meet Me) After School/Just Around The Corner wldj VG-
700 Royaltones jubilee 5338 Poor Boy/Wail! instr, hot gtr VG+
701 Sam The Sham XL 906 Wooly Bully/Ain't Gonna Move mb 350 VG
702 Brad Suggs Phillips 3549 I Walk The Line/Ooh Wee dj, instrs B VG+
703 Brad Suggs Phillips 3554 Cloudy/Partly Cloudy instrs VG
704 Brad Suggs Phillips 3571 Elephant Walk/Like, Catchin' Up dj, instrs VG+
705 Rufus Thomas Stax 130 The Dog/Did You Ever Love A Woman pale blue label M-
706 various Ace 10CH32 "Modern Rockabilly" UK Press 10" 45 w/cover, VG/VG+
707 Ray Vernon Cameo 109 Evil Angel/I'll Take Tomorrow autographed VG
708 Ernie Wilkins Savoy 1524 Blue Jeans/Have You Ever Been Lonely VG++
709 Henry Wilson Colonial 7778 Are You Ready/It's Really Love mb 200 M-
710 Henry Wilson Dot 15692 Mighty Low/My Steady Girl VG
711 TR & The Nomads Carter 15882 Best Busboy At The Playboy Club/I Can't Wait Bob Dorman vcl V+

712 Tony Allen Specialty 570 Especially/Check Yourself Baby squiggle M-
713 Clovers UA 180 Love Potion No. 9/Stay Awhile M-
714 Corsairs Tuff 1808 Smoky Places/Thinkin' VG
715 Crystals Philles 100 There's No Other Like My Baby/Oh Yeah, Maybe Baby VG++
716 Demands Clem 7101 Say It Again/Let Me Be Myself, very slt rol, mb 250 M-
717 Empires Wing 90050 By The Riverside/Tell Me Pretty Baby VG
718 Falcons Unart 2013 You're So Fine/Goddess Of Angels 1918!! VG
719 Five Fleets Seville 112 Pitter Patter/Cheer Up VG
720 Four Tunes RCA 50-0042 I'm Just Just A Fool In Love/The Lonesome Road cerise vinyl, mb 100 M
721 Frankie Savoy 1544 Come Back Baby/Until We Meet Again VG+
722 Gay Charmers Savoy 1561 Walk Beside Him/Why Do You Hurt Me Darling wldj VG++
723 Hollywood Flames ebb 131 A Little Bird/Give Me Back My Heart VG+
724 Hollywood Saxons Swingin' 631 L.A. Lover/Every Day's A Holiday VG++
725 Billy Hope Savoy 1554 Riding West/Papa Luigi instrs VG++
726 Imperials End 1027 Tears On My Pillow/Two People In The World VG+
727 Ink Spots De 9-23632 If I Didn't Care/Whispering Grass VG
728 Ink Spots De 9-27102 Sometime/I Was Dancing With Someone VG
729 Ink Spots De 9-27464 Tell Me You Love Me/Castles In The Sand VG
730 Ink Spots De 9-27493 A Fool Grows Wise/Do Something For Me M-
731 Ink Spots De 9-27742 I'm Lucky I Have You/I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance With You M-
732 Baby Boy Jennings Savoy 1589 Little Girl/Goin' Home VG+
733 Jewels Dimension 1048 Smokey Joe/But I Do VG+
734 Jive Bombers Savoy 1560 Stardust/You Give Your Love To Me VG+
735 Johnnie & Joe Chess 1693 Why Oh Why/Why Did She Go VG+
736 Bill Kenny De 9-27946 Please, Mr. Sun/If I Forget You VG++
737 Bill Kenny (Mr. Ink Spot) Vik 0225 Now You Say You CareĐBallad/Now You Say You CareĐShuffle VG
738 L'Captans Savoy 1567 Home Work/Say Yes VG++
739 Clyde McPhatter Atlantic 1081 Seven Days/I'm Not Worthy Of You yellow label VG+
740 Midnights Music City 746 Annie Pulled A Hum-Bug/Hear My Plea scrs tic mb 40 VG
741 Orioles Vee-Jay 229 For All We Know/Never Leave Me Baby VG
742 Prisonaires Sun 191 A Prisoner's Prayers/I Know mb 200 VG++
743 Reflections Crossroads 401 Maybe Tomorrow/I Really Must Know VG++
744 Donald Woods Aladdin 3412 Memories Of An Angel/That Much Of Your Love blue label, sld, tol VG

COUNTRY LPs Minimum bid on LPs is $15
745 Dock Boggs Asch 3903 same Vol. 3 shrink VG++/M-
746 Dock Boggs Folkways 2351 Legendary Singer & Banjo Player 2"ss bottom right VG+/VG+
747 Dock Boggs Folkways 2392 same Volume 2 VG+/VG+
748 Dock Boggs Folkways 5458 Excerpts From Interviews With... Legendary Banjo Player And Singer VG/VG+
749 Merle Travis Capitol 650 The Merle Travis Guitar mb 25 VG++/M-
750 Otis Williams Stop 1022 same stereo, dj VG+/VG+

751 Tom Rush Elektra 288 same ss bottom VG-/VG-
752 various Elektra 7299 Singer Songwriter Project stereo, stamp on back cover VG/VG
753 Doc Watson Vanguard 79152 same stereo VG+/VG++

754 Alex Bradford Cotillon 057 A Lifetime Believing stereo, wldj M-/VG++
755 Dorothy Love Coates Specialty 2134 The Best Of dh, shrink, stereo VG+/VG++
756 Rev. Gary Davis Adelphi 1008 O, Glory cut corner, gf, stereo VG+/VG+
757 Reverend Gary Davis Biograph 12034 Lord I Wish I Could See 1971 Vol. 2 dj, stereo, mb 30 VG+/VG+
758 Reverend Gary Davis Transatlantic 249 Children Of Zion stereo, U.K. press VG++/VG+
759 Grace Heavenly Band & Grace Emanuel Singers Harlequin 702 A Night With Daddy Grace VG-/VG+

760 Mahalia Jackson Col 8071 Newport 1958 stereo, 6 eye label, mb 50 VG++/VG++
761 Jackson Southernaires Malaco 4392 Made In Mississippi dj M-/M-
762 Dr. C.J. Johnson Savoy 14273 The Old Time Song Service dj, stereo, mb 30 VG+/VG+
763 Brother Joe May Specialty 2132 Search Me Lord dh, stereo, shrink M-/VG++
764 Rev. Oris Mays Jewel 0032 The Milky White Way stereo, stain on cover VG/VG-
765 Rev. Oris Mays Song Bird 202 Tribute In Prayer (From A Soldier In Vietnam) tobc, shrink VG/VG++
766 Elder Lightfoot Solomon Michaux Savoy 14058 The Famous "Happy Am I" Preacher slt edge wear VG+/VG
767 Reverend Gatemouth Moore Bluesway 6074 After Twenty-One Years shrink VG+/M-
768 Original Calvary Singers King G-3 1058 Thank You shrink, 1"ss bottom right & top VG+/VG+

769 Rev. Louis Overstreet Arhoolie 1014 An Evening With mb 75 VG++/VG+
770 SCLC Operation Breadbasket Orchestra And Choir Chess 1549 On The Case 2"ss top right, corner bump, edge wear, stereo VG/VG
771 Soul Stirrers Checker 10063 Tribute To Sam Cooke wldj, moc, stereo VG+/VG
772 Soul Stirrers Specialty 2116 The Gospel Soul Of Sam Cooke shrink, stereo VG++/VG++
773 Spirit Of Memphis Quartet Gusto K-5020X Original Greatest Hits shrink VG+/VG++
774 Spirit Of Memphis Quartet High Water 1005 Traveling On VG++/M-
775 Spirit Of Memphis Quartet Peacock 109 If I Should Miss Heaven most of back cover missing (purposely cut out), mb 25 VG++/VG-
776 Staple Singers Buddah 2009 The Best Of shrink VG+/VG++
777 Staple Singers Epic 24237 Pray On dj, 3"ss bottom right VG/VG-

778 Staple Singers Epic 26373 What The World Needs Now Is Love shrink, stereo, dh, mb 50 VG++/M-
779 Staple Singers Private 429 05266 Are You Ready? 12" Extended Dance Mix single, dj VG+/VG++
780 Staple Singers Riverside 3513 Twenty-Fifth Day Of December shrink VG+/VG++
781 Staple Singers Stax 3015 Be What You Are stereo M-/M-
782 Staple Singers Trip 801 The Other Side Of dh VG/VG
783 Sweet Honey In The Rock Flying Fish 317 We All... Everyone Of Us dj VG++/VG++
784 Sister Rosetta Tharpe MCA 1317 Gospel Train corner bump VG+/VG++
785 Sister Rosetta Tharpe Omega 31 same stereo, transp red vinyl VG++/VG+
786 Sister Rosetta Tharpe Spin-O-Rama 3072 Spirituals In Rhythm split seams, sev'l scrs VG/VG
787 Big Mama Thornton Pentagram 10005 Saved wldj VG-/VG
788 various BC 19 Negro Religious Music Vol. 3; Singing Preachers And Their Congregations 1"ss bottom right VG+/VG
789 various Col 32151 Precious Lord New Recordings Of The Great Gospel Songs Of Thomas A. Dorsey dj, gf, stereo, 2LP VG++/VG+
790 various Ode ZIZ 44018 Dylan's Gospel The Brothers And Sisters stereo, dj, stain on cover VG++/VG++
791 various RBF 5 An Introduction To Gospel Songs 2"ss bottom right, textured cover VG/VG+
792 various Specialty 2115 Ain't That Good News stereo, shrink M-/M-

793 Rev. Robert Wilkins Piedmont 13162 Memphis Gospel Singer mb 100 VG++/VG+
794 Marion Williams Atlantic 8289 Standing Here Wondering Which Way To Go stereo, wldj VG+/VG+
795 Marion Williams John Hammond 37598 Lord, You've Been Mighty Good To Me dj VG++/M-
796 various Checker 3014 In The Beginning... stereo, shrink VG++/VG++
797 various Imperial 9145 ... My Cup Runneth Over spirituals VG++/VG+
798 various Krazy Kat 7417 Hot Gospel 1947 - 1953 shrink M-/VG++

799 Louis Jordan Mercury MG 20242 Somebody Up There Digs Me crck track 1 A&B, 2"ss bottom right, mb 25 G+/VG
800 Arthur Prysock Milestone 9139 A Rockin' Good Way VG++/VG++
801 Glenn Honeycutt Rhythm Bond Autographed Picture 4"x7" M-
802 Roy Orbison Sun 12" paper w/ Sun logo autographed by Roy Orbison with small b&w image of Teen Kings also signed by Orbison (see preview pix), V+

803 Billy Boy Arnold Charly 1016 Crying & Pleading U.K. press VG++/M-

804 Billy Boy Arnold Prestige 7389 More Blues From The South Side wobc, dh, mb 50 VG/VG+
805 Bacon Fat Blue Horizon 4807 Grease One For Me stereo, wldj, corner bump, stobc, U.K. press VG/VG+

806 Bacon Fat Blue Horizon 2431-001 'Tough Dude' stereo, U.K. press, mb 300 M-/VG+
807 Big Sam no label no # Ambassador Of The Blues shrink VG+/M-
808 Scrapper Blackwell Ace 255 Mr. Scrapper's Blues German press, mb 40 M-/M-

809 Bobby Bland Duke 74 Two Steps From The Blues stereo, shrink, autographed, bright orange label, mb 100 VG++/M-
810 Bobby Bland Duke 78 Ain't Nothing You Can Do autograph, 2"ss bottom, edge wear, bright orange label, mb 35 VG+/VG
811 Bobby Bland Duke 79 The Soul Of The Man bright orange label, mb 25 VG+/VG+
812 Bobby Bland Duke 88 Touch Of The Blues autograph on shrink, bright orange label, mb 30 VG++/M-
813 Juke Boy Bonner Arhoolie 1036 I'm Going Back To The Country Where They Don't Burn The Buildings Down stereo, dj VG/VG+
814 Juke Boy Bonner Arhoolie 1045 The Struggle stereo VG+/VG+
815 James Booker Aves 146.509 The Piano Prince From New Orleans German Press, mb 40 VG++/VG++

816 James Booker Gold 11035 Live! Boogie-Woogie And Ragtime Piano Contest stereo, Swiss Release, mb 50 VG++/ VG++

817 James Booker JSP 1086 King Of The New Orleans Keyboard Volume Two U.K. press, mb 50 VG++/VG++
818 James Booker Rounder 2036 Classified shrink, mb 30 M-/M-

819 James Booker Sundown CG 709-09 Mr. Mystery Dutch press, mb 50 VG++/M-
820 John Brim & Little Hudson Flyright 568 Classic Early 1950's Chicago Blues mb 25 VG+/VG++
821 Big Bill Broonzy Archive Of Folk Music 213 same stereo, stamp on cover VG+/VG

822 Buster Brown Fire 102 The New King Of The Blues edge wear, mb 300 VG+/VG+
823 Clarence Gatemouth Brown Music Is Medicine 9002 same shrink, cut corner M-/M-
824 J.T. Brown Pearl 9 Windy City Boogie dj VG++/VG+
825 Eddie Guitar Burns Big Bear 7 Detroit Blackbottom stereo, U.K. press VG+/VG
826 Mississippi Joe Callicott Blue Horizon 4606 Blues Masters Vol. 6 shrink, stereo VG+/M-

827 James Carr Goldwax 3002 A Man Needs A Woman stereo, shrink, dh, mb 50 VG++/VG++
828 Jeannie & Jimmy Cheatham Jazz 373 Back To The Neighbor Hood shrink M-/M-
829 Albert Collins Tumbleweed 103 There's Gotta Be A Change gf VG+/VG++
830 Steve Cropper, Albert King & Pop Staples Stax 2020 Jammed Together stereo, mb 25 VG+/VG+
831 Bo Diddley, Muddy Waters & Little Walter Checker 3008 Super Blues stereo, shrink VG++/M-
832 Doctor Ross Munich 150201 The Harmonica Boss dj VG++/VG++

833 Scott Dunbar Ahura Mazda SDS 1 From Lake Mary stereo, dj, mb 50 VG+/VG+

834 Champion Jack Dupree Folkways 3825 The Women Blues mb 50 M-/M-

835 Frank Floyd Barrelhouse 05 Blues That Made The Roosters Dance! some edge wear top, mb 100 VG++/VG++
836 Forrest City Joe/Rocky Fuller Chess 8112 Memory Of Sonny Boy stereo, Italian press VG++/VG++
837 Lowell Fulsom Jewel 5009 I've Got The Blues stereo, shrink, cut corner VG+/VG+

838 Lowell Fulsom Kent 520 Tramp stereo, plays less VG++/VG+

839 Lloyd Glenn Imperial 9174 Chica-Boo mb 100 VG++/M-

840 Lloyd Glenn Score 4006 Piano Stylings taped seams, edge wear, mb 50 VG/VG+
841 Henry Gray Blind Pig 2788 Lucky Man VG++/VG++
842 Henry Gray Bluebeat S. 77332 They Call Me Little Henry stereo, shrink, mb 30 VG++/M-
843 Lum Guffin Mississippi MRP - 056 same M-/M-

844 Arthur Gunter Blue Horizon 2431-012 Blues After Hours mb 400 M-/VG
845 Buddy Guy & Junior Wells Atco 364 Play The Blues stereo, shrink, dh, saw cut, 2" square tear on cover VG++/VG
846 Homesick James BluesWay 6071 Ain't Sick No More shrink VG+/VG++

847 Lightnin' Hopkins Bluesville 1073 Goin' Away preview copy stamp on back cover, mb 200 VG+/VG++
848 Howlin' Wolf Cadet Concept 319 The Howlin' Wolf Album stereo, plays better, mb 25 VG-/VG+

849 Missisiippi John Hurt Piedmont 13157 Folk Songs And Blues wobc, mb 50 VG++/VG++
850 Bill Jackson Testament 201 Long Steel Rail mb 25 VG+/VG+

851 Elmore James Crown 5168 Blues After Hours 3"ss top, dg, wobc, mb 200 VG/VG
852 Etta James & Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson Fantasy 9647 Blues In The Night Volume One: The Early Show M-/M-
853 Bobo Jenkins Big Star BB 008-19 The Life Of Bobo Jenkins stereo VG/VG+

854 Johnny Jenkins Atco 331 Ton-Ton Macoute! stereo, wldj, gf, mb 100 VG++/VG++
855 Johnny Little John BluesWay 6069 Funky From Chicago stereo, shrink, dh VG+/M-

856 Freddie King Shelter 8905 Getting Ready ... stereo, autographed, corner bump, stamp on cover, mb 200 VG++/VG++

857 Smiley Lewis Imperial 9141 I Hear You Knocking mb 300 VG++/M-
858 W. Furry Lewis Barclay 920.352 T Beale Street Blues stereo VG++/VG++
859 Little Milton Checker 3011 Grits Ain't Groceries stereo, dj, mb 25 VG+/VG+
860 Little Milton Checker 3012 If Walls Could Talk stereo VG+/VG+
861 Little Milton Chess 9112 His Greatest Sides scr side 1 track 6 VG+/VG++
862 Little Milton Chess 50013 Greatest Hits stereo, shrink, sev'l scrs side 1 VG/VG++
863 Little Milton Stax 3012 Waiting For stereo VG+/VG+
864 Little Milton Stax 5514 Blues 'N Soul stereo, shrink VG+/VG++
865 Robert Jr. Lockwood Advent 2807 Blues Live In Japan stereo, cut corner VG+/VG+
866 Robert Jr. Lockwood Delmark 630 Steady Rollin' Man

867 Robert Jr. Lockwood Trix 3307 Contrasts stereo, mb 25 VG++/VG++
868 Robert Jr. Lockwood Trix 3317 ... Does 12 stereo, shrink VG++/M-
869 Robert McCoy Vulcan 2501 Barrel House Blues And Jook Piano taped seams, wobc VG/VG
870 Robert McCoy Vulkan 2502 Blues And Boogie Classics wobc, taped seams VG/VG-
871 Fred And Annie Mae McDowell Testament 2208 My Home Is In The Delta VG++/VG+
872 Fred McDowell & Furry Lewis Biograph 12017 When I Lay My Burden Down stereo, shrink VG++/VG++
873 Jimmy McGriff & Junior Parker United Artists 5597 same cut corner, dh, shrink VG+/VG+
874 Jimmy McGriff And Junior Parker Cap 569 The Dudes Doin' Business stereo, dh, corner bump, 4"ss top right VG+/VG
875 Blind Willie McTell Prestige 1040 Last Session 3"ss top left mb 20 VG+/VG
876 Muddy Waters Blue Sky 34449 Hard Again
877 Muddy Waters Blue Sky JZ 34928 I'm Ready dj, stereo VG+/VG++
878 Muddy Waters Blue Sky JZ 35712 Muddy Mississippi Waters Live dj VG+/VG+

879 Muddy Waters Cadet Concept 320 After The Rain dh, stereo, mb 50 VG+/VG+
880 Muddy Waters Chess 50012 "Live" wldj, dh, stereo VG+/VG
881 Muddy Waters Chess 50023 Can't Get No Grindin' shrink, cut corner VG++/VG++
882 Muddy Waters Chess 60031 "Unk" In The Funk stereo, wldj VG+/VG
883 Muddy Waters Chess 60035 Woodstock Album stereo VG+/VG++
884 Original Washboard Band RCA 1958 Scrubbin' & Pickin' mb 30 VG+/VG+
885 Johnny Otis Blues Spectrum 103 Great Rhythm & Blues Oldies shrink, stereo, Welding liner notes, toc VG++/VG++
886 Johnny Otis Epic 26524 Cuttin' Up stereo, dj VG++/VG+
887 Johnny Otis Hawk 1001 The 1984 Johnny Otis Show VG+/VG++
888 Johnny Otis Jazz World 707 Back To Jazz introducing Barbara Morrison stog side 2 track 4, some noise VG+/VG++
889 Johnny Otis Kent 8001 Otisology plays better VG+/M-
890 Jack Owens & Bud Spires Tentament 2222 It Must Have Been The Devil stereo, shrink VG+/M-
891 Junior Parker Blue Rock 64004 Honey-Drippin' Blues stereo, dh VG++/VG+
892 Junior Parker Blues Way 6066 Sometimes Tomorrow My Broken Heart Will Die shrink, dh, tobc VG++/VG++
893 Junior Parker Mercury 61101 Like It Is dj VG+/VG+
894 Junior Parker United Artists 6823 I Tell Stories Sad And True I Sing The Blues And Play Harmonica Too It Is Very Funky slt ring wear VG++/VG+
895 Little Junior Parker Minit 24024 Blues Man stereo, shrink mb 25 M-/M-
896 Esther Phillips Atlantic 1680 Confessin' The Blues dj, saw cut VG+/VG+
897 Piano Red King 1117 Happiness Is Piano Red Dr. Feelgood Underground Atlanta sld, dh, four staple holes left top corner VG/VG
898 Professor Longhair Dancing Cat 3006 Rock 'N' Roll Gumbo M-/M-
899 Snooky Pryor Blues Way 6076 Do It If You Want To wldj VG++/VG+
900 Yank Rachell Blue Goose 2010 same shrink, slt groove wear, mb 30 M-/M-
901 Fenton Robinson Alligator 4710 I Hear Some Blues Downstairs shrink, cut corner VG+/VG++
902 Fenton Robinson Black Magic 9005 Blues In Progress shrink, Dutch press VG++/M-
903 Fenton Robinson Seventy 7 2001-S Monday Morning Boogie & Blues stereo VG++/VG++
904 L.C. Good Rockin' Robinson Arhoolie 1062 Ups And Downs shrink, stereo VG+/VG++

905 Jimmy Rogers Murray Brothers 1006 Feelin' Good shrink, Welding liner notes, mb 50 M-/M-
906 Jimmy Rogers Shelter 8921 Gold Tailed Bird shrink VG+/VG++
907 Jimmy Rogers & Left Hand Frank JSP 1090 The Dirty Dozens VG+/M-
908 Sparky Rucker Green Linnet 1032 Heroes & Hard Times slt groove wear, plays great VG++/M-

909 Sparky Rucker June Appal 017 Cold & Lonesome On A Train shrink, mb 50 VG+/M-
910 Otis Rush Bullfrog 301 Right Place, Wrong Time stereo, shrink M-/M-
911 Otis Rush Delmark DS-643 So Many Roads Live, In Concert wldj, plays better, edge wear, corner bump VG+/VG+
912 Peg Leg Sam Trix 3302 Medicine Show Man shrink, stereo, mb 25 VG++/M-
913 Thomas Shaw Advent 2801 Born In Texas
914 Johnny Shines Advent 2803 same
915 Johnny Shines Rounder 2020 Hey Ba-Ba-Re-Bop! shrink VG++/M-
916 Johnny Shines Tomato 2696361 Too Wet To Plow VG+/VG++
917 Johnny Shines Xtra 1142 Country Blues mb 40 VG++/VG+
918 George Smith Audiodisc no # McCoy Masters test pressing?, no cover VG
919 George "Harmonica" Smith BluesWay 6029 ... Of The Blues shrink, stereo VG++/M-

920 George "Harmonica" Smith London 18059 Arkansas Trap stereo, dj, U.K. press, textured cover, mb 75 VG++/VG++
921 Smoky Babe Arhoolie 2019 Hot Blues stereo, shrink VG++/VG++
922 Lucille Spann BluesWay 6070 Cry Before I Go wobc, stereo, wldj VG+/VG+
923 Otis Spann BluesWay 6013 The Bottom Of The Blues stereo, ring wear VG+/VG++
924 Otis Spann Vanguard 6514 Cryin' Time stereo, wldj, tape residue on cover VG+/VG+
925 Sunny Land Slim BluesWay 6068 Plays The Rag Time Blues VG+/VG++
926 Sunnyland Slim Airway 4275 same wobc VG/VG+
927 Sunnyland Slim Blue Horizon 7-63213 Midnight Jump stereo, mb 40 M-/VG+
928 Sunnyland Slim Jewel 5010 Sad And Lonesome ring wear, corner bump VG++/VG
929 Swamp Dogg Canyon 7706 Total Destruction To Your Mind stereo, dj, gf VG++/VG+
930 Roosevelt Sykes Barclay 920294 The Honeydripper's Duke's Mixture stereo, U.K. press VG++/VG++
931 Roosevelt Sykes BluesWay 6077 Dirty Double Mother wldj, shrink VG+/VG++
932 Roosevelt Sykes Delmark 616 In Europe scr side A, track 2 VG+/VG+
933 Roosevelt Sykes Inner City 1010 The Meek Roosevelt Sykes shrink, cut corner VG+/VG++
934 Roosevelt Sykes Jewel 5011 The Meek Roosevelt Sykes dj, stereo VG+/VG+
935 Taj Mahal BS 2994 Music Fuh Ya' test pressing, white cover says "Taj Mahal" and "Pete Johnson" mb 25 VG++/VG+
936 Taj Mahal Col PC 33801 Music Keeps Me Together plays better, toc, wobc, small part of back cover missing VG/VG
937 Eddie Taylor Advent 2802 I Feel So Bad
938 Hound Dog Taylor Alligator 4701 same wldj VG+/VG+
939 Sonny Terry Blue Labor BL101 Robbin' The Grave shrink, stereo VG++/VG+
940 Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee A&M 4379 Sonny & Brownie gf, dh, wldj, stereo VG++/VG+
941 Big Mama Thornton Mercury 61225 Stronger Than Dirt stereo, dh, 3"ss top right VG+/VG+
942 Henry Townsend Nighthawk 201 Mule cut corner VG++/VG+
943 Willie Trice Trix 3305 Blue & Rag'd shrink, stereo VG+/M-
944 Joe Turner Pablo 2310 776 In The Evening G+/VG
945 Joe Turner & Count Basie Pablo 2310 709 The Bosses wldj, dh VG+/VG+
946 Joe Turner, Pee Wee Crayton And Sonny Stitt Pablo 2310 818 Everyday I Have The Blues cut corner, shrink VG+/VG++

947 various Arhoolie 1005 I Have To Paint My Face shrink, autograph?, mb 50 VG+/M-
948 various Blues Alley 978 Alive And Well Beale Street Blues At Blues Alley - Memphis, TN shrink VG+/VG++
949 various Chess 60015 Blues Avalanche Recorded Live At The Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland gf, 2LP, wldj, dh VG+/VG+
950 various United Artists LA654-R Rhythm And Blues Christmas VG/VG
951 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson Blues Spectrum 111 Great Rhythm & Blues Oldies Vol. 11 dh VG+/VG+
952 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson BluesWay 6007 Cherry Red shrink, stereo VG+/VG++
953 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson Flying Dutchman 9007 The Original Cleanhead wldj, stereo VG+/VG+
954 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson Mega 31-1012 You Can't Make Love Alone stereo, wldj VG/VG+
955 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson Muse 5116 The "Clean" Machine shrink VG+/M-
956 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson Muse 5208 Live At Sandy's wldj, shrink VG++/VG++
957 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson Pablo D2310866 I Want A Little Girl M-/M-
958 Phillip Walker Joliet 6001 Someday You'll Have These Blues shrink, stereo VG+/M-
959 Phillip Walker Rounder 2038 Tough As I Want To Be cut corner VG+/VG++
960 T-Bone Walker BluesWay 6014 Funky Town stereo, ring wear VG/VG
961 T-Bone Walker BluesWay 6058 Dirty Mistreater wldj VG+/VG++
962 T-Bone Walker BluesWay 6060 Roll 'Em wldj, ring wear VG+/VG++

963 T-Bone Walker Imperial 9098 Sings The Blues shrink, mb 300 VG++/M-
964 T-Bone Walker Polydor 24-4502 ... Good Feelin'... wldj, stereo VG++/VG+

965 Mercy Dee Walton Prestige 1039 Pity And A Shame, shrink, mb 50 VG+/VG++
966 Dinah Washington Roulette 25253 A Stranger On Earth stereo VG+/VG++
967 Junior Wells Blue Rock SRB 64002 You're Tuff Enough stereo, shrink, mb 30 VG++/VG++
968 Junior Wells Blue Rock SRB 64003 Sings Live At The Golden Bear stereo, shrink, dh VG/VG++

969 Junior Wells Vanguard 79262 Coming At You stereo, mb 50 VG++/VG+
970 Bukka White Blue Horizon 7-63229 Memphis Hot Shots stereo, U.K. press, mb 40 VG+/VG+

971 Bukka White Blues Beacon 631003 Baton Rouge Mosby Street stereo, shrink, mb 50 M-/M-
972 Big Joe Williams Arhoolie 1053 Thinking Of What They Did To Me stereo, shrink, Welding liner notes, Charlie Musselwhite autograph VG+/VG++
973 Big Joe Williams Blues On Blues 10003 Blues From The Mississippi Delta stereo, shrink VG/VG++
974 Big Joe Williams Delmark 627 Nine String Guitar Blues shrink, dj VG/VG++
975 Bill Williams Blue Goose 2004 Low And Lonesome stereo, shrink, cut corner VG+/VG++
976 Willie Williams Supreme Blues 1001 Raw Unpolluted Soul VG++/VG++
977 Chuck Willis Atco 373 His Greatest Recordings gf, wldj VG+/VG++
978 Ralph Willis Blues Classics 22 Carolina Blues w/ Brownie McGhee And Sonny Terry VG+/VG++
979 O.V. Wright Back Beat 72 Memphis Unlimited stereo, wldj VG+/VG+
980 Johnny Young Arhoolie 1029 same featuring Otis Spann & James Cotton VG++/VG++

981 Johnny Young Blue Horizon 7-63852 Fat Mandolin stereo, wobc, U.K. press, mb 150 VG++/VG+
982 Johnny Young BluesWay 6075 I Can't Keep My Foot From Jumping stereo, shrink, dh VG/VG+
983 Johnny Young Testament 2226 Johnny Young And His Friends shrink, Welding liner notes VG+/VG++
984 Mighty Joe Young Delmark 629 Blues With A Touch Of Soul stereo, dj VG/VG+
985 Leadbelly, Bill Broonzy & Josh White Design 903 Three Of A Kind 4"ss top right VG-/VG

986 various Ace Of Clubs 1220 Raw Blues w/ Peter Green & Eric Clapton stereo, U.K. press, mb 50 VG+/VG++
987 various Advent 2806 Chicago Blues At Home VG+/VG+
988 various Alligator 7701 Living Chicago Blues stereo, shrink, cut corner VG+/VG++
989 various Alligator 7702 Living Chicago Blues stereo, shrink, cut corner VG+/VG++
990 various Alligator 7703 Living Chicago Blues stereo, shrink, cut corner VG+/VG++
991 various Alligator 7704 Living Chicago Blues stereo, shrink, cut corner VG+/VG++
992 various Alligator 7705 Living Chicago Blues stereo, shrink, cut corner VG++/VG++
993 various Alligator 7706 Living Chicago Blues stereo, shrink, cut corner VG+/VG++
994 various Amiga 8 50 043 American Folk Blues German press, 5"ss bottom right, Willie Dixon autograph, mb 35 VG++/VG-

995 various Argo 4042 The Blues Volume 4 scr track 1 side B, mb 50 VG+/VG+
996 various Arhoolie F1006 Blues 'N Trouble shrink, mb 25 VG++/M-
997 various Arhoolie F1012 Blues 'N Trouble Volume 2 shrink VG+/M-
998 various Arhoolie 1017 Texas Blues Volume 2 dj VG+/VG+
999 various Arhoolie 1018 Bad Luck N' Trouble 7"ss top, edge wear, mb 30 VG+/VG
1000 various Arhoolie 1030 2nd Annual Berkeley Blues Festival dj, mb 30 VG+/VG+
1001 various Arhoolie 1041 Mississippi Delta Blues Vol. 1 stereo, 4"ss top right, mb 25 VG+/VG+
1002 various Arhoolie 1042 Mississippi Delta Blues Vol. 2 stereo, gf VG/VG+
1003 various Arhoolie 1095 Louie Bluie shrink, soundtrack, R. Crumb Cover VG+/M-
1004 various Arhoolie 2006 Texas Blues shrink, stog side 2 track 5 VG+/M-
1005 various Atlantic 1346 Sounds Of The South stereo, shrink, Alan Lomax recordings VG+/M-
1006 various Atlantic 1348 Roots Of The Blues stereo, shrink, Alan Lomax recordings VG+/M-
1007 various Atlantic 1352 The Blues Roll On stereo, saw cut, Alan Lomax recordings VG++/VG+
1008 various Atlantic 7226 Texas Guitar From Dallas To L.A. Blues Originals Vol. 3 VG++/VG++
1009 various Atlantic 7227 Blues Piano Chicago Plus Blues Originals Vol. 4 gf, 4"ss bottom right VG++/VG+
1010 various Black Arts 804 Your Car Machine French press VG++/VG++
1011 various Blue Horizon 7-66263 Swamp Blues stereo, gf, 2LP, U.K press VG+/VG+
1012 various Blues Classics 16 Texas Blues The Early 50's VG+/VG++
1013 various Blues Classics 23 Juke Joint Blues shrink VG-/M-
1014 various Brut 6002 Book Of Numbers featuring Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee soundtrack, gf, dh, stereo VG+/VG
1015 various Buddah 2-5-18 The Blues... A Real Summit Meeting scr side 1, Japanese press VG(VG++)/VG+
1016 various Chess 127 Fathers And Sons
1017 various Constellation CS-6 A Bucket Of Blues Vol. VI VG+/VG+
1018 various Decca PA 63 The World Of Blues Power Vol. 2 shrink, U.K. Press VG++/VG+
1019 various Delmark 624 Chicago Ain't Nothin' But A Blues Band dj VG+/VG++
1020 various Delta Blues DBF 79 Delta Blues Festival '79 shrink VG+/M-
1021 various Fontana 885 422 American Folk Blues Festival 65 stereo, German Press VG++/VG+

1022 various Fontana 885 431 American Folk Blues Festival '66 stereo, German Press, mb 40 VG+/VG++

1023 various I Dischi Del Sole DS 526/28 Blues Oggi shrink, Italian press, mb 75 VG++/M-
1024 various Imperial 9259 Best Of The Blues shrink VG++/VG++
1025 various International Polydor 109012 The Original American Folk Blues Festival stereo, German Press, Willie Dixon autograph, mb 50 VG++/VG+
1026 various Kent 9005 Texas Blues Archive Series - Volume Five VG+/VG+
1027 various Kent 9006 Detroit Blues Anthology Of The Blues Archive Series Volume Six gf VG++/VG++
1028 various Kent 9007 Arkansas Blues Archive Series - Volume Seven gf, mb 30 VG+/VG+
1029 various Kent 9009 Mississippi Blues Archive Series - Volume Nine gf, U.K. press VG++/VG+
1030 various Mamlish 3800 Black Cat Trail shrink, mb 40 VG+/M-
1031 various Matchbox SDM226 Blues From The Delta U.K. press, mb 30 VG+/VG++
1032 various Milestone 3002 Ramblin' On My Mind shrink, Welding liner notes VG++/VG++
1033 various Muskadine 102 Packin' Up My Blues Blues Of The Deep South 1950 - 1961 shrink, mb 30 VG+/M-
1034 various Red Lightnin' 0033 The Devil's Music U.K. press, gf, 2LP, Photos by Axel Kustner VG++/VG++
1035 various Rounder 2012 Goin' Up The Country Recorded In Louisiana & Mississippi By David Evans, field recordings, plays better, shrink VG+/M-
1036 various Rounder 2013 Wake Up Dead Man Black Convict Worksongs From Texas Prisons VG+/VG++
1037 various Savoy 16000 Living With The Blues shrink VG+/VG++
1038 various Solid Smoke 8010 San Francisco Blues Festival Vol. 2 shrink VG++/M-
1039 various Specialty 2149 Dark Muddy Bottom Blues VG+/VG+
1040 various Storyville 168 Piano Blues U.K. press VG/VG+
1041 various Storyville 176 Blues Scene USA Vol. 1 Chicago - Rhythm & Blues Sounds VG++/VG+
1042 various Storyville 177 Blues Scene USA Vol. 2 Louisiana Blues VG+/VG+
1043 various Storyville 670 180 Blues Scene USA Vol. 4 Mississippi Blues German press VG/VG+
1044 various Storyville 670 181 Blues Scene USA Vol. 3 Blues All Around My Bed German press, Welding liner notes VG++/VG+
1045 various Testament 2218 Goin' To Chicago stereo, shrink VG+/M-
1046 various Tradition 1020 Negro Prison Songs From The Mississippi State Penitentiary Alan Lomax recordings, wobc, dg VG/VG+
1047 various Trix 3311 Detroit After Hours Vol. 1 stereo, shrink, cut corner VG++/VG++
1048 various United Artists 4027 Blues In The Mississippi Night wobc, Lomax liner notes, mb 25 VG+/VG+

1049 various United Artists 6050 Folk Song Festival stereo VG+/VG+
1050 various United Artists 29215 Sound Of The City New Orleans: Where Rock 'N' Roll Began taped seam VG+/VG+
1051 various Vanguard 79145 Blues At Newport Recorded Live At The Newport Folk Festival 1963 VG+/VG+
1052 various Vanguard 79149 Newport Folk Festival The Evening Concerts stereo VG+/VG+
1053 various Verve Folkways 3010 Living Legends stereo, shrink, mb 25 VG++/VG++


1054 Sleepy John Estes RBF 8 same 1929-1940 Edited And With An Introduction by Samuel Charters shrink, mb 150 M-/M-
1055 Mississippi John Hurt Yazoo 1065 same 1928 Sessions mb 40 VG++/VG++
1056 Skip James Melodeon 7321 Greatest Of The Delta Blues Singers shrink VG+/VG++
1057 Charley Patton Yazoo L 1020 Founder Of The Delta Blues gf, 2LP VG+/VG+
1058 Charlie Patton Origin 1 The Immortal no booklet, dg, VG+/VG++
1059 Charlie Patton Origin 7 The Immortal 1887 - 1934 Number 2 w/ booklet, stog clix sev'l times B, dg VG/M-

1060 Charlie Patton Origin no # same 1929 - 32 taped seam top & bottom, faint woc, dg, special collector's edition, yellow label, only 500 copies, mb 200 VG/VG
1061 Pinkston Trio Buford 157 The Original Memphis Sound As Played On Beale Street VG/VG++
1062 J.D. Short And Son House Folkways 2467 The Blues Of The Mississippi Delta plain black cover, mb 100 VG++/VG++
1063 Jimmy Yancey Oldie Blues 2802 The Immortal 1898 - 1951 dj VG+/VG+
1064 William Harris, Blind Joe Reynolds, Skip James Herwin 214 Delta Blues Heavy Hitters 1927-1931 VG+/VG+
1065 Patton, Sims & Bertha Lee Herwin 213 Bottleneck Guitar Pioneer VG+/M-
1066 various Belzona 1002 Ten Years In Memphis 1927 - 1937 shrink, mb 30 VG+/M-
1067 various Biograph 12027 This Old World's In A Hell Of A Fix shrink VG+/VG++
1068 various Document 532 Delta Blues 1929 - 1930 shrink, some surface noise VG/M-
1069 various Historical ASC-22 They Sang The Blues Vol. 22 1927 - 1934 shrink VG++/VG++
1070 various Historical 17 They Sang The Blues (1927 - 1929) mb 25 VG+/VG+
1071 various Library Of Congress AFS L4 Folk Music Of The United States Lomax recordings, 1"ss bottom right, mb 20 VG+/VG+
1072 various Mamlish S 3805 Good Time Blues St. Louis 1926 - 1932 slt edge wear top VG++/VG++
1073 various Origin 15 Rugged Piano Classics 1927 - 39 shrink VG+/VG++
1074 various RBF 11 Blues Rediscoveries shrink VG++/VG++
1075 various RBF 14 Blues Roots/Mississippi Compiled And Annotated By Samuel Charters slt edge wear VG++/VG++
1076 various RCA 518 Bluebird Blues shrink VG++/VG++
1077 various RCA 534 Women Of The Blues VG+/VG+
1078 various RCA INT 1175 Travellin' This Lonesome Road; An Anthology Of The Victor/Bluebird Catalogues U.K. press, split seam bottom VG/VG+
1079 various Roots 313 Down South 4"ss bottom right, slt surface noise, U.K. press, mb 25 VG+/VG+
1080 various Stash 103 Tea Pad Songs Volume One cut corner, shrink VG+/VG++
1081 various Stash 104 Tea Pad Songs Volume Two cut corner VG+/VG
1082 various Wolf 130 Central Mississippi Blues The Jackson Area (1928-1935) M-/M-
1083 various Yazoo L 1008 Frank Stoke's Dream The Memphis Blues 1927 - 1931 mb 20 VG++/M-
1084 various Yazoo 1022 Ten Years Of Black Country Religion stereo, shrink, mb 20 M-/VG+
1085 various Yazoo 1042 Uptown Blues; A Decade Of Guitar-Piano Duets 1927 - 1937 VG+/VG+

1086 Bukka White Herwin 201 Sic' Em Dogs On Me 1927 - 1939 stereo, shrink, mb 100 VG++/VG+


1087 5 Royals Imperial 580 Dedicated To You dg, 3"ss top right, ss bottom, mb 200 VG/VG-
1088 Chuck Berry Chess 1488 St. Louis To Liverpool shrink, dh VG+/VG+
1089 Charlie Feathers Barrelhouse 06 Live In Memphis, Tennessee stereo, shrink, mb 25 VG++/VG++

1090 Frankie Ford Ace 1005 Let's Take A Sea Cruise mb 200 VG++/VG++
1091 Little Richard Okeh 12117 The Explosive Little Richard dj, small scr tix trck 3, side 2 VG+/VG++
1092 Little Richard Reprise 6406 The "Rill" Thing stereo, shrink VG+/VG++
1093 Cal Perkins Sun 112 Blue Suede Shoes stereo, wldj, shrink VG/VG++
1094 Rotary Connection Cadet Concept 312 same stereo VG++/VG++

1095 Shep & The Limelites Hull 1001 Our Anniversary shrink, dh, mb 500 VG++/VG++
1096 Ike Turner United Artists 5576 Blues Roots VG+/VG+
1097 various Increase 2004 Cruisin' 1959 cut corner, shrink VG++/VG++
1098 various KGB no # Home Grown IV shrink, wobc VG++/M-

1099 Maxine Brown Wand 684 Greatest Hits stereo, dh VG+/VG
1100 Ray Charles ABC Paramount 355 Dedicated To You VG-/VG++
1101 Ray Charles ABC Paramount 415 Greatest Hits stereo, sev'l scrs A&B VG-/VG+
1102 Ray Charles Atlantic 1259 The Great VG+/VG+
1103 Ray Charles Atlantic 1289 At Newport VG+/VG+
1104 Ray Charles Atlantic 1289 At Newport stereo, dg G+/VG
1105 Ray Charles Atlantic 1312 The Genius Of stereo, shrink, scr side 1, trck 5 VG+/VG++
1106 Ray Charles Atlantic 1369 The Genius After Hours VG-/VG
1107 Ray Charles Atlantic 7101 The Great Hits Recorded On 8-Track Stereo VG+/VG
1108 Ray Charles Atlantic 8025 Yes Indeed! wobc, mb 25 VG+/VG

1109 Ray Charles Atlantic 8029 What'd I Say mb 50 VG++/M-

1110 Ray Charles Atlantic 8039 In Person mb 50 VG+/VG++
1111 Ray Charles Atlantic 8054 The Greatest VG/VG
1112 Ray Charles Tangerine ABCX-765 Through The Eyes Of Love stereo VG+/VG+
1113 Ray Charles & Milt Jackson Atlantic 1360 Soul Meeting VG+/VG
1114 Marvin Gaye Tamla 348S1 Greatest Hits shrink VG++/M-
1115 Dobie Gray Chess 75397 Drift Away stereo, shrink, cut corner VG+/VG++
1116 Al Green London 32074 I'm Still In Love With You stereo, shrink VG+/VG++

1117 Donny Hathaway Atco SD33-360 same stereo, wldj, mb 50 VG+/VG++
1118 Esther Phillips Kudu 23 What A Difference A Day Makes cc M-/VG+
1119 Wilson Pickett Atlantic 8151 The Best Of plays better, shrink, stereo VG+/M-
1120 Wilson Pickett Atlantic 8183 Midnight Mover stereo VG++/VG+
1121 Wilson Pickett Atlantic 8250 Right On wldj, stereo VG++/VG+
1122 Wilson Pickett Atlantic 8270 In Philadelphia plays better, tol, stereo VG/VG+
1123 Wilson Pickett Atlantic 8300 Don't Knock My Love plays better, stereo, saw cut VG-/VG
1124 Wilson Pickett Big Tree 76011 A Funky Situation mb 25 VG++/VG++
1125 Wilson Pickett RCA 4858 Mr. Magic Man dj, gf VG++/VG+
1126 Bonnie Pointer Motown 00020 D1 Heaven Must Have Sent You single VG+/VG++
1127 Bonnie Pointer Motown 911R1 same VG/VG++
1128 Bonnie Pointer Motown 7-929R1 same shrink VG+/VG++
1129 Pointer Sisters Blue Thumb 6009 That's a Plenty stereo VG++/VG++
1130 Pointer Sisters Blue Thumb 6021 Steppin shrink VG++/M-
1131 Pointer Sisters Planet P-1 Energy VG+/M-
1132 Billy Preston A&M 3645 The Kids & Me dh, wldj VG++/VG++
1133 Billy Preston A&M 4587 same VG++/VG+
1134 Billy Preston Apple 3359 That's The Way God Planned It plays better, shrink, dh, mb 25 VG+/VG++
1135 Billy Preston Buddah 7502 The First Generation: Rock/Blues/Early Soul stereo, dj VG++/VG+
1136 Otis Redding Atco 161 Pain In My Heart wobc, mb 30 VG+/VG+
1137 Otis Redding Atco 252 The Immortal stereo, shrink, mb 25 VG+/VG++
1138 Otis Redding Atco 333 Tell The Truth wldj, slt ring wear M-/M-
1139 Otis Redding Volt S-419 The Dock Of The Bay stereo, sev'l pops & clix side A VG+/VG+
1140 Otis Redding Volt S-418 History Of Otis Redding gf, stereo, some pops & clix VG/VG++
1141 Otis Redding Volt S-416 Live In Europe stereo VG+/VG+
1142 Otis Redding Volt S-415 My-My-My VG+/VG+
1143 Otis Redding Volt 412 Otis Blue/Otis Redding Sings Soul stereo, shrink VG/M-
1144 Otis Redding Volt 413 The Soul Album 2"ss bottom right, wobc VG/VG
1145 Otis Redding & Carla Thomas Stax 716 King & Queen stereo, tol VG/VG
1146 Otis Redding/Jimi Hendrix Experience Reprise 2029 Historic Performances Recorded At The Monterey International Pop Festival shrink, mb 30 VG++/VG++
1147 Eivets Rednow Gordy GS932 Eivets Rednow stereo, shrink, dh VG+/VG++
1148 Marlena Shaw Blue Note LA397-G Who Is This Bitch, Anyway? shrink, cut corner, stereo VG+/VG++
1149 Marlena Shaw Blue Note LA606-G Just A Matter Of Time stereo, cut corner VG+/VG+
1150 Shirelles Scepter 507 Greatest Hits 2 small staple holes top left VG/VG
1151 Mavis Staples Volt 6007 same stereo, dj VG+/VG+
1152 Mavis Staples Warner Bros 3319 Oh What A Feeling saw cut, shrink VG++/VG++
1153 Candi Staton Fame 180 same cut corner VG/VG

1154 Howard Tate Atlantic 3303 same stereo, wldj, timing strip on cover, mb 40 VG++/VG+
1155 Johnnie Taylor Stax 5522 The Best Of stereo, cut corner VG/VG+

1156 Doris Troy Apple 3371 same shrink, dh, mb 25 VG++/VG++
1157 Ike & Tina Turner A&M 4178 River Deep - Mountain High stereo, mb 20 VG++/VG+
1158 Ike & Tina Turner Unart S21021 Greatest Hits stereo VG++/VG+
1159 various Stax 3021 Fillet Of Soul stereo, dj VG+/VG++
1160 various Stax 3023 Memphis Millions stereo, shrink VG+/VG++
1161 Baby Washington Trip 8009 The One And Only dh VG+/VG+
1162 Maxine Weldon Monument KZ 32588 Some Singin' dj VG+/VG+
1163 Jackie Wilson Brunswick 754118 Soul Time stereo, split seams VG-/VG
1164 Stevie Wonder Motown 9-804A3 Anthology saw cut, gf, 3LP VG++/VG+
1165 Stevie Wonder Tamla 279 I Was Made To Love Her wobc, plays better, stereo, corner bump VG/VG
1166 Stevie Wonder Tamla 304 Signed, Sealed & Delivered stereo VG+/VG+

1167 Blues World unbroken run. authors incl. Leroy Pierson, Ron Weinstock,John Cowley, Bob Koester, Roger Misiewicz, & Gerry Homan. mb 150
1168 Blues World unbroken run. mb 60
1169 Blues World unbroken run of Bob Groom's pioneering mag with writers incl Paul Oliver, Tony Russell, Don Kent, Pete Welding, John Faher, Peter Guralnick, David Evans & Groom himself. Many interviews with early bluesmen not to be found elsewhere. mb 500
1170 Juke Blues #2 October 1985, good condition, mb 35
1171 Juke Blues #3 December 1985, good condition mb 35
1172 Juke Blues #32 Winter/Spring 1995, good condition, mb 20
1173 Juke Blues Magazine (complete) Issues 1-72 (1985-2012) some of the finest blues journalism ever, unbroken run, generally good condition, mb 750


clix=noise each rev for cracked record
crk=crack, dimension in inches indicates how far in from edge, if no dimension goes all the way to label;
chd=center hole damage;
dh=drill hole
dj=disc jockey/promo copy,
wldj=white label disc jockey;
wlbiodj=wldj with biography;
hc=hairline crack;
illeg=foreign alphabet on label;
lams=lamination cracks,
pot lams=potential lams;
ld=extensive label damage,
s-mld=slight to moderate ld,
sld=slight ld;
vsld=very slight; label damage;
mol=mark on label
nap=not affecting play;
number+ g (i.e. 5g)=number of grooves flk or chip affects play;
os=original sleeve;
pdig=passing dig,
rc=rim chip;
rol=ring on label;
schd=slt center hole damage;
SS=still sealed;
shrink=shrink wrap present but opened;
stog=stain on grooves;
tix = not as loud as "clix"
tol=tag, tape or sticker on label;
wol=writing on lbl, swol= slight;
xol=x on label
U=You, w/=With, R=Are, 2=To