Closing Date: May 15, 2017 at 10:00 PM St. Louis (CDT) Time

Welcome to Auction #65: Lots of choice 78s and a terrific group of blues LPs this time.

Bid what the record is worth to you. If yours is the high bid you win it for that price. Please bid by lot number, label, and label number. The minimum bid is $5.00 unless stated otherwise. Minimum bid on LPs is $15. I reserve the right to refuse any bid I deem unreasonably low.

Call backs will be available, but only on items for which you have bid $200 or the minimum, whichever is higher. You must indicate on your bid you wish to compete and include full contact information. Raises must be in increments of 10% (or more). You can participate in call backs by email. You will have a maximum of 24 hours to respond to a raise or be eliminated. This is to account for time zone differences and work schedules. It usually takes no more than one day to conclude most call backs.

Grading scale for 78s: N, N-, E++, E+, EE+, E, EE-, E-, E--, V++, V+, nearly V+, VV+, V, VV-, V-, V--, G+, G, G-, F, P. I am now using "nearly V+" to designate records better than VV+ but not quite V+.

My grading is guaranteed. Open your order when it arrives and inspect the records at that time please. Returns must be received by July 15th, 2016.. Consignors are paid at that time and refunds are no longer offered.

There is a key to abbreviations used at the bottom of this page.

Shipping charges are reasonable and will be quoted with your invoice. Overseas bidders please indicate customs and insurance preference with bids. Under-declared orders are at your risk. I can't insure for more than I declare.

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PAYMENT IS EXPECTED WITHIN 30 DAYS OF NOTIFICATION unless prior arrangements have been made. If you can't pay for your purchases put them on your credit card (via Paypal). Late payment is a great inconvenience. Many of the records are on consignment and consignors expect to be paid in a timely fashion. Payment can be made by cash, check, money order, Western Union or Paypal. When using Paypal please add a 2% convenience fee. Alternatively you can send money as a gift (for a much lower fee) and pay the fee at your end. Please e-mail if you have any questions.

Asterisk (*) after label number indicates buff (Bluebird), sunrise (Decca), King of them All (King), flag (Columbia), Electrobean (Gennett), scroll (Victor), electric (Paramount, Supertone, Superior, Okeh, Champion, Melotone, Perfect, etc.)

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POST-WAR BLUES Individual Artist LPs
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PRE-WAR BLUES Individual Artist LPs
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BLUES, R&B 78s
1 Faye Adams Herald 419 Happiness To My Soul/I'll Be True V+
2 Texas Alexander Okeh 8526* Range In My Kitchen Blues/Farm Hand Blues mb 200 V+
3 Lee Allen Ember 1027 Walkin' With Mr. Lee/Promenade vinyl EE+
4 Archibald Imperial 5082 Shake Shake Baby/Ballin' With Archie mb 50 E+
5 Baby Face Leroy Chess 1447 Take A Little Walk With Me/My Head Can't Rest Anymore mb 375 E+
6 Baby Face Leroy Parkway 501 Rollin' And Tumblin' Part 1 & 2 closer to V+ then V, mb 400 VV+
7 Baby Face Leroy Trio Parkway 104 Boll Weevil/Red Headed Woman mb 500 EE-
8 Doc Bagby Okeh 7080 The House Rocker/Joy Ride vvsld EE-
9 Big Bill Okeh 04760 Mary Blues/Just Got To Hold You Tight E-/V
10 Big Maceo Fortune 805 Worried Life Blues No. 2/Strange To Me Blues (as "Big Maceo Merriweather") mb 75 EE+
11 Billy Bird Col 14381 Down In The Cemetery/Mill Man Blues half moon lams B cause thumps halfway thru, mb 250 EE+
12 Sunny Blair Meteor 5006 Gonna Let You Go/Please Send My Baby Back mb 700 E+
13 Sunny Blair RPM 354 Glad To Be Back Home/5 Foot 3 Blues mb 200 E
14 Houston Boines Blues & Rhythm 7001 Going Home/Relation Blues (as "Houston Baines") mb 300 EE+
15 Houston Boines RPM 364 Superintendant Blues/Monkey Motion mb 600 E+
16 Charley Booker Blues & Rhythm 7003 No Ridin' Blues/Rabbit Blues #ol, mb 300 E
17 Charley Booker Modern 878 Moonrise Blues/Charley's Boogie Woogie mb 350 EE+
18 Eddie Boyd Chess 1523 Rosalee Swing/Cool Kind Treatment flknap, w/ Robert Lockwood gtr, mb 75 E+
19 Big Charlie Bradix Colonial 108 Dollar Diggin' Woman/Boogie Like You Wanna sld, mb 300 E+
20 Jackie Brenston Chess 1458 Rocket "88"/Come Back Where You Belong mb 550 N-
21 Junior Brooks RPM 343 She's The Little Girl For Me/Lone Town Blues mb 200 E+
22 Bep Brown Meteor 5001 Kickin' The Blues Around/Round House Boogie V+/E
23 Buster Brown Fire 1008 Fannie Mae/Lost In A Dream Jimmy Spruill & Riff Ruffin gtrs, mb 175 E+
24 Gabriel Brown Gennett 5004 Black Jack Blues/Going My Way E
25 Gabriel Brown Jay-Dee 779 Hold Me Baby/Nobody Loves Like My Little Girl mb 25 EE+
26 Gabriel Brown Joe Davis 5006 Down In The Bottom/Bad Love V+
27 Gabriel Brown MGM 11407 Cold Mama/I'm Just Crazy mb 35 E
28 Allen Bunn Apollo 436 The Guy With A "45"/She'll Be Sorry mb 50 E+
29 Roy Byrd Federal 12061 K.C. Blues/Curly Haired Baby mb 200 E+
30 Roy Byrd Federal 12073 Gone So Long/Rockin' With Fes mb 300 N-
31 Roy Byrd Mercury 8175 Hey Now Baby/Bald Head mb 50 E+
32 Roy Byrd Mercury 8184 Her Mind Is Gone/Hadacol Bounce vvsld, mb 75 E+
33 Roy Byrd Star Talent 809 She Ain't Got No Hair/Bye Bye Baby (as "Professor Longhair") mb 200 EE-/EE+
34 Bob Camp De 48112 My Little Rose/Reading Blues VV+
35 George Carter Miltone 5223 (Love Is A Gamble)/Christmas Blues (as "Little T-Bone") two B labels, #ol, mb 75 E-/E
36 Goree Carter Coral 65058 I've Got News For You/Tell Me Is There Still a Chance tight 1/2" hc tix EE+/EE-
37 Juanita Stinnette Chappelle /Chappie's Hot Dogs Chappelle And Stinnette 5003 Cheating/Aching Hearted Blues mb 100 VV+
38 Jimmy Coe States 118 After Hour Joint/Baby I'm Gone VV+
39 Little Willie Cotton Swing Time 318 Gonna Shook It Up And Go/A Dream great vocal & raw rockin' gtr, mb 200 EE+
40 Country Jim Imperial 5062 Avenue Breakdown/Rainy Morning Blues mb 100 E+
41 Country Jim Imperial 5073 Old River Blues/I'll Take You Back Baby mb 150 N-
42 Country Jim Imperial 5095 Sad And Lonely Blues/Philippine Blues mb 75 E+
43 Country Paul King 4573 Sidewalk Boogie/Mother, Dear Mother vsld, mb 50 E-
44 Arthur Crudup Ace 503 My Baby Boogies All The Time/I Wonder bad spot tix 1/2"A E
45 Arthur Crudup Bb 0717 My Mama Don't Allow Me/Standing At My Window mb 30 N-
46 Leroy Dallas Jade 707 Baby Please Don't Go Back To New Orleans/Your Sweet Man's Blues mb 150 E+
47 Sonny Boy Davis Talent 802 Rhythm Blues/I Don't Live Here No More mb 350 N-
48 Walter Davis RCA 1999 Please Remember Me/New B&O Blues V+
49 Walter Davis RCA 2335 Things Aint Like They Used To Be/Just One More Time E/V
50 Walter Davis RCA 20-5012 Tears Came Rollin' Down/You Make My World So Bright wldj, vinyl, mb 75 N
51 Jimmy DeBerry Sun 185 Take A Little Chance/Time Has Made A Change faint mark on grooves nap, mb 1800 E
52 Doctor Gaddy Dot 1185 Doctor Gaddy's Blues/Evil Man Blues vinyl V+
53 Doctor Ross Chess 1504 Country Clown/Doctor Ross Boogie mb 300 E-/E+
54 Fats Domino Imperial 5477 The Big Beat/I Want You To Know vinyl E
55 Drifting Slim RPM 370 Good Morning Baby/My Sweet Woman mb 300 E
56 Andrew Dunham Sensation 23 Hattie Mae/Sweet Lucy mb 750 N
57 Fred Dunn Signature 1027 The Morning After/Baby, Don't Feel Lowdown mb 25 EE+
58 Champion Jack Dupree Abbey 3015 Feather Weight Mama/Day Break wldj (as "Brother Blues) mb 45 E
59 Champion Jack Dupree Joe Davis 5100 She Makes Good Jelly/Rum Cola Blues V+
60 Champion Jack Dupree Joe Davis 5103 County Jail Special/Fisherman's Blues EE+
61 Champion Jack Dupree Joe Davis 5107 Santa Claus Blues/Gin Mill Sal E-
62 Champion Jack Dupree Okeh 06104 Dupree Shake Dance/Gibing Blues V+/E+
63 Champion Jack Dupree Okeh 06597 Heavy Heart Blues/Big Time Mama mb 75 EE+
64 Frank Edwards Okeh 06363 Terraplane Blues/We Got To Get Together mb 30 V+/E
65 Leroy Ervin Swing With The Stars 415 Rock Island Blues/Blue, Black And Evil plays a little less,mb 150 E+
66 Willie Evans /Night Owls Elko 919 My First Date/The Rising Sun w/ Sunny Guitar Slim mb 150 N-
67 Herb Fisher Modern 810 Don't Want Nobody Else/Doggone Shame EE+
68 Herb Fisher Modern 20-753 This Is My Story/I'm Yours To Keep E-
69 Leroy Foster & Muddy Waters Aristocrat 1234 Locked Out Boogie/Shady Grove Blues mb 500 E
70 Pete Franklin RCA 22-0012 Casey Brown Blues/Down Behind The Rise mb 250 N-
71 Johnny Fuller Rhythm 1773 Train Train Blues/Bad Luck Overtook Me mb 300 E+/N-
72 Rocky Fuller Checker 753 Come On Baby, Now/Soon One Morning mb 1800 N-
73 Cecil Gant 4 Star 1584 Time Will Tell/Where I Belong V+
74 King Gene Blues & Rhythym 7005 Great Big Pretty Legs/Train Time Boogie tight half moon crack tix 1" A&B E+
75 Gene & Billy Spark 120 It's Hot/Zerlene V+/VV+
76 Jazz Gillum RCA 20-2580 The Blues What Am/Roll Dem Bones needle ring B E-
77 Boyd Gilmore Modern 860 Ramblin' On My Mind/Just An Army Boy mb 375 E+
78 Boyd Gilmore Modern 872 All In My Dreams/Take a Little Walk With Me mb 500 N-
79 Lloyd Glenn Swing Time 241 It's You I'm Thinking Of/Now Is The Time mb 25 N-
80 Roscoe Gordon RPM 358 I Remember Your Kisses/New Orleans Wimmen mb 150 N-
81 Slim Green Murray 501 Baby I Love You/(Tricky Woman Blues) two A labels, mb 700 E+
82 Guitar Slim Specialty 527 Later For You Baby/Trouble Don't Last mb 25 N-
83 Stick-Horse Hammond JOB 105 Highway 51/Too Late Baby mb 750 V+
84 Stick-Horse Hammond Royalty 906 Too Late Baby/Highway 51 mb 500 E+
85 Harmonica Frank Chess 1475 Swamp Root/Step It Up And Go tol, mb 300 N-
86 Harmonica Frank Chess 1494 Howlin' Tomcat/She's Done Moved mb 500 N-
87 Thurston Harris Aladdin 3399 Do What You Did/I'm Asking Forgiveness E-
88 Jalacy Hawkins Timely 1004 Not Anymore/Baptize Me In Wine mb 150 N-
89 Jay Hawkins Mercury 70549 Wamee/This Is All mb 50 E
90 Ross Henderson /Four Black Diamonds Voc 1025 Daddy Come Back/I've Got Somebody Now mb 150 E-
91 Otis Hinton Timely 1003 Walkin' Down Hill/Emmaline mb 250 E+
92 Smokey Hogg Top Hat 1020 Penitentiary Blues Pt. 1 & 2 red vinyl, mb 100 N-
93 Wright Holmes Gotham 508 Good Road Blues/Drove From Home Blues mb 450 N-
94 Wright Holmes Gotham 511 Quinsella/Alley Special mb 400 N-/E+
95 Wright Holmes Miltone 5221 Alley Special/Good Road Blues mb 750 E+
96 John Lee Hooker Chance 1108 Talkin' Boogie/Miss Lorraine (as "John Lee Booker") mb 375 EE-/EE+
97 John Lee Hooker Chance 1110 Graveyard Blues/I Love To Boogie sld (as "John Lee Booker") mb 75 VV+
98 John Lee Hooker Chess 1505 Union Station Blues/High Priced Woman mb 100 EE-/EE+
99 John Lee Hooker Chess 1513 Walking The Boogie/Sugar Mama mb 30 V+/E-
100 John Lee Hooker Deluxe 6009 I'm A Boogie Man/I Came To See You Baby (as "Johnny Lee") mb 150 E-
101 John Lee Hooker Gotham 506 Wandering Blues/House Rent Boogie (as "Johnny Williams") mb 150 E+
102 John Lee Hooker Gotham 509 Questionnaire Blues/Real Gone Gal (as "Johnny Williams") mb 150 N-
103 John Lee Hooker Gotham 515 Catfish/Mean Old Train (as "John Lee") mb 150 EE+
104 John Lee Hooker King 4323 Nightmare Blues/I'm Gonna Kill That Woman (as "Texas Slim") mb 25 E/E-
105 John Lee Hooker Modern 627 Sally May/Boogie Chillen' mb 250 EE+
106 John Lee Hooker Modern 688 Whistlin' And Moanin' Blues/Weeping Willow Boogie mb 75 E+
107 John Lee Hooker Modern 730 Playin' The Races/Howlin' Wolf mb 75 E++
108 John Lee Hooker Modern 746 No Friend Around/Wednesday Evening E-/E
109 John Lee Hooker Modern 847 Turn Over A New Leaf/Anybody Seen My Baby mb 150 N-
110 John Lee Hooker Modern 862 Cold Chills All Over Me/Rock Me Mama mb 50 E-/E
111 John Lee Hooker Modern 876 It Hurts Me So/I Got Eyes For You hazy but plays E, mb 75 E+
112 John Lee Hooker Modern 20-767 Roll N' Roll/Give Me Your Phone Number wldj, mb 75 E+
113 John Lee Hooker Regal 3295 Boogie Chillen #2/Miss Eloise mb 25 E+/E-
114 John Lee Hooker Regal 3304 Never Satisfied/Notoriety Woman mb 50 E+
115 John Lee Hooker Regent 1001 Helpless Blues/Goin' Mad Blues (as "Delta John") mb 75 E-
116 John Lee Hooker Savoy 5558 Landing Blues/Low Down-Midnite Boogie (as "Birmingham Sam") mb 250 E+/E-
117 John Lee Hooker Sensation 21 Miss Sadie Mae/Burnin' Hell mb 75 E-/N-
118 John Lee Hooker Sensation 26 Canal Street Blues/Huckle Up Baby mb 75 E-
119 John Lee Hooker Sensation 30 Goin' On Highway #51/Let Your Daddy Ride mb 90 E+
120 John Lee Hooker Sensation 33 Decoration Day Blues/My Baby's Got Somethin' V+
121 John Lee Hooker Sensation 34 Boogie Chillen #2/Miss Eloise mb 150 N-
122 John Lee Hooker Staff 710 Wandering Blues/House Rent Boogie (as "Johnny Williams") mb 70 VV+
123 John Lee Hooker Swing Time 266 Prison Bound/Bumble Bee Blues (as "Johnny Williams") mb 30 E-/V+
124 Eddie Hope /Manish Boys Marlin 804 A Fool No More/Lost Chid mb 250 E+
125 Lightnin' Hopkins Aladdin 209 Down Now Baby/Play With Your Poodle flk 10gA E+
126 Lightnin' Hopkins Gold Star 637 No Mail Blues/Ain't It a Shame tight hc tix 1st 1/2"A E-
127 Lightnin' Hopkins Gold Star 666 Automobile/Zolo Go mb 150 EE+/E
128 Lightnin' Hopkins Harlem 2331 Fast Life/The Jackstropper mb 75 EE+
129 Lightnin' Hopkins Herald 443 Early Mornin' Boogie/Nothin But The Blues vinyl, wldj, swol E-
130 Lightnin' Hopkins Jax 661 Down To The River/Gone Again mb 75 EE+
131 Lightnin' Hopkins Mercury 8274 Let Me Fly Your Kite/Sad News From Korea mb 30 E/E+
132 Lightnin' Hopkins Modern 529 Short Haired Woman/Big Mamma Jump mb 25 E
133 Lightnin' Hopkins Modern 594 Walkiorea mb 40ng Blues/Lightning Blues mb 50 E-
134 Lightnin' Hopkins Modern 621 No Mail Blues/Ain't It A Shame mb 25 E/E-
135 Lightnin' Hopkins SIW 635 New Short Haired Woman/Coffee Blues V+/V
136 Lightnin' Hopkins SIW 644 Jail House Blues/T. Model Blues mb 100 E+
137 Walter Horton Modern 809 Little Boy Blue/Now Tell Me Baby (as "Mumbles") mb 350 E++
138 Walter Horton RPM 338 Jumpin' Blues/Black Gal tol, slt rough start B, mb 150 EE-
139 Joe Houston Von 12 Blow Mike Blow/Fan Tan Jitters (as " Joe & His Kool Kats) tight hc tixB mb 150 E-
140 Lawyer Houston Atlantic 916 Dallas Be-Bop Blues/Lawyer Houston Blues mb 750 E+
141 Camille Howard Specialty 309 Has Your Love Grown Cold?/Barcarolle Boogie red vinyl, slt mol, mb 75 E+
142 Howlin' Wolf RPM 333 Morning At Midnight/Riding In The Moonlight mb 400 N-
143 Howlin' Wolf RPM 340 Crying At Daybreak/Passing By Blues vvsld, mb 125 E-/E
144 Luther Huff Trumpet 141 Bull Dog Blues/Rosalee mb 250 E+
145 Pee Wee Hughes Deluxe 3228 Santa Fe Blues/Country Boy Blues mb 25 E/VV+
146 Lost John Hunter 4 Star 1492 Cool Down Mamma/Schoolboy mb175 E+
147 Lost John Hunter 4 Star 1511 Y-M And V Blues/Boogie For Me Baby mb 125 EE+
148 J.B. Hutto Chance 1160 Pet Cream Man/Lovin' You mb 500 EE-
149 Lil' Son Jackson Imperial 5131 Time Changes Things/Mr. Blues E-/E+
150 Lil' Son Jackson Imperial 5137 Restless Blues/Wondering Blues E-/E+
151 Lil' Son Jackson Imperial 5175 My Little Girl/Big Gun Blues mb 50 N-
152 Lil' Son Jackson Imperial 5192 Young Woman Blues/Travelin' Alone mb 30 E+/N-
153 Lil' Son Jackson Imperial 5204 Journey Back Home/Rockin' And Rollin' mb 30 E+
154 Lil' Son Jackson Imperial 5229 Freight Train Blues/Lonely Blues mb 30 E+
155 Little Son Jackson Gold Star 638 Roberta Blues/Freedom Train Blues mb 50 E/E+
156 Little Son Jackson Gold Star 663 Cairo Blues/Evil Blues mb 60 E+
157 Little Son Jackson Gold Star 668 Gambling Blues/Homeless Blues vinyl, mb 60 E+
158 Little Son Jackson Modern 840 Milford Blues/Talkin' Boogie mb 50 E
159 Elmo James Trumpet 146 Dust My Broom/Catfish Blues mb 350 N-
160 Elmore James Ace 508 I Wish I Was A Catfish/I Believe My Time Ain't Long mb 200 E
161 Elmore James Chief 7001 Coming Home/The 12 Year Old Boy mb 300 E/E+
162 Elmore James Flair 1048 Dark And Dreary/Rock My Baby Tonight 3-4grv noisy spot A & B, mb 20 EE+
163 Elmore James Meteor MR-5001/5003 (I Believe)(I Held My Baby Last Night) test pressing of Meteor 5000 mb 500 E-/V+
164 Elmore James Meteor 5003 Sinful Women/Baby What's Wrong mb 125 E+
165 Elmore James Trumpet 146 Catfish Blues/Dust My Broom mb 300 N-
166 Elmore James Vee-Jay 269 Cry For Me Baby/Take Me Where You Go #ol, mb 75 N-
167 Bo-Bo Jenkins Fortune 838 Baby, Don't You Wanna Go/10 Below Zero mb 300 N-
168 Jimmy & Walter Sun 180 Easy/Before Long B plays less, mb 600 EE+/E-
169 Everett Johnson none D624/5 Gypsy Blues/My Man's Gone To The Army K.C., MO. 1942 V-
170 Red Johnson Mercury 70141 West Coast Blues/Mama Does The Boogie stogB but plays E, scarce, hot, mb 100 E/E-
171 Eddie (Guitar Slim) Jones J-B 603 Feelin' Sad/Certainly All mb 50 E+
172 Floyd Jones J.O.B 1001 Big World/Dark Road mb 300 E
173 Keghouse Okeh 8583 Shiftin' My Gear Blues/Keghouse Blues mb 500 E-/E
174 Eddie Kirkland King 4680 I Mistreated A Woman/Please Don't Think I'm Nosey wldj, vvsld, mb 300 E
175 Ernest Lane Blues & Rhythm 7000 What's Wrong Baby?/Little Girl, Little Girl wldj, tol, mb 80 E-
176 Lazy Bill Chance 1148 I Had A Dream/She Got Me Walkin mb 1000 E+
177 Julia Lee Cap 308 Lies/Gotta Gimme Whatcha Got VG+
178 Tommy Lee Delta 405 Highway 80 Blues/Packin' Up My Blues tight repaired crack clix, mb 150 V+
179 J.B. Lenoir J.O.B. 112 Let's Roll/People Are Meddling mb 25 VV+
180 J.B. Lenore Chess 1463 Carrie Lee/Deep In Debt Blues vvsld, mb 300 E+
181 Ernest Lewis Flame 1007 Little Mae Bell/Lou Della (as "West Texas Slim") mb 300 N-
182 Ernest Lewis Swing Time 312 You've Got Good Business/Lonesome Bedroom (as "Buddy Lewis") mb 150 N-
183 Pete Lewis Federal 12076 Harmonica Boogie/Raggedy Blues wlbiodj, xol V
184 Smiley Lewis Colony 106 Sad Life/Don't Jive Me mb 125 EE-/E+
185 Joe Liggins Exclusive 213 Lovers Lament/Miss Betty's Blues V+
186 Papa Lightfoot Imperial 5289 Wine, Women, Whiskey/Mean Old Train vinyl, mb 675 N-
187 Little Johnny & Muddy Waters Aristocrat 405 Shelby County/ Big Town Playboy half moon lam, only open B, tix 1st 1" B, mb 150 E-
188 Little Milton (Anderson) Delta 403 Little Milton's Boogie/Boogie Woogie Woogie Baby mb 150 EE+
189 Little Walter Herald 403 Just Keep Lovin' Her/Take A Walk With Me mb 750 E+
190 Little Walter Herald 404 Rollin' Blues/Boll Weevil wldj, mb 700 E/E+
191 Little Walter Trio Parkway 502 Just Keep Lovin' Her/Moonshine Blues sldA, mb 1500 E/E+
192 Little Walter Trio Regal 3296 Muskadine Blues/Bad Actin' Woman mb 1000 N-
193 Little Willie Littlefield Federal 12221 Jim Wilson Boogie/Sitting On The Curbstone mb 25 E+
194 Little Willie Littlefield Modern 686 It's Midnight/Midnight Whistle V+
195 Little Willie Littlefield Modern 729 Riokin' Chair Mama/Your Love Wasn't So rc10gA V+
196 Little Willie Littlefield Modern 775 Hit The Road/Trouble Around Me mb 40 N
197 Robert Lockwood Mercury 8260 I'm Gonna Dig Myself A Hole/Dust My Broom mb 400 E+
198 Lonnie "The Cat" RPM 410 I Ain't Drunk/The Road I Travel (Ike Turner Band) mb 200 N-
199 Joe Hill Louis Big Town 401 Bad Woman Blues/Hydramatic Woman mb 450 E+
200 Joe Hill Louis Checker 763 Dorothy Mae/When I Am Gone mb 300 E+
201 Joe Hill Louis Col 30182 Railroad Blues/A'Jumpin' And A' Shufflin' mb 175 E-/E+
202 Joe Hill Louis Col 30221 Don't Trust Your Best Friend/Joe's Jump wldj, mb 225 E-
203 Joe Hill Louis Meteor 5004 Western Union Man/Jack Pot (as "Chicago Sunny Boy") mb 550 EE+
204 Joe Hill Louis Modern 828 Going Down Slow/Eyesight To The Blind 1"hctix, mb 30 E-
205 Joe Hill Louis Modern 839 Big Legged Woman/Gotta Go Baby mb 100 E+
206 Joe Hill Louis Rockin 509 Don't Do It Again/Riding Home (as "Leslie Louis") mb 375 E+
207 Lover Boy RPM 409 Love Is Scarce/The Way You Used To Treat Me mb 25 E-
208 Lovin' Sam Br 7183 Ugly Child/Bring It On Home To Your Grandma mb 200 E-/E+
209 Frank Luther and Ed Faber/BLUES QUARTETTE Grey Gull 4287 Woman Down In Memphis/ST. LOUIS BLUES excellent acapella blues qtt B, swish B, sld, mb 50 V
210 Madonna Martin Selective 104 Rattlesnakin' Papa/I Ain't The Same Old Fool E-
211 Lloyd Mathew /Henry Hoppers Top Hat 1021 Blues In The Rain Pt 1 & 2 red vinyl, mb 100 N-
212 Connie McBooker & Eddie Green Eddie's 1928 Short Baby Boogie/Rich Women Blues chipped edges, sld, mb 75 V+
213 Ernest McClay Murray 506 Big Timing Woman/Night Working Woman Beverly Scott gtr, mb 750 N
214 Jimmy McCracklin/EMERY FRANKLIN Cava-Tone 251 Jimmy's Blues/LONESOME DAY mb 150 N-
215 Brownie McGhee Alert 401 Mean Ole Frisco/Sportin Life Blues rcnap, mb 75 EE+
216 Brownie McGhee Alert 404 Night-Time Is The Right Time/Lovin' With A Feelin' mb 75 E/E-
217 Brownie McGhee Alert 409 B.M. Blues/Evil, But Kindhearted plays less, and clix several times E-
218 Brownie McGhee Alert 420 How Can I Love You/Hello Blues half moon crack tix 1st 1" A & B E/E-
219 Brownie McGhee Col 30152 Me And My Dog Blues/Picking My Tomatoes E-/E+
220 Brownie McGhee Derby 776 Sleepless Nights/I'm Gonna Move Across The River E-
221 Brownie McGhee Jax 304 I Feel So Good/Key To The Highway mb 25 E+
222 Brownie McGhee Okeh 06329 Million Lonesome Women/Dealing With The Devil sld VV+
223 Brownie McGhee Okeh 06419 Double Trouble/Money Spending Woman VV+
224 Brownie McGhee Okeh 06579 It Must Be Love/Back Home Blues #ol, mb 25 E+
225 Brownie McGhee Par 1301 Operator Long Distance/Heart In Sorrow mb 175 E+
226 Brownie McGhee Red Robin 111 Daisy/Don't Dog Your Woman mb 150 N-
227 Brownie McGhee RPM 5534 Easy Ridin Buggy/Women Lover Blues grainy pressing, plays less E
228 Brownie McGhee Savoy 747 Brownie's New Worried Life Blues/C.C. Baby E-
229 Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry Savoy 826 Carolina Blues/Watch-Out wldj, mb 50 E+
230 Stick McGhee Atlantic 873 Drinkin' Wine, Spo-Dee-O-Dee/Blues Mixture mb 50 E+
231 Stick McGhee Atlantic 926 Blue And Brokenhearted/Housewarmin' Boogie E+
232 David Pete McKinley Gotham 505 Shreveport Blues/Ardelle mb 150 E+
233 Pete McKinley Fidelity 3008 Mean Black Snake/Cryin' For My Baby mb 150 E+
234 Memphis Minnie Regal 3259 Kidman Blues/Why Did I Make You Cry mb 225 N
235 Memphis Minnie & Son Joe Col 36895 True Love/Please Set A Date N-
236 Mercy Dee Spire 101 Lonesome Cabin Blues/Baba-Du-Lay Fever 50 N-
237 Luella Miller Voc 1081 Rattle Snake Groan/Dreaming Of You Blues mb 150 V+
238 Mississippi Sheiks Okeh 8947 Show Me What You Got/Kitty Cat Blues mb 1200 N-
239 Mobile Strugglers American Music 104 Fattenin' Frogs/Memphis Blues sld, mb 150 E+
240 Muddy Waters Sunnyland Slim Aristocrat 1302 Gypsy Woman/Little Anna Mae plays less, mb 100 E+/E
241 Jimmie Nelson RPM 325 "T" 99 Blues/Rain Drop Blues V+/E-
242 Jimmy Newsome Allen 1005 Playboy/I'm Gonna Chunk You Down mb 200 E-/E
243 J.D. Nickelson J & M Fullbright 119 South Town Boogie/Strange Woman Blues mb 150 EE-
244 Robert Nighthawk Chess 1484 My Sweet Lovin' Woman/Return Mail Blues mb 125 E+/E-
245 Robert Nighthawk United 102 Kansas City Blues/Crying Won't Help You mb 400 E+
246 Robert Nighthawk United 105 Feel So Bad/Take It Easy Baby vslt mol, mb 400 E+
247 Willie Nix Chance 1163 No More Love/Nervous Wreck vvsld, Snooky, Sunnyland, Eddy T. mb 375 E-/E+
248 One String Sam J-V-B 40 My Baby, OOOO/I Need A Hundred Dollars xolB, off-center hole mb 1500 EE
249 Al Prince Swing Time 317 Don't Love A Married Woman/Wine Talk mb 75 N-
250 Snooky Pryor J.O.B. 1014 Cryin' Shame/Eighty Nine Ten Eddie Taylor, Moody Jones gtrs, mb 1500 E
251 Todd Rhodes Sensation 2132 Dance Of The Red Skins/Blue Sensation very light yellow transparent vinyl, rare, mb 200 E+
252 Robert Richard King 4274 Root Hog/Wigwam Woman mb 200 E-
253 Walter Robertson Flair 1053 I've Done Everything I Can/Sputterin' Blues mb 100 E+
254 Robinson Bros Black & White 107 I Got To Go/Come Back To Me Baby stog swishes 1st half B E-
255 Timmy "Oh Yeah!" Rogers Cameo 116 Back To School Again/I've Got A Dog Who Loves Me E
256 Lou Sargent Chess 1465 She Really Treats Me Wrong/Ridin' The Boogie VV+
257 Marylyn Scott Lance 1039 I Got What My Daddy Likes/Let's Do The Boogie Woogie E+
258 Seward & Hayes MGM 10770 Working Man Blues/Railroad Blues mb 90 EE+
259 Seward & Hayes Solo 10-003 Me And My Baby/Good Boy wldj (as "Blues King") mb 75 E+/E
260 Clara Sheridan Elko 914 Another Baby Boy/My Heart Gets So Heavy 1/2" scrB tix, mb 40 E+
261 Johnny Shines J.O.B. 1010 Brutal Hearted Woman/Evening Sun Walter Horton hca, mb 1200 E
262 Silver Cooks /Gondoliers Peacock 1510 Mr. Ticket Agent/Coming Back Home w/ Papa Lightfoot hca V+/E-
263 Bessie Smith Col 14197 After You've Gone/Muddy Water (A Mississippi Moan) slt wrp causes thump halfway thru both sides V+
264 Bessie Smith Col 14209 Send Me To The 'Lectric Chair/Them's Graveyard Words elec V+
265 Bessie Smith /Bessemer Singers Col 14538 On Revival Day/Moan Mourners plays better, elec V-
266 Henry Smith Fortune 802 Dog Me Blues/Rocking Chair Boogie mb 2000 N-
267 Thunder Smith Aladdin 166 L.A. Blues/Little Mama Boogie mb 50 EE+
268 Smokey Joe Sun 228 The Signifying Monkey/Listen To Me Baby mb 50 E/E+
269 Snooky & Johnny Old Swing-Master 19 My Baby Walked Out On Me/Let Me Ride Your Mule mb 250 V+/E-
270 Snooky & Moody Planet 101/2 Telephone Blues/Boogie sldB, stogB swishes middle 1/3, plays strong, mb 500 EE-/V+
271 Sonny Boy & Lonnie Continental 6052 The Wide Boogie/Talkin' Boogie mb 100 EE+
272 Sonny Boy & Lonnie Continental 6053 My Baby Blues/Big Moose Blues mb 125 E+
273 Sonny Boy & Lonnie Continental 6054 Big Headed Woman/I'll Water You Every Day mb 125 E+
274 Big Boy Spires Chance 1137 Which One Do I Love/About To Lose My Mind mb 500 E-
275 Big Boy Spires Checker 752 Murmur Low/One Of These Days mb 300 E+
276 St. Louis Jimmy Aristocrat 7001 So Nice And Kind/Florida Hurricane w/ Muddy & Sunnyland, mb 275 E
277 Luther Stoneham Mercury 8275 January 11, 1949 Blues/Sittin' Here Wonderin' mb 225 N-
278 Sugarman SIW 609 Which Woman Do I Love/She's Gone With The Wind mb 50 E+
279 Sunnyland Slim JOB 102 Down Home Child/Sunnyland Special mb 750 E+/E
280 Swing Brothers Palda 2004 Notoriety Woman/Papa's Boogie (Eddie Burns) repaired crk clix 1st 1" B, less A, mb 75 E
281 Blues Taylor Cap 57-7003 Hackensack Mama/Unwelcome Blues V+
282 Nat Terry Imperial 5150 Take It Easy/I Don't Know Why tol, mb 300 E+
283 Sonny Terry Cap 40061 Riff And Harmonica Jump/Screamin' And Cryin' Blues tol E+
284 Andrew Thomas Gold Star 659 In Love Blues/Walking Around Crying mb 150 E-
285 Jesse Thomas Club no # Another Friend Like Me/I Wonder Why mb 500 E
286 Jesse Thomas Elko 107 Gonna Move To California/Another Fool Like Me mb 450 EE+
287 Jesse Thomas Modern 20-710 Gonna Write You A Letter/Texas Blues mb 225 E+
288 Three Dynamites Col 37825 Dynamite Boogie/Facing Life V+
289 James Tisdom Universal Fox 100 Model T Boogie/Last Affair Blues mb 400 N-
290 James Tisdom Universal Fox 101 Throw This Poor Dog A Bone/Winehead Swing sld, mb 150 V+/E-
291 John Tripp Imperial 5190 Letters, Letters, Letters/Nobody's Woman mb 50 E-
292 Ike Turner Flair 1059 Cuban Get Away/Go To It gtr instrs, mb 175 EE+
293 Baby Boy Warren Drummond 3002 Baby Boy Blues/Chicken mb 375 E+
294 Baby Boy Warren Federal 12008 Forgive Me Darling/Please Don't Think I'm Nosey mb 675 E++
295 Baby Boy Warren J-V-B 26 Sanafee/Hello Stranger mb 675 E++
296 Baby Boy Warren Staff 706 My Special Friend Blues/Nervy Woman Blues mb 750 N-
297 Baby Boy Warren Staff 707 Lonesome Cabin Blues/Don't Want No Skinny Woman mb 90 VV+
298 Washboard Pete Savoy 5556 Christmas Blues/Neighborhood Blues Ralph Willis gtr, mb 75 N-
299 Katie Watkins/TEXAS REO & JIMMY Viceroy 3333 Trying To Get You Off My Mind/BLACK SNAKE BLUES plays better, mb 150 E-
300 James Wayne Fabor 2001 I'll Follow You/Patricia (as "Larry Evans") E
301 Curley Weaver SIW 646 Trixie/Some Rainy Day mb 225 E/E+
302 Tiny Webb Modern 666 Billboard Special/Tiny's Down Home mb 40 E+
303 Robert Wilkins Vi 21741* Rolling Stone Pt 1 & 2 sldB, mb 200 VV-
304 Joe Williams Bb 9025 Someday, Baby/Highway 49 mb 50 V+
305 Joe Williams Col 38190 Banta Rooster Blues/House Lady Blues wldj, mb 50 N-
306 Joe Williams Trumpet 169 Whistling Pines/Over Hauling Blues (as "Joe Lee Williams") mb 50 N-
307 L.C. Williams JAX 640 So Sorry/Baby Child mb 50 E
308 L.C. Williams SIW 648 Fannie Mae/The Lazy J mb 50 E/E+
309 Lonnie Williams SIW 567 New Road Blues/Tears In My Heart wldj, mb 75 E
310 James Williamson Chance 1121 Lonesome Ole Train/Farmer's Blues mb 1800 E++
311 James Williamson Chance 1131 Homesick/The Woman I Love mb 750 E+
312 Sonny Boy Williamson RCA 22-0046 Southern Dream/I Love You For Myself wldj, vinyl, mol, mb 35 N-
313 Chuck Willis Atlantic 1130 C.C. Rider/Ease The Pain E-
314 Little Son Willis Swing Time 305 I Love You Just The Same/Harlem Blues mb 60 E+
315 Ralph Willis Jubilee 5034 Somebody Is Got To Go/Blue, Blues, Blues E-/V+
316 Ralph Willis Prestige 923 Cold Chills/Amen mb 50 E
317 Ralph Willis Savoy 753 Amen Blues/Mama Mama Blues (as "Sleepy Joe") mb 75 E+
318 Willy & Ruth Spark 105 Cordella/Love Me swish 1st 1/4"A V+
319 Jimmy Wilson Cava-Tone 252 Mistake In Life/It's A Sin To Tell A Lie noisy, sld, mb 100 V+
320 Jimmy Wrieght Rhythm Makers Octive 2301 She Rocks/Sad Strings rare, mb 500 N-
321 Young Woolf Combo 88 Worries And Troubles/I Tried rare, excellent, bite 1/4" into grooves, mb 30 E+

322 Roy Acuff Col 20032 Great Speckle Bird No. 2/Tell Mother I'll Be There E/E+
323 Roy Acuff Okeh 04252 My Mountain Home Sweet Home/Great Speckle Bird V+
324 Lucky Joe Almond Trumpet 199 Rock Me/The Last Waltz sld V+/E
325 Gene Autry De 5488 That's How I Got My Start/Bear Cat Papa Blues mb 25 E+
326 Gene Autry Vi 23530* Money Ain't No Use Anyway/Bear Cat Papa Blues mb 40 V
327 Bill Boyd Bb 7691 New Steel Guitar Rag/Jig E-
328 Bill Carlisle /Kentucky Boys De 5713 Wabash Cannon Ball/Sparkling Blue Eyes E-
329 Cliff Carlisle Bb 6292* Look Out, I'm Shifting Gears/Get Her By The Tail On A Down Hill Drag VV+
330 Carlisle Brothers De 5921 Flag That Train/Go And Leave Me If You Wish To E
331 Ernie Chaffin Hickory 1016 Lonely Wind/I'm Gonna Salt My Sugar Away wldj E-
332 Patsy Cline De 30339 Today, Tomorrow And Forever/Try Again V+
333 Delmore Brothers De 5890 Old Mountain Dew/In The Blue Hills Of Virginia V+
334 Sam Hinton ABC 230 Long John/Old Man Atom E-/E
335 Jimmie Rodgers & Carter Family/MONROE BROS Bb 6762 The Carter Family And Jimmie Rodgers In Texas/WHERE IS MY SAILOR BOY? mb 100 N-
336 Lester (The Highway Man) De 5591 Maybe Next Week Sometime/Texas Blues mb 75 EE-
337 Jim Lowe Dot 15611 Slow Train/From A Jack To A King E
338 Bill Monroe Col 38172 Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong/My Rose Of Old Kentucky E+
339 Molly O'Day /Cumberland Mountain Folks Col 37981 The Tear Stained Letter/When God Comes To Gather His Jewels tol E+
340 Jimmie Rodgers Vi 21636* Memphis Yodel/Lullaby Yodel E++
341 Jimmie Rodgers Vi 40054* I'm Lonely And Blue/The Sailor's Plea tol VV+
342 Jimmie Rodgers Vi 40096* My Carolina Sunshine Girl/Desert Blues V
343 Ernest Rogers/ERNEST STONEMAN Vi 20671* The Flight Of "Lucky" Lindbergh/THE STORY OF THE MIGHTY MISSISSIPPI N-
344 Ernest Tubb De 6110 Careless Darlin'/Are You Waiting For Just Me E-
345 Hank Williams MGM 10961 Howlin' At The Moon/I Can't Help It wol V+
346 Willis Brothers /Oklahoma Wranglers Mercury 6071 I Don't Know/Wrangler Boogie VV+

347 Langdon Brothers Autograph no # Hawaiin Holiday March/Dreams Of Hawaii virtuoso gtr duet, rare, mb 350 V+
348 Nathan Abshire Khoury's 647 Lu Lu Boogie/Casa Blanca Wltz mb 150 E+

349 7 Bells Gospel Singers RIH 192 Soldier Of The Cross/Motherless Child plays better, mb 75 E+/E-
350 Bessemer Melody Boys Vi 38606* Sleep, My Mother/Motherless Children 1/4 inch hc VV-
351 Blue Jay Gospel Singers Trumpet 178 Shall I Meet You Over Yonder/Pilgrim Of Sorrow E+
352 Carolina Kings Trumpet 207 Going On Home To Glory/There's A Narrow Pathway To Heaven E
353 CBS Trumpeteers /Harmonizing Four Gotham 738 Mother's Prayer/This Wicked Race sld E
354 Ethel Davenport Coral 65012 Hallalujah/All The Way E+
355 Mary Deloach Regent 1023 I'll Ride On A Cloud With My Lord/Our Father Loves His Son VV+
356 Mary Deloatch Regent 1042 The New Gospel Street/The Lord's Gospel Train mb 25 EE+
357 Bro. Hugh Dent Trumpet 181 Let Us Glory/I'm Growing In The Spirit E+
358 Five Sons Of Strangers Free 1014 Born In Bethlehem/Feel Like I Got To Go mb 100 E+
359 Five Sons Of Strangers Lance 1019 Can't Keep It To Myself/Leave It In The Hands Of The Lord mb 175 E+
360 Brother Johnny Fuller/CHARLIE WHITE Jaxyson 32 Poor Pilgrim Of Sorrow/STAND BY ME mb 500 E
361 Rev. J. M. Gates Champion 15199* Amazing Grace/I'm Going to Heaven If It Takes My Life E+
362 Rev. J.M. Gates Okeh 8684* Dead Cat On The Line/You Midnight Ramblers VV+
363 Georgia Peach Signature 32023 My Good Lord's Been Here/Goin' to Wait On The Rising Sun wldj, mb 75 E+
364 Georgia Sacred Singers Herwin 93020* That Old Account Was Settled Long Ago/Daniel In The Lions Den mb 25 V
365 Golden Keys H & W 403 Feel Like Flying Away/I'll Be The One mb 40 V+
366 Brother Will Hairston J-V-B 47 He Comes Rushing Like A Mighty Wind/The Bible Is Right rare, mb 300 EE-
367 Happy Gospel Singers Rich-R-Tone 801 Don't You Want To Join That Number/Just A Closer Walk mb 300 E+
368 Jackson Gospel Singers Okeh 6918 Lord Take Care Of Me/I Know The Lord wldj, mb 20 E-/E
369 Reverend A. Johnson Deluxe 6042 Do You Call That Religion/I'm Gonna Do My Best bad spot, mild swish, 1st 1" B, mb 75 E+
370 Rev. Kelsey MGM 10250 Little Boy/Lord Send The Rain E
371 Rev. Kelsey MGM 10303 Tell Me How Long/Evening Prayer E+
372 Rev. Kelsey MGM 10568 Heaven Is Mine/All That I Have Is In Jesus V+
373 Rev. Kelsey Scoop 500 I'm A Soldier/Babylon mb 75 V++
374 Rec. G. W. Killens RIH 196 I Love The Lord/Great God Almighty lining hymn, mb 100 E+
375 Rev. Latimore Elko 917 Eagle Stirs His Nest/Prayer mb 50 EE+/E
376 Sister Ira Mae Littleton Sacred 505 Help Me Serve The Lord/What More V
377 Macedonians Octive 707 Stop The War/Old Blind Bartmaeus mb 50 E+
378 Dr. W. M. Morris Crusader no # Peace In The Valley/All Nations V+
379 Norfolk Jubilee Quartette Pm 12630* His Eye Is On The Sparrow/I Wouldn't Mind Dying If Dying Was All 1 inch hc nap VV-
380 Nugrape Twins Col 14187 I Got Your Ice Cold Nugrape/There's A City Built Of Mansions elec, small dig causes 7 tix A, mb 100 G
381 Nugrape Twins Col 14251 The Road Is Rough And Rocky/Pray Children If You Want To Go To Heaven elec, mb 150 V
382 Radio Four Nashboro 577 I Expect to Be Landed/My Imagination Of Heaven V+
383 Richmond Starlight Quartette QRS 7056 Won't Be Worried No More/Oh You Better Mind mb 500 VV+
384 Rev, W. M. Rimson /Congregation Religious Recording 1618 Jonah(Song)/Jonah(Sermon) VV+
385 Rev. Rimson Specialty 805 Jonah(Song)/Jonah(Sermon) wldj, tol E/E-
386 Silver Echo Quartet Manor 8020 Anyhow My Lord/Where Shall I Go plays better, E+
387 Simmons-Akers Trio Score 5017 It Means A Lot To Know Jesus For Yourself/Didn't It Rain V+
388 Sister Christine Elko 903 Take My Hand/If I Could Only Hear My Mother's Prayer Again E-
389 Rev. Utah Smith Manor 1051 I Want Two Wings/God's Mighty Hand mb 30 VV+
390 Southern Alabama Chorus Champion 15104 Little David, Play On Yo' Harp/Wheel In A Wheel (Ezekial Saw De Wheel) V/V+
391 Southern Harps King 4221 Standing In The Safety Zone/What Could I Do mb 25 V+
392 Southern Sons Quartet Trumpet 131 My God Is A Mighty Man/God Will Answer Prayer mb 20 EE+
393 Southern Sons Quartette Trumpet 142 This Heart Of Mine Pt 1 & 2 vsld, mb 25 N-
394 Southern Sons Quartette Trumpet 143 Our Heavenly Father/I Can't feel At Home Anymore mb 20 E+
395 Southland Jubilee Singers Herwin 92009* Get On Board Little Children, Get On Board/Lord I Can't Stay Away 1 inch hc tix, mb 20 V
396 Spirit Of Memphis Quartet King 4521 He Never Let Go My Hand/The Atomic Telephone mb 100 E+
397 St. Mark's Chanters Col 14198 'Buked And Scorned/So High elec EE+
398 St. Paul Baptist Church Choir Of Los Angeles Cap 70002 Didn't It Rain/He's A Friend Of Mine E-
399 Swanee River Quartet Olliet 10 Lord Have Mercy/Jesus Is My Friend mb 150 E+
400 Sister O.M. Terrell Col 21139 Swing Low Chariot/God's Little Birds mb 90 E
401 Sister O.M. Terrell Col 21228 Lord I Want You To Lead Me On/The Bible's Right mb 150 E+
402 Liney Terry Elko 825 I'm Happy With Jesus Alone/Will He Say "My Child Well Done" hc clix VV+
403 Sister Rosetta Tharpe De 8594 Just A Closer Walk With Thee/I'm In His Care E-/VV+
404 Sister Rosetta Tharpe De 8657 Sleep On Darling Mother/I Want To Live So God Can Use Me E+
405 Paul Thomas Gospel Revilations Elko 902 Come Over Here/God's Blood mb 25 E+
406 W.M.A. Soul Stirrers Dolphins of Hollywood 160 What Jesus Is To Me/Thy Holy Will Be Done mb 30 V+
407 Sister Ernestine Washington Manor 1122 Bound For Canaan Land/I'm Gonna Live The Life I Sing About mb 40 N-
408 Charlie White/SISTER H. MATTHEWS Jaxyson 23 How Long/STAND BY ME mb 675 EE+
409 Evangelist-Sister Rosetta Winn Club 301 Higher & Higher/Building On The Good Place Jesse Thomas gtr mb 275 E-/E

410 Aimee Semple McPherson Col 784 Come Unto Me/I Ain't - A Gonna Grieve elec E-

JAZZ 78s
411 Duke Ellington Col 498 On The Sunny Side Of The Street/How High The Moon Japanese Press E-
412 Duke Ellington Vi 38089* Swanee Shuffles/Mississippi sld V
413 Johnny Mercer Cap 195 On The Atchison, Topeka And Santa Fe/Conversation While Dancing tol VG+
414 Sonny Stitt Prestige 718 Nice Work If You Can Get It/Count Every Star pressing bubble tix several times A E-
415 Ted White's Collegians/ROY COLLIN'S DANCE ORCH Oriole 1034 My Blue Heaven/WHO DO YOU SUPPOSE? sld, flk nap V+

416 William Jennings Bryan Gennett 5216 Immortality/The Virgin Birth dent thumps1/4'A E-
417 Bing Crosby Crosby Blows His Top 14 Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams/Serenade In Blue E+
418 Bing Crosby Crosby Blows His Top no # Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams/Serenade In Blue shellac test, handwritten labels, profanity at end A&B, mb 50 E-
419 Bing Crosby De no # Why Do I Like You one-sided limited edition #147/1000, autographed, made for St. John's Hospital, Santa Monica, mb 25 V-
420 Frank Crumit Vi 20715 Frankie And Johnnie/Abdul Abulbul Amir mb 25 E
421 Vernon Dalhart Col 1000 Lindbergh/Lucky Lindy elec V+
422 Jerry Lewis De 30124 Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody/Come Rain Or Come Shine EE-
423 Miccolis Sisters Deluxe 5025 Chime Bells/Barn-Yard Rag VV+
424 The New Singers Timely no# The Internationale/Forward! We've Not Forgotten gorgeous picture labels, see preview pix mb 25 E-

425 Paul Anka ABC 9831 Diana/Don't Gamble With Love vinyl E
426 Paul Anka ABC 9855 Tell Me That You Love Me/I Love You Baby stog nap, plays better V+
427 Frankie Avalon Chancellor C1011 Dede Dinah/Ooh La La vinyl, plays better, mb 20 E-
428 Doc Bagby Okeh 7089 Dumplin's/Sylvia's Callin' E
429 Joe Bennett /Sparkletones ABC 9867 Rocket/Penny Loafers And Bobby Socks mb 40 E+
430 Chuck Berry Chess 1626 Drifting Heart/Roll Over Beethoven sld, mb 150 E-
431 Chuck Bowers Choice 841 Pinball Boogie/Wand'Ring Shoes slt wrp E
432 Sonny Burgess Sun 247 Red Headed Woman/We Wanna Boogie mb 90 V+/E-
433 Champs Challenge 59007 El Rancho Rock/Midnighter plays E V+
434 Chordettes Cadence 1247 Mr. Sandman/I Don't Wanna See You Cryin' E-
435 Eddie Cochran Liberty 55123 Jeanie, Jeanie, Jeanie/Pocketful Of Hearts vinyl, mb 300 EE+
436 Sam Cooke Keen 4-4002 For Sentimental Reasons/Desire Me EE-
437 Sam Cooke Specialty 619 I'll Come Running Back To You/Forever E-
438 Crescendos Nasco 6005 Oh Julie/My Little Girl sld E-
439 Crickets Br 55009 I'm Looking For Someone To Love/That'll Be The Day hc tix sev'l times V+
440 Crickets Br 55035 Not Fade Away/Oh Boy! plays better mb 250 E-/E
441 Crickets Br 55053 Maybe Baby/Tell Me How plays better, mb 200 EE-
442 Jimmy Daley /Ding-A-Lings De 30163 Can I Steal A Little Love/Rock, Pretty Baby plays E, mb 30 E/E-
443 Bill Doggett King 4950 Honky Tonk Pt 1 & 2 E
444 Fats Domino Imperial 5375 Don't Blame It On Me/Bo Weevil V+
445 Jimmy Edwards Mercury 71209 Honey Lovin'/Love Bug Crawl EE+
446 Esquire Boys Guyden 705 Rock-A-Beatin' Boogie/St. Louie Blues E-
447 Everly Brothers Cadence 1337 Wake Up Little Susie/Maybe Tomorrow E+
448 Billy Farrell Imperial 7001 Slippin' And Slidin'/Cherry Lips E+
449 Ronnie Gaylord Mercury 70285 Oh, Am I Lonely/Cuddle Me E
450 Bill Haley De 29124 Rock Around The Clock/Thirteen Women pink dj, mb 100 E+
451 Bill Haley De 30085 Blue Comet Blues/Rudy's Rock E
452 Bill Haley /Comets De 30530 It's A Sin/Mary, Mary Lou mb 50 E
453 Bill Haley /Comets De 30681 Lean Jean/Don't Nobody Move E-
454 Bill Haley /Hailey's Comets Essex 327 Pat-A-Cake/Fractured dj, wol, small stogBnap E/V+
455 Bill Haley Essex 340 Ten Little Indians/I'll Be True E-
456 Bill Haley /Comets Essex 374 Juke Box Cannon Ball/Sundown Boogie mb 50 E+
457 Bill Haley /Hailey's Comets Essex 399 Rock The Joint/Farewell - So Long - Good-Bye E
458 Bill Haley /Saddlemen Holiday 105 Rocket 88/Tearstains On My Heart flknap, mb 75 E-/V+
459 Thurston Harris Aladdin 3398 Little Bitty Pretty One/I Hope You Won't Hold It Against Me V+
460 Dale Hawkins Checker 863 Susie-Q/Don't Treat Me This Way mb 50 E-/E
461 Buddy Knox Roulette 4018 Devil Woman/Hula Love E
462 Jerry Lee Lewis Sun 267 Whole Lot Of Shakin' Going On/It'll Be Me mb 90 E
463 Jerry Lee Lewis Sun 281 Great Balls Of Fire/You Win Again mb 50 E-
464 Little Richard RCA 20-5025 Please Have Mercy On Me/I Brought It All On Myself wldj, vinyl, tol, mb 300 N-
465 Little Richard Specialty 606 Jenny, Jenny/Miss Ann V+
466 Little Richard Specialty 611 Keep A Knockin'/Can't Believe You Wanna Leave mb 75 E+
467 Frankie Lymon Gee 1039 Goody Goody/Creation Of Love E
468 Frankie Lymon Roulette 4026 My Girl/So Goes My Love E
469 Warner Mack /Anita Kerr Qtt De 30471 Roc-A-Chika/Since I Lost You R.A.B., mb 50 E
470 Magnificents Vee-Jay 183 Up On The Mountain/Why Did She Go rol E
471 Mickey And Sylvia Vik 0297 Where Is My Honey/There'll Be No Backin' Out sldB E
472 Lattie Moore Speed 101 Juke Joint Johnny/It's Good Enough For You slt wrp, mb 40 E
473 Cozy Morley ABC 9811 I Love My Girl/Why Don't You Fall In Love? plays better, mb 25 E-
474 Ricky Nelson Imperial 5463 Be-Bop Baby/Have I Told You Lately That I Love You? E
475 Nervous Norvus Dot 15500 The Bullfrog Hop/The Fang hc tix E-
476 Ted Newman Rev 3505 Plaything/Unlucky Me E
477 Terry Noland Br 55036 Patty Baby/Don't Do Me This Way mb 40 E
478 Roy Orbison Sun 242 Ooby Dooby/Go! Go! Go! mb 100 E
479 Carl Perkins Sun 234 Blue Suede Shoes/Honey, Don't! mb 35 E
480 Elvis Presley RCA 6604 Hound Dog/Don't Be Cruel E
481 Elvis Presley RCA 7035 Jailhouse Rock/Treat Me Nice V++
482 Elvis Presley RCA 20-6420 Heartbreak Hotel/I Was The One E
483 Elvis Presley RCA 20-6604 Don't Be Cruel/Hound Dog rol E-
484 Elvis Presley Sun 210 Good Rockin' Tonight/I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine very slt warp, vvsldB, mb 750 EE-/E
485 Jimmie Rodgers Roulette 4015 Honeycomb/Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring E
486 Jimmie Rodgers Roulette 4045 Oh-Oh, I'm Falling In Love Again/The Long Hot Summer E
487 Royal Teens ABC 9882 Short Shorts/Planet Rock vinyl, plays better, mb 100 E
488 Gale Storm Dot 15606 On My Mind Again/Love By The Jukebox Light EE-
489 Gene Vincent Cap 3763 Lotta Lovin'/Wear My Ring sld, slt wrp E-
490 Larry Williams Specialty 608 Short Fat Fannie/High School Dance E/E-
491 Larry Williams Specialty 615 Bony Moronie/You Bug Me, Baby mb 50 E
492 Larry Williams Specialty 626 Dizzy, Miss Lizzy/Slow Down mb 40 EE+

493 Lee Andrews Chess 1675 The Girl Around The Corner/Tear Drops EE-
494 Cadillacs Josie 792 Zoom/You Are mb 50 EE+
495 Chantels End 1005 Maybe/Come My Little Baby mb 50 EE+
496 Danny & The Juniors ABC 9871 At The Hop/Sometimes (When I'm All Alone) vinyl, mb 50 E
497 Del Vikings Mercury 71180 Come Along With Me/Wat'cha Gotta Lose E
498 Diamonds Mercury 71165 Zip Zip/Oh, How I Wish vinyl, plays better E-
499 Dominoes Federal 12022 Sixty-Minute Man/I Can't Escape From You E
500 Drifters Exelsior 1314 Honey Chile/Mobile sld, mb 75 E
501 Dubs Gone 5011 Could This Be Magic/Such Lovin' E-
502 Five Keys Cap 3032 Close Your Eyes/Doggone It, You Did It E-/E
503 Flames Spin 101 Stange Land Blues/Cryin' For My Baby mb 75 E+
504 Cecil Gant Bronze 117 I Wonder/Last Goodbye tol V+
505 Lil Greenwood /Four Jacks Federal 12082 My Last Hour/Monday Morning Blues mb 75 E+
506 Hollywood Flames Ebb 119x Buzz-Buzz-Buzz/Crazy vinyl E-/E
507 Clyde McPhatter Atlantic 1092 Treasure Of Love/When You're Sincere vinyl E-/E
508 Prisonaires Sun 186 Just Walkin' In The Rain/Baby Please sld, slt wrp, mb 50 V/E
509 Rays Cameo 117 Silhouettes/Daddy Cool E-
510 Robins RIH 150 Early Morning Blues/School Girl Blues mb 100 N
511 Silhouettes Ember 1029 I Am Lonely/Get A Job mld EE-

512 Larry Birdsong De 9-30186 Let's Try It Again/Oo Wee Honey VG+
513 Larry Birdsong Vee-Jay 254 I'm Pleading Just For You/If You Don't Want Me No More VG+
514 Buster Brown Fire 1008 Fannie Mae/Lost In A Dream VG
515 Canned Heat Atlantic 3236 The Harder They Come mono/stereo VG++
516 Canned Heat Liberty 7541 Boogie With Canned Heat album spot commercial, dj VG+
517 Canned Heat Liberty 15090 On The Road Again/World In A Jug U.K press, os VG++
518 Canned Heat Liberty 27200 Living The Blues dj, album spot commercial VG++
519 Canned Heat Liberty 55979 Rollin' And Tumblin'/Bullfrog Blues VG+
520 Canned Heat Liberty 56038 On The Road Again/Boogie Music dj VG+
521 Canned Heat Liberty 56077 Going Up The Country/One Kind Favor dj VG++
522 Canned Heat Liberty 56097 Time Was/Low Down dj VG++
523 Canned Heat Liberty 56127 Poor Moon/Sic 'Em Pigs dj M-
524 Canned Heat Liberty 56151 I'm Her Man/Let's Work Together VG+
525 Canned Heat United Artists XW243-W Harley Davidson Blues dj, mono/stereo M-
526 Canned Heat & John Lee Hooker United Artists 50779 Whiskey And Wimmen dj, mono/stereo VG++
527 Carla And Rufus Atco 6177 Deep Down Inside/Cause I Love You VG+
528 Alvin Cash Mar-lus 6018 The Charge/Diff'rent Strokes For Diff'rent Folks VG++
529 Ray Charles Atlantic 2068 Tell The Truth/Sweet Sixteen Bars mb 20 M-
530 Ray Charles Atlantic 2084 Tell Me You'll Wait For Me/Come Rain Or Come Shine VG
531 Dee Clark Abner 1037 At My Front Door/Cling A Ling VG
532 Ry Cooder Reprise 0910 Goin' To Brownsville/Available Space VG
533 Champion Jack Dupree Atlantic 2032 Strollin'/Frankie And Johnny VG-
534 Earl Forest Duke 108 Whoopin' And Hollerin'/Pretty Bessie VG
535 Barry Goldberg And Joe Fields Buddah 4 Interview wldj VG+
536 Goldberg-Miller Blues Band Epic 5-9865 The Mother Song/More Soul, Than Soulful wldj, transp blue vinyl, xol VG+
537 John Hammond Red Bird 10-047 I Wish You Would/I Can Tell wldj VG
538 Slim Harpo Excello 2194 Rainin' In My Heart/Don't Start Cryin' Now VG
539 Him Tear Drop 3074 It's A Man Down There/4 A.M. pseud for Sir Douglas VG+
540 Jimmy Holiday & Clydie King Minit 32021 Ready, Willing And Able/We Got A Good Thing Goin' dj VG++
541 Willie Hutch Motown 1637MF In And Out wldj M-
542 Jermaine Jackson Artista 9190 Dynamite transp red vinyl M-/VG++
543 Jesse James Gunsmoke 002 I Can Do Bad By Myself/same (instr) xol M-
544 Johnny Little John Full Scope 8200 Chips Flying Everywhere/Johnny's Blues M-
545 Louis Jordan X 4x-0148 Baby Let's Do It Up/Bananas dj VG
546 Freddy King Federal 12475 I'm On My Way To Atlanta/In The Open VG++
547 Calvin Leavy Soul Beat 118 Free From Cummins Prison Farm/Enjoy Being Hurt By You mb 20 VG++
548 Little Milton Checker 1239 I Play Dirty/Nothing Beats A Failure VG++
549 Taj Mahal Col 4-44051 I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate/Let The Good Times Roll VG
550 Taj Mahal Col 4-44476 Everybody's Got To Change Sometime/Statesboro Blues VG-
551 John Mayall Bluesbreakers London 20035 Suspicions/Oh, Pretty Woman VG+
552 Jimmy McCracklin Premium 102 I Don't Care/Get Back VG
553 Bow Legs Miller /Friends SOH 025 All For You/It's Bump Time VG+
554 Charlie Musselwhite Cherry Red 4503-2 Takin' Care Of Business/Just A Little Bit wldj, autographed, mb 50 VG+
555 none listed Sound Studios 146-88-01 Boogie/Blues acetate, ads for 7-UP, sounds like Canned Heat?, 230 N. Michigan, mb 50 VG+
556 Johnny Norwood /Calvin Leavy's Band Soul Beat 115 Pick In/Shake mb 200 VG
557 Earl Palmer Liberty F-55356 Honky Tonk - Pt. 2/New Orleans Medley VG
558 Billy Preston A&M 1463 Space Race/We're Gonna Make It VG++
559 Billy Preston A&M 1544 My Soul Is A Witness/Nothing From Nothing VG++
560 Billy Preston Megatone S-10142 If You Let Me Love You/You Can't Hide From Love VG+
561 A.C. Reed Ice Cube 2176 If You're Drunk Don't Drive/Things I Want You To Do xol M-
562 Jimmy Reed Vee-Jay 314 Take Out Some Insurance/You Know I Love You VG+
563 Dianne Reeves TBA 703-N Who Knows Where Love Goes dj VG++
564 Roy C Three Gems 3G-114 Rock Me All Night/Want To Make You Shine Like A Star xol M-
565 Evie Sands A&M 1026 I'll Hold Out My Hand/One Fine Summer Morning wldj VG++
566 Evie Sands A&M 1175 But You Know I Love You/Maybe Tomorrow wldj VG+
567 Evie Sands Cameo 475 Angel Of The Morning/Dear John wldj VG+
568 Rufus Thomas Stax 0071 The Preacher And The Bear/Sixty Minute Man Part II VG+
569 Rufus Thomas Stax 0079 (Do The) Push And Pull Pt. 1 & 2 xol VG+
570 Sonny Boy Williamson Checker 824 All My Love In Vain/Don't Start Me Talkin' VG
571 Johnny Winter Atlantic 2248 You'll Be The Death Of Me/Eternally wldj VG++
572 Johnny Winter Rolic 512 I Won't Believe It/Gone For Bad VG
573 Johnny Winter Sondbeat R-s107 Rollin' And Tumblin/Mean Town Blues xol VG++
574 Betty Wright Alston 4620 One Thing Leads To Another/It's Bad For Me To See You xol VG++
575 O.V. Wright Back Beat 631 I've Been Searching/I'm Going Home VG++

576 Flatt & Scruggs Col 4-44380 Down In The Flood/Foggy Mountain Breakdown dj, tol M-

577 J. Gwangwa African Explosion Jamal 3170 African Sausage/Szaba-Szaba VG+
578 Julia Nui /Kamaainas Hawaii 45211 Holoholo Kaa/Ei Nei VG+

579 Birmingham Bluetette + 3 Pirate MPC 502 Collectors Items Vol. 1 M-/VG++
580 Country Joe And The Fish Rag Baby no # same VG/VG
581 Dejan's Olympia Brass Band NoLa JBS 1 Olympia Special/Upper Garden +1 U.K. press, 7" 33 VG++
582 Dejan's Olympia Brass Band NoLa JBS (s) 3 New Second Line/Basin Street Blues +1 U.K. press, 7" 33 M-
583 Francoise Hardy Vogue VRE.5000 On Se Plait +1/Le Fille Avec Toi +1 U.K. press VG+/nc
584 White Willie Johnson Blues Economique ARS-051379 Live At Last 7" 33 VG+
585 Ken Kersey Savoy 8094 Piano Styles Of VG+/VG
586 Mr. & Mrs. F.H. Lacy Sacred 46 The Unveiled Christ +1/Jericho Road +1 VG+/nc
587 Marie LaforÉt Festival 1331 same gf, French press M-/M-
588 Marie LaforÉt Festival 37-56 Lo Que Hace Llorar A Las Chicas +1/Corazon De Otono +1 French press VG/VG+
589 Lambert Ensemble Jazzette 1001 Songs From The Lord's House 7" 33 VG++
590 Wingy Manone Col B-2029 Mr. New Orleans autographed, 1"ss bottom, mb 25 VG+/VG+
591 Wingy Manone X EVA-4 same VG+/VG+
592 John Mayall /Bluesbreakers De 8673 same w/ Paul Butterfield U.K. press, prod. by Mike Vernon, 1967, mb 40 M-/VG+
593 Red McKenzie, Eddie Lang Jazz Museum 20 A Collection Of Historical Recordings German press M-/M-
594 Jelly Roll Morton Mortonia CP-6273-2 Sing A Little Song Each Day +1/Fickle Fay Creep +1 M-/nc
595 Jelly Roll Morton Mortonia 101 Turtle Twist +1/My Little Dixie Home +1 M-/nc

FOLK 45s
596 Mimi Farina & Tom Jans A&M 1339 Good God, I'm Feeling Fine mono/stereo, dj VG++
597 Fred Neil Epic 5-9334 Secret, Secret/Love's Funny VG+
598 Tom Rush Col 4-45185 Lost My Drivin' Wheel dj, mono/stereo, #ol M-

599 William Bell, Mavis Staples Stax 0043 Strung Out/Love's Sweet Sensation VG++
600 Eddie Floyd, Mavis Staples Stax 0041 Ain't That Good/Never, Never Let You Go wldj VG++
601 Mahalia Jackson Col 4-41150 He's Got The Whole World In His Hands/Didn't It Rain yellow label VG
602 Jackson Southernaires Song Bird 1124 Christian's Desire/If It's Alright dj VG
603 Rev. Johnny L Jones Jewel 154 Prayer #1/Come By Here wldj, slt mol VG+
604 Jubilee Hummingbirds Designer 6881 Where Could I Go/I'm Living For Jesus VG+
605 Kansas City Melodyaires Song Bird 1179 I Stepped In The Water/Stand Up And Testify dj VG++
606 Kings Of Harmony Home-Boys 7-30-71 Jesus Is On The Main Line/Guide My Mind VG+
607 Elinor Lasky Pilgrim 901 Let Christ Direct Your Life/Planning With Jesus VG++
608 Jerome Lee Stephanos 401879 I'll Fly Away/Precious Lord sax instrs, autographed VG++
609 Little Junior /Butler-Aires Fuller 6438 Jackie, Don't You Weep/That's What's The Matter With The Church Today VG
610 Prophet G. Lusk Savior 201 The Devil's Trying To Steal My Joy/The Lord Will Answer Prayer VG+
611 Rev. Thomas H. Masters Rhoda 1905 I Will Trust In The Lord/same VG
612 Bro. Joe May Nashboro 713 Walk With Me, Lord/Goin' On A Long Journey VG
613 Rev. Oris Mays Jewel 155 Another Christmas Without My Son/Stand Still wldj VG++
614 Reverend Oris Mays Song Bird 1126 I Learned How To Lean/Don't Let The Devil Ride VG+
615 Reverend Oris Mays Song Bird 1147 Royal Telephone/Jesus Is Sweeter Than Honey VG+
616 Melody Kings Of Greenwood Miss Designer 6918 If You Need The Lord Call Him/I Know Its Jesus VG++
617 Melody-Kings Of Los Angeles, California Song Bird 1031 I'm Going To Walk Through The Streets Of The City Pt. 1 & 2 dj VG++
618 Memphis Spiritual 4 Hub City 61472-1 Step By Step Pt. 1 & 2 VG++
619 Flora Molton Molton 0002 The Sun Will Shine In Vietnam/I Heard It Through The True Vine slt wrp, mb 25 VG+
620 Willie Morganfield Acquarian 6457 Can I Ride/What Is This Hathiesburg, MS. VG
621 Paramount Singers Duke 212 Shall We Meet/Mother VG+
622 Pilgrim Harmonizers Miss 621 Witness There Too/Over The Hill VG++
623 Mrs. Charlie M. Ralph /Pilgrim Radio Choir Pilgrim 804 I'm Going To Thank Him/Make Me A Blessing VG-
624 Rev. Cleophus Robinson Battle 45923 Grace Made A Change/Consecrated VG
625 Singing Cavaliers Audio Gospel 111 Treated So Bad/You've Got To Move VG
626 Sister Nellie Spattes Duplex 1420 Nobody But You, Lord/Since I Met You VG
627 Spirit Of Memphis Peacock 2415 What Could I Do/Sweet Hour Of Prayer shiny, mb 25 VG+
628 Spirit Of Memphis Peacock 3096 Pay Day/My Explanation dj, flat VG++
629 Staple Singers D-Town 204 I'll Fly Away/Standing At The Bedside Of My Neighbor plays better VG-
630 Staple Singers Epic 5-10264 Deliver Me/He wldj VG+
631 Staple Singers Stax 0104 Respect Yourself/You're Gonna Make Me Cry VG++
632 Stars Of Harmony Star 100 Born Again/Old Lady VG+
633 Stars Of Virginia Vivid 1003 He Can Fix It/Battle Hymn Of The Republic dj VG
634 Sister Rosetta Tharpe Mercury 70910 Cain't No Grave Hold My Body Down/When The Saints Go Marching In VG
635 Joe Townsend Designer 6885 If I Could Not Say A Word/Going Over The Hill VG+
636 Traveling Echoes Jewel DS 151 He's A Way Maker/Looking And Seeking wldj, #ol VG++
637 Voices Of Victory De 9-48316 I'm So Glad Jesus Lifted Me/Trusting In Jesus pink dj VG++
638 Roosevelt Walker Markeys 101 Over Yonder/Worrying Me VG++
639 Rev. Amos Waller Jewel 242 He's The Joy Of My Salvation/Old Time Religion VG++
640 Clara Ward Tuba 2002 Gonna Build A Mountain/God Bless The Child xol VG
641 Clara Ward Verve 10546 It Is No Secret/I Pray For People dj VG++
642 Williams Brothers And Sister Lee Ida Brown Song Bird 1180 He's Mighty Nice To Know/Great Joy dj VG+
643 Wright Specials Divinity 99005 Ninety-Nine And A Half Won't Do/I Won't Go Back VG+

JAZZ 45s
644 Joe Dukes Prestige 322 Greasy Drums/Moohah The DJ VG
645 Gloria Lynne Everest 19431 And This Is My Beloved/I'm Glad There Is You dj VG++
646 Wingy Manone Imperial 5825 No. 1 Hit/Meat Balls wldj VG+
647 Thelonious Monk Col 4-42825 Hackensack/Bye-Ya VG+
648 Clifford Scott /Joe Pass World Pacific 368 Crosstalk/Samba De Bamba VG+
649 Jack Teagarden Omega 112 Parasol/Don't You Think It's About Time? VG
650 Jack Teagarden Teagarden 52687 Lover/Roxy Blues Canadian press, unaccompanied M-
651 Howard Wales Costal CR 101 Huxley's Howl/My Blues VG+

652 Minstrels Standard 641 Coon, Coon, Coon 7" 78, mb 20 G+

653 Beach Boys Brother 1001 Heroes And Villians VG++/VG+
654 Beach Boys Cap 5676 Good Vibrations VG+/VG
655 Beatles Apple 2531 Ballad Of John And Yoko VG+/VG
656 Beatles Apple 2764 Let It Be VG+/VG
657 Beatles Cap 5112 I Want To Hold Your Hand/I Saw Here Standing There sleeve only, no periods, mb 40 VG+
658 Beatles Cap 5476 I'm Down/Help VG+/VG
659 Beatles Cap 5651 Rain/Paperback Writer VG++/VG
660 Beatles Cap 5810 Strawberry Fields Forever/Penny Lane dj VG+/VG+
661 Byrds Col 4-43578 Eight Miles High mb 20 VG+/VG+
662 Canned Heat Liberty 55979 Rollin' And Tumblin'/Bullfrog Blues VG++/VG++
663 Charlie Chaplin La Voix De Son Maitre EMF 97 Un Roi A New-York French press M-/VG+
664 Rodney Dangerfield RCA 4869 Rappin' Rodney autographed, mb 25 VG++/M-
665 Marpessa Dawn Epic 5-9578 Manha De Carnaval soundtrack VG++/VG++
666 Bob Dylan Col 3-10245 Hurricane Pt. 1&2 wldj, mono/stereo 7" 33 M-/VG++
667 Bob Dylan Col 4-43389 Positively 4th Street VG+/VG
668 Bob Dylan Col 4-43683 I Want You VG/VG
669 Bob Dylan Col 18 02150 Heart Of Mine/The Groom's Still Waiting At The Altar VG+/VG++
670 Electric Flag Col 4-44307 Groovin' Is Easy/Over Lovin' You VG/VG+
671 Glenn Frey MCA 52546 Smuggler's Blues VG+/VG+
672 Billie Holiday MGM K12813 Don't Worry 'Bout Me/Just One More Chance VG++/VG
673 Hollies Epic 5-10251 Dear Eloise M-/VG+
674 Mal Johnson Mal Johnson no # Love World/She's Got A Lover VG++/VG++
675 Ricky Nelson Imperial 5483 Stood Up/Waitin' In School VG/VG
676 Ricky Nelson Imperial 5545 I Got A Feeling/ Lonesome Town VG/VG
677 Plastic Ono Band Apple 13 Give Peace A Chance/Remember Love mb 25 VG++/VG++
678 Plastic Ono Band Apple 1813 Cold Turkey/Don't Worry Kyoko VG++/VG
679 Plastic Ono Band Apple 1842 Happy Xmas (War Is Over) transp green vinyl M-/VG
680 Plastic Ono Band Apple 1848 Woman Is The Nigger Of The World M-/VG+
681 Johnny Rivers Imperial 66335 Right Relations dj VG+/VG
682 Rolling Stones London 908 Jumpin' Jack Flash mb 20 VG+/VG+
683 Rolling Stones Rolling Stones 38-05802 Harlem Shuffle/Had It With You M-/VG++
684 Dr. Edmond Souchon & Brainerd Kremer Jazzette 1001 Jazzman's Blues/Runaway Piano Rag VG++/VG++
685 Strawberry Children Soul City 758 Love Years Coming dj VG+/VG
686 Jack Teagarden Teagarden 22789 same And His Orchestra 1939 4 songs, Canadian press VG+/VG+
687 Traffic United Artists 50218 Hole In My Shoe VG/VG
688 Stevie Wonder Tamla 1639 TF Ribbon In The Sky wldj M-/VG+
689 Wooten Singers Blue Labor 453 Ira Tucker Introduces: featuring Arnetta Aiken stereo VG++/VG
690 Bill Wyman/ROLLING STONES London 907 In Another Land/THE LANTERN VG/VG

691 Ben Atkins /Nomads Statue 7001 I'll Step Aside/It Would Take A Miracle pressing flaw clix several times, mb 25 VG+
692 Beau Brummels Autumn 20 Don't Talk To Strangers/In Good Time VG+
693 Jeff Beck Epic 5-10218 Rock My Plimsoul/Tally Man VG++
694 Captain Beefheart /Magic Band A&M 818 Moonchild/Frying Pan wldj VG
695 Chuck Berry Round RX 4504 Let It Rock wldj, mono/stereo M-
696 Big Bopper Mercury 71416 Someone Watching Over You/Walking Through My Dreams tol VG+
697 Black Pearl Atlantic 2657 Mr. Soul Satisfaction/White Devil VG
698 Blackburn & Snow Verve 10478 Stranger In A Strange Land/Uptown-Downtown dj VG
699 Blood Sweat And Tears Col no # An Interview band member interviewing VG++
700 Eric Burdon /Animals MGM K13721 A Girl Named Sandoz/When I Was Young dj VG+
701 Byrds Col 4-44868 Old Blue/Lay Lady Lay dj VG+
702 Jeffrey Cain Warner Bros 7428 Houndog Turkey/Saw A Man wldj VG++
703 Gene Clark Col 4-43903 I Found You/Echoes wldj M-
704 Cream Atco 6522 Spoonfull - Pt. 1&2 VG+
705 Crickets Br 55053 Maybe Baby/Tell Me How VG
706 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Atlantic 2740 Ohio/Find The Cost Of Freedom VG++
707 Bobby Darin Atco 6117 Splish Splash/Judy, Don't Be Moody VG
708 Bobby Darin Atco 6127 Queen Of The Hop/Lost Love VG
709 Delaney & Bonnie Stax 0003 It's Been A Long Time Coming/same dj VG++
710 Dillards White Whale 359 Comin' Home Again dj, mono/stereo, #ol M-
711 Donovan Epic 5-10127 Preachin' Love/Epistle To Dippy wldj, mb 20 VG+
712 Dr. John Atco 6900 Let The Good Times Roll mono/stereo, wldj VG+
713 Dr. John Col 18-02675 Splish Splash/same wldj VG+
714 Dr. West's Medicine Show And Junk band Go Go 100 The Eggplant That Ate Chicago/You Can't Fight City Hall Blues VG++
715 Bob Dylan Col 1-11072 Gotta Serve Somebody/Trouble In Mind stereo VG++
716 Bob Dylan Col 1-11370 Saved/same wldj VG+
717 Bob Dylan Col 3-10245 Hurricane Pt. 1&2 VG++
718 Bob Dylan Col 4-42656 Corrina Corrina/Mixed Up Confusion mb 200 VG
719 Bob Dylan Col 4-43389 Positively 4th Street/From A Buick 6 VG+
720 Bob Dylan Col 4-43541 One Of Us Must Know/Queen Jane Approximately VG+
721 Bob Dylan Col 4-44069 Most Likely You Go Your Way And I'll Go Mine/Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat rol VG+
722 Bob Dylan Col 4-45409 Watching The River Flow/Spanish Is The Loving Tongue dj M-
723 Duane Eddy Jamie 1104 Rebel-'Rouser/Stalkin' VG
724 Family Frog White Whale 274 Mighty Quinn/Help M-
725 Fleetwood Mac Epic 5-10351 Black Magic Woman/Long Grey Mare wldj VG++
726 Floating Bridge Vault V-953 Don't Mean A Thing/Mr. Jaybird wldj M-
727 Michael Franks Reprise 1360 Popsicle Toes/I Don't Know Why I'm So Happy I'm Sad VG++
728 Fugs Esp-Disk 4508 Kill For Peace/Morning Morning mb 50 VG++
729 George Garabedian Mark 801 The Crope/Mr. Grillon VG+
730 Felix Garcia R-Dell 104 Two Tacos/Summer Love os M-
731 Great !! Society !! North Beach 1001 Someone To Love/Free Advice mb 250 VG+
732 Jimi Hendrix /Band Of Gypsys Reprise 0905 Izabella/Stepping Stone mb 40 VG++
733 Dan Hicks /Hot Licks Epic 5-10511 How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away/Canned Music wldj, #ol M-
734 Buddy Holly Coral 9-61885 Everyday/Peggy Sue VG
735 International Submarine Band LHI 1205 Luxury Liner/Blue Eyes M-
736 Jesters Sun 400 My Babe/Cadillac Man VG+
737 Jethro Tull Reprise 0815 Love Story/A Song For Jeffrey wldj M-
738 Jethro Tull Reprise 0899 The Witch's Promise/Teacher M-
739 Jethro Tull Reprise 0927 Inside/A Time For Everything VG++
740 Jim & Jean Verve KF5088 Topanga Road/The Planet June dj VG
741 Kaleidoscope Epic 5-10332 Hello Trouble/Just A Taste wldj VG++
742 King Biscuit Entertainment Revue 11066 Rollin' Free Man/Sunset Blues dj VG++
743 Kinks Reprise 0930 Lola/Mindless Child Of Motherhood VG++
744 Mike James Kirkland Yazoo 1001 Oh Me Oh My (I'm A Fool For You)/Got To Do It Right VG
745 Peggy Lipton Ode ZS7 118 Red Clay County Line/Just A Little Lovin' (Early In The Morning) wldj VG
746 Little Richard Specialty 591 The Girl Can't Help It/All Around The World VG
747 MC5 A-Square 333 Looking At You/Borderline mb 400 VG++
748 Mary McCaslin Cap 2020 Rain/This All Happened Once Before autographed VG++
749 Merry-Go-Round A&M 886 She Laughed Loud wldj VG+
750 Mothers Of Invention Verve VK-10513 Why Don't You Do Me Right/Big Leg Emma dj, mb 200 VG++
751 Geoff & Maria Muldaur Reprise 0807 Open Up Your Soul/Sittin' Alone In The Moonlight wldj M-
752 Ricky Nelson Imperial x5528 Poor Little Fool/Don't Leave Me This Way os VG
753 Ricky Nelson Imperial 5707 Milk Cow Blues/You Are The Only One VG+
754 Ricky Nelson Verve 10047 A Teenager's Romance/I'm Walkin' VG+
755 Ricky Nelson/BARNEY KESSEL Verve 10070 You're My One And Only Love/HONEY ROCK VG++
756 Thunderclap Newman Track 2656 Something In The Air/Wilhemina wldj M-
757 Night Hawks Pacific X352 Bunny Ride/Sweetie Lester mb 50 VG++
758 Van Dyke Parks Warner Bros 7409 The Eagle And Me/On The Rolling Sea When Jesus Speak To Me VG++
759 Dan Penn Happy Tiger 538 Nobody's Fool/Buckaroo Bill VG
760 Carl Perkins Sun 234 Blue Suede Shoes/Honey Don't! VG+
761 Peter, Paul And Mary Warner Bros 7092 Too Much Of Nothing/The House Song wldj VG++
762 John Phillips Dunhill D-4236 Mississippi/April Anne wldj VG+
763 Wilson Pickett Atlantic 2320 634-5789/That's A Man's Way wldj VG
764 Tom Pleasants Pac 001 King Kong's Mama/Henry Mississippi M-
765 Protein Bros. Rural 01 Drainpipe/Cholo xol VG
766 Protein Bros. Safari 2000 Go For It/Snow Cone disco/funk VG+
767 Randy And The Radiants Sun 395 Peek-A-Boo/Mountain's High dj VG++
768 Randy And The Radiants Sun 398 Truth From My Eyes/My Way Of Thinking autographed, mb 25 M-
769 Slim Rhodes Sun 225 Are You Ashamed Of Me/The House of Sin mb 100 M-
770 Righteous Brothers Phillies 127 Just Once In My Life/The Blues wldj VG
771 Billy Riley Sun 245 Rock With Me Baby/Trouble Bound mb 100 M-
772 Scarlet Rivera Warner Bros 8587 Scarlet Fever mono/stereo, dj VG++
773 Johnny Rivers Imperial 66267 Summer Rain/Memory Of The Coming Good dj, os VG++
774 Johnny Rivers Imperial 66286 Look To Your Soul dj, os VG+
775 Rolling Stones De F.12014 Little Red Rooster/Off The Hook mb 25 VG
776 Rolling Stones London 905 We Love You/Dandelion VG
777 Rolling Stones London 9823 19th Nervous Breakdown/Sad Day VG++
778 Boz Scaggs Col 10367 Lowdown/Harbor Lights VG++
779 Tom Scott Col 18-02496 So White And So Funky/We Belong Together dj, autograph Dr. John VG
780 Bob Seger Cap 4369 Night Moves/Ship Of Fools VG+
781 Huey Smith /Clowns Ace 530 Rocking Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu Pt. 1&2 #ol VG++
782 Huey Smith Ace 538 Just A Lonely Clown/Free Single And Disengaged VG+
783 Warren Smith Sun 250 Ubangi Stomp/Black Jack David VG
784 Phoebe Snow Shelter 40400 Harpo's Blues/Easy Street VG++
785 Solips Youngstown 608 He Was A Friend Of Mine/A Woman's Blues Bart & Jeffries, pre-Insect Trust VG
786 Staccatos Cap 2260 Didn't Know The Time/We Go Together Well dj VG
787 Stills Young Band Reprise 1365 12/8 Blues (All The Same)/Long May You Run VG++
788 James Taylor Warner Bros 8137 Mexico/Gorilla VG++
789 Ritchie Valens Del Fi 4111 Big Baby Blues/Fast Freight tol VG-
790 Who De 32362 Magic Bus/Someone's Coming VG
791 Larry Williams Specialty 647 Peaches And Cream/I Was A Fool VG
792 Neil Young /Crazy Horse Reprise 0911 Cinnamon Girl/Sugar Mountain M-
793 Youngbloods RCA 47-9264 Get Together/All My Dreams Blue VG
794 Frank Zappa /Mothers Of Invention Bizarre/Reprise 1052 Tears Began To Fall wldj, mono/stereo, #ol, mb 25 VG++

795 Accents Br 55100 Dreamin' And Schemin'/Wiggle, Wiggle mb 20 VG
796 Chantels End 1048 I'm Confessin'/Goodbye To Love tol VG
797 Clovers United Artists 174 Old Black Magic/Rock And Roll Tango VG
798 Coasters Atco 6126 The Shadow Knows/Sorry But I'm Gonna Have To Pass mb 25 VG+
799 Contours Gordy 7044 First I Look At The Purse/Searching For A Girl wldj VG+
800 Dell Vikings Fee Bee 205 Come Go With Me/Whispering Bells swol, mb 75 VG+
801 Otis Williams /Charms King 5332 Rickety Rickshaw Man/Silver Star VG+

802 Bill and Earl Bolick RCA AXM2-5525 Blue Sky Boys dj, 2LP, gf M-/VG+
803 Ralph Stanley Rebel SLP-1514 Play Requests shrink, stereo VG++/M-
804 Jimmy Tarlton & Tom Darby Old Timey 112 Darby & Tarlton dj M-/VG+
805 various County 528 Mississippi Breakdown Traditional Fiddle Music Of Mississippi Vol. 1 mb 40 SS
806 various County 529 Don't you remember The Time Traditional Fiddle Music Of Mississippi Vol. 2 mb 40 SS
807 various County 544 Georgia Fiddle Bands Volume 2 shrink, cc M-/M-
808 various Tradition 1007 Instrumental Music Of The Southern Appalachians shrink, w/ Hobart Smith, Etta Baker M-/M-
809 various United Artist 9801 Will The Circle Be Unbroken many traditional artists & Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, 3LP, mb 25 VG++/VG+
810 Speedy West Capitol T1635 Guitar Spectacular VG++/VG++
811 Lonnie "Pap" Wilson Starday 217 The Playboy Farmer dg VG+/VG+

812 Bob Brozman Rounder 3112 Devil's Slide, autographed on back, mb 35 M-/M-
813 Don Carlos EnterPrize 0002 Pass Me The Lazer Beam toc VG/VG
814 Boozoo Chavis Maison Soul 1017 Louisiana Zydeco Music autographed, mb 40 VG++/VG+
815 Mimi & Richard Fariľa Vanguard 79174 Celebrations For A Grey Day stereo VG+/VG+
816 Mimi & Richard Fariľa Vanguard 79263 Memories stereo VG+/VG
817 Stefan Grossman, John Renbourn Shenachie 95001 Live......In Concert 2LP, gf, autographed by John Renbourn & Stefan Grossman mb 50 VG+/VG++/M-
818 Woody Guthrie Folkways 2481 Bound For Glory woc, 2"ss left, w/ booklet VG++/VG
819 Woody Guthrie Folkways 2484 Sings Folk Songs Vol. 2 w/ Cisco Houston And Sonny Terry w/ booklet VG++/VG+
820 Alison Krauss Rounder 0235 Too Late To Cry shrink, cc, mb 50 M-/M-
821 Carol McComb Bay 302 Love Can Take You Home Again w/ insert, shrink VG+/M-
822 Carol McComb Liberty no # no title, one-sided reference record, mono
823 Carol McComb & Kathy Larisch Elektra 7289 Kathy & Carol autographed, includes an M- cover w/out autograph VG++/VG+
824 Howie Mitchell Folk-Legacy 5 same w/ booklet, shrink, dulcimer M-/M-
825 Frank Moskus And Jan Mahannah Nickelodeon P 17420 Live At The In Exile Bar autographed by both, a St. Louis rarity, mb 50 VG/VG++
826 New Lost City Ramblers Verve Folkways 3018 Remembrance Of Things To Come stereo, shrink, mb 40 M-/M-
827 New Lost City Ramblers Verve Folkways 9003 Rural Delivery No. 1 M-/VG+
828 Phil Ochs Elektra 269 All The News That's Fit To Sing 2nd guitar Danny Kalb VG+/VG++
829 Pentangle Reprise 6315 same stereo, autographed by Jansch & Renbourne, mb 100 VG/VG++
830 Possum Hunters Takoma 1010 Death On Lee Highway & Other Southern Lullabies shrink, mb 40 VG++/M-
831 Jean Redpath Elektra 7274 Laddie Lie Near Me stereo, mb 20 M-/VG++
832 Renbourn And Jansch Cambria 056 same 2LP, gf, U.K. press, autographed by Jansch & Renbourn, w/ ticket to show, mb 50 M-/VG++
833 Buffy Sainte-Marie Vanguard 79211 Little Wheel Spin And Spin M-/VG++
834 Mark Spoelstra Elektra 283 Five And Twenty Questions stereo, dj, mb 50 VG++/VG++
835 Mark Spoelstra Elektra 307 State Of Mind mb 50 M-/M-
836 Mark Spoelstra Fantasy 8412 This House shrink, w/ Steve Miller, Doug Clifford, Stu Cook & Duck Dunn, mb 100 M-/M-
837 Mark Spoelstra TM 464-6200 Look At Love 10" 45RPM test pressing with letter from his agent, one sided, no cover VG++
838 various Arloco 284 Hard Travelin' shrink, soundtrack M-/M-
839 various Asch Mankind 4212 Music Of Guatemala w/ booklet, heavy folkways type cover, mb 25 VG++/VG++
840 various Elektra S-8-B Folksong '65 VG++/M-
841 various Folk-Legacy 16 Golden Ring: A Gathering Of Friends For Making Music w/ booklet M-/VG++
842 various Mercury 1-685 The Second Annual Farewell Reunion wldj, prod. Mike Seeger M-/VG++
843 various Philips 200-063 Folk Music & Songs From The Middle East wldj, dg, Lebanese, mb 25 VG++/VG++
844 various Sky 5006 Topanga's Woody Guthrie Folk Festival One shrink, stereo M-/M-
845 Doc Watson Vanguard 79213 Southbound stereo M-/VG++

846 Hopson Family Jewel 0092 On The Mainline M-/VG
847 various New World 205 White Spirituals From The Sacred Harp gf, Alan Lomax prod/notes, mb 40 M-/M-

848 Bobby Caldwell Mid-Land 13 In The Spotlight mb 50 VG+/VG++
849 Leslie Drayton Orch Esoteric EB 1003 Love Is A Four-Letter Word featuring Barbara Morrison, shrink VG++/M-
850 Leslie Drayton /Fun Esoteric ER 1004 What It Is Is What It Is shrink VG+/M-
851 Eddie Harris Vee Jay 3016 Exodus To Jazz dg, autographed, mb 25 VG-/VG+


852 Little Joe Blue Jewel 5008 Southern Country Boy dj, woc VG+/VG-
853 Juke Boy Bonner Ace CHD 269 They Call Me "Juke Boy" U.K. press, mb 40 SS
854 Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown Alligator 4779 Standing My Ground autographed, mb 50 M-/M-
855 Tommy Brown T & L 1100 I Ain't Lying autographed, (spoken comedy), mb 100 VG-/VG+
856 R.L. Burnside Swing Master 2111 Hill Country Blues Dutch press, includes a piece of paper on which he wrote his name, address & phone #, mb 50 M-/VG++
857 Gus Cannon Stax 702 Walk Right In mb 900 VG+/VG+
858 Sam Chatman /Barbecue Boys Flying Fish 202 same shrink VG+/VG++
859 Sam Chatman Rounder 2018 Advice shrink M-/M-
860 Jeannie Cheatham and Jimmy Cheatham Concord Jazz 258 Sweet Baby Blues dj M-/M-
861 Jeannie Cheatham and Jimmy Cheatham /Sweet Baby Blues Band Concord Jazz 297 Midnight Mama shrink M-/M-
862 Jeannie Cheatham and Jimmy Cheatham /Sweet Baby Blues Band Concord Jazz 321 Homeward Bound w/ Eddie Vinson M-/VG++
863 Chicago String Band Testament 2220 same shrink, mb 20 VG++/M-
864 Albert Collins Alligator 4713 Ice Pickin' shrink, cc, mb 25 M-/M-
865 Albert Collins Alligator 4719 Frostbite shrink, w/ booklet, cc M-/M-
866 Albert Collins Alligator 4725 Frozen Alive! shrink, cc M-/M-
867 Albert Collins Blue Thumb 8 Truckin' wldj, gf, stereo M-/VG
868 Albert Collins Imperial 12428 Love Can Be Found Anywhere Even In A Guitar stereo, mb 30 VG+/VG+
869 Albert Collins Imperial 12438 Trash Talkin' stereo M-/VG
870 Albert Collins Imperial 12449 The Compleat shrink, stereo, mb 20 M-/M-
871 James Cotton Buddah 5650 High Energy dh M-/VG
872 James Cotton Capitol 814 Blues Band dh VG+/VG++
873 Arthur Big Boy Crudup Delmark 614 Look On Yonder's Wall Hand Me Down My Walking Cane stereo M-/VG+
874 King Curtis & Champion Jack Dupree Atlantic 1837 Blues At Montreux stereo, dj VG+/VG+
875 Blind John Davis Alligator 4709 Stomping On A Saturday Night shrink, cc M-/M-
876 Rev. Gary Davis Kicking Mule 106 Ragtime Guitar shrink M-/M-
877 Reverend Gary Davis Prestige Folklore 14033 The Guitar & Banjo Of dg, side 2 trk 2 hc a few clix, mb 30 VG++/M-
878 Walter Davis Krazy Kat 7441 The Bullet Sides M-/VG++
879 Willie Dixon Ovation 1433 Catalyst autograph Lafayette Leake bc, autograph Buster Benton fc, shrink, quad, mb 20 VG++/VG++
880 Willie Dixon PAUSA 7157 Mighty Earthquake And Hurricane dh M-/VG+
881 Willie Dixon Roots N' Blues 46216 Big Three Trio shrink, dh M-/M-
882 Willie Dixon Spivey 1016 The All Star Blues World Of Maestro autographed by Leake & Benton, mb 30 M-/M-
883 Willie Dixon Spoonful 777-16 Peace? autographed by Dixon, Lafayette Leake, Buster Benton & Clifton James , mb 30 M-/VG+
884 Champion Jack Dupree Archive Of Folk Music 217 same shrink, stereo M-/M-
885 Champion Jack Dupree Blue Horizon 7-63206 When You Feel The Feeling You Was Feeling shrink, U.K. press, mb 100 VG++.M-
886 Champion Jack Dupree BYG 529019 The Heart Of The Blues Is Sound U.K. press M-/VG++
887 Champion Jack Dupree GNP Crescendo 10001 Tricks shrink, dh VG+/M-
888 Champion Jack Dupree and Mickey Guitar Baker Sire 97010 Jack And Mickey In Heavy Blues stereo, shrink, mb 30 VG++/M-
889 Champion Jack Dupree, Brownie McGhee Continental 16002 Low Down Blues mb 50 M-/VG++
890 Blind Snooks Eaglin Bluesville 1046 That's All Right dg, mb 75 M-/VG+
891 Snooks Eaglin Arhoolie 2014 Possum Up A Simmon Tree mb 25 M-/VG+
892 Snooks Eaglin Folkways 2476 New Orleans Street Singer shrink, w/ booklet, mb 100 M-/M-
893 David "Honeyboy" Edwards Trix 3319 I've Been Around w/ Walter Horton, autographed, mb 50 M-/VG++
894 Frank Edwards Trix 3303 Done Some Travelin' shrink, mb 30 VG++/VG++
895 Sleepy John Estes Delmar 603 The Legend Of Delmar!, mb 100 M-/M-
896 Sleepy John Estes Delmark 608 Broke And Hungry mb 20 VG++/VG++
897 Sleepy John Estes Delmark 619 Electric Sleep mb 25 M-/VG+
898 Frank Frost Jewel 5013 same shrink VG++/VG+
899 Lowell Fulson Chess 408 Hung Down Head shrink M-/M-
900 Guitar Slim Green United 7764 Stone Down Blues w/ Johnny and Shuggie Otis, stereo, mb 100 SS
901 Shirley Griffith Blue Goose 2011 Mississippi Blues shrink, cc, mb 30 VG++/VG++
902 Stephen Grossman Kicking Mule 145 Country Blues Guitar shrink, side 2 trk 1 clix 4 times VG++/VG++
903 Buddy Guy Chess 409 I Was Walking Through The Woods shrink, mb 25 M-/VG++
904 Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, Junior Mance Blue Thumb 8820 Buddy And The Juniors dh, no bass or drum, mb 50 VG++/VG+
905 Screamin' Jay Hawkins Epic LN 3448 At Home With dg, mb 25 VG++/VG
906 Screamin' Jay Hawkins Philips 600-319 ...What That Is! Earl Palmer drums, mb 25 VG++/VG
907 Screamin' Jay Hawkins Red Lightnin' 0025 Screamin' The Blues U.K. press, mb 25 M-/VG+
908 Roosevelt Holts Blue Horizon 7704 Presenting The Country Blues dj, U.K. press, elec stereo VG++/VG
909 John Lee Hooker Atlantic SD 7228 Detroit Special blues originals vol. 5, gf VG+/VG+
910 John Lee Hooker Chess 1454 Plays & Sings The Blues black label, dg, mb 150 VG+/VG
911 John Lee Hooker Chess 1508 The Real Folk Blues light blue VG+/VG++
912 John Lee Hooker Chess 60011 Mad Man Blues gf, stereo, 2LP VG/VG+
913 John Lee Hooker Crown 5157 The Blues dg, 3"ss left, 7" ss top, mb 100 VG++/VG
914 John Lee Hooker Crown 5232 Sings The Blues ss left and bottom VG-/VG-
915 John Lee Hooker Crown 5353 The Great Fazzio cover, ss 2" top left VG/VG
916 John Lee Hooker Greene Bottle 3130 Johnny Lee saw cut, dj, 2LP, stereo M-/VG
917 John Lee Hooker Polydor 2310-256 Slim's Stomp plays less VG++/VG+
918 John Lee Hooker Stax 2013 That's Where It's At! shrink, stereo VG++/M-
919 John Lee Hooker United 7710 Driftin' Thru The Blues track 3 B 3 clix, stereo VG+/VG
920 John Lee Hooker United 7729 Folk Blues shrink. stereo VG++/M-
921 John Lee Hooker United Artists 5512 Any Where/Any Time/ Any Place gf VG+/VG
922 John Lee Hooker Vee Jay 1049 The Best Of VG+/VG+
923 Lightnin' Hopkins Crown 5369 same Fazzio cover, mb 30 VG/M-
924 Lightnin' Hopkins Juke Blues 7 Lonesome Lightnin' plays less, U.K. press M-/VG+
925 Lightnin' Hopkins Vault 129 California Mudslide (And Earthquake) dj, mb 75 VG++/VG+
926 Big Walter Horton /Carey Bell Alligator 4702 same wldj, w/ insert, stereo VG++/VG+
927 Big Walter Horton Delta 1000 King Of The Harmonica Players VG++/VG+
928 Shakey Horton Chess 9268 The Soul Of Blues Harmonica dh VG+/VG++
929 Walter Horton Ace CHD 252 Mouth Harp Maestro VG++/M-
930 Son House Blue Moon 1020 In Concert shrink, mb 20 VG++/M-
931 Howlin' Wolf Blues Ball 2002 Can't Put Me Out Chicago 1956-72 Vol. 2 slt wbc, 1"ts bottom VG/VG+
932 Howlin' Wolf Chess 1434 Moanin' In The Moonlight partial shrink, elec stereo, pale blue, dg, mb 250 VG++/M-
933 Howlin' Wolf Chess 1502 The Real Folk Blues pale blue, autographed by Hubert Sumlin, mb 100 VG+/M-
934 Howlin' Wolf Chess 1512 More Real Folk Blues light blue, dj VG+/VG
935 Howlin' Wolf Chess 1540 Evil Welding liner notes, light blue, mb 40 VG+/M-
936 Howlin' Wolf Chess 50045 The Back Door Wolf saw cut, plays better VG+/VG
937 Howlin' Wolf Chess 60008 The London Howlin' Wolf Sessions gf, mb 40 VG++/VG++
938 Howlin' Wolf Fan Club 082 Live In Cambridge, May 1966 French press M-/VG+
939 Howlin' Wolf Sundown NR 709-07 Live In Europe 1964 Dutch press, mb 75 M-/VG++
940 Howlin' Wolf United 7717 Big City Blues shrink, stereo VG+/M-
941 Jelly Roll Kings Earwig 4901 Rockin' The Juke Joint Down autographed by Frank Frost, Jack Johnson & Sam Carr, mb 200 VG+/VG++
942 Freddie King Cotillion 9016 My Feeling For The Blues stereo, wldj, autographed, mb 100 VG++/M-
943 Freddy King King 928 Gives You A Bonanza Of Instrumentals shrink, autographed, mb 200 VG++/M-
944 John Lee Rounder 2010 Down At The Depot shrink VG++/M-
945 J.B. Lenoir Polydor 24-4011 March 5 1929 - April 29 1967 elec stereo VG+/VG+
946 Furry Lewis Fantasy 24703 Shake 'Em On Down dj, gf, 2LP VG++/VG++
947 Furry Lewis Folkways 3823 same w/ insert, mb 75 VG+/VG+
948 Lightnin' Hopkins Arhoolie 1011 Lightnin' Sam Hopkins mb 100 VG++/M-
949 Lightnin' Hopkins Arhoolie 1022 same side 1 w/ his brothers Joel and John Henry, side 2 w/ Barbara Dane mb 50 VG++/VG+
950 Lightnin' Hopkins Arhoolie 2007 Early Recordings wobc, mb 30 VG+/VG++
951 Lightnin' Hopkins Barnaby 30247 In New York mb 30 VG++/VG++
952 Lightnin' Hopkins Blue Horizon 2431-005 Let's Work Awhile U.K. press, mb 250 VG++/VG++
953 Lightnin' Hopkins Everest 241 same shrink, stereo VG++/M-
954 Lightnin' Hopkins Guest Star 1459 Live At The Bird Lounge stereo, tol, mb 50 VG/M-
955 Lightnin' Hopkins Jewel 5000 Blue Lightnin' mb 100 VG++/M-
956 Lightnin' Hopkins Kent 9008 A Legend In His Own Time Archive Series Vol. 8 VG+/VG+
957 Lightnin' Hopkins Liberty 83254 King Of Dowling Street ts left, mb 30 VG++/VG+
958 Lightnin' Hopkins Mount Vernon 104 Nothin' But The Blues! mb 100 M-/VG++
959 Lightnin' Hopkins Tradition 2056 The Best Of stereo, partial shrink VG+/M-
960 Lightnin' Hopkins Vee Jay 1044 Lightnin' Strikes plays better VG+/M-
961 Lightnin' Hopkins Verve 8453 Fast Life Woman ts, mol VG/VG
962 Lightnin' Hopkins World-Pacific 1817 First Meetin' w/ Brownie McGhee, Sonny Terry & Big Joe Williams, shrink VG+/M-
963 Little Walter Checker 3004 The Best Of plays better, elec stereo VG/VG
964 Little Walter Chess 1535 Hate To See You Go shrink, light blue label VG++/M-
965 Little Walter Chess 60014 Boss Blues Harmonica 2LP, stereo VG+/VG+
966 Little Walter Delmark 648 The Blues World Of wldj, dh, w/ note VG/VG++
967 Robert Jr. Lockwood & Johnny Shines Rounder 2026 Mister Blues Is Back To Stay shrink VG++/M-
968 Robert Lockwood Jr. Black & Blue 33.740 Plays Robert Johnson & Robert Lockwood French press VG++/VG+
969 Willie Mabon Antilles 7013 Sings I Don't Know And Other Blues Hits cc VG+/VG
970 Taj Mahal Col GP 18 Giant Step stereo, 2LP, gf M-/VG+
971a Taj Mahal Col 9579 same plays better, shrink, stereo VG+/M-
971b Taj Mahal Col 9579 same autographed, stereo, mb 40 VG/VG++
972 Taj Mahal Col CS 9698 The Natch'l Blues stereo, mb 25 VG++/VG+
973 Taj Mahal Col KC 31605 Recycling The Blues & Other Related Stuff shrink, stereo VG+/M-
974 Taj Mahal Col S 31944 Sounder stereo, soundtrack M-/VG++
975 Jimmy McCracklin Imperial 9219 I Just Gotta Know VG+/VG+
976 Jimmy McCracklin Imperial 9297 Think shrink, mb 20 VG++/VG++
977 Jimmy McCracklin Minit 24009 The Best Of shrink, stereo M-/M-
978 Jimmy McCracklin Minit 24011 Let's Get Together shrink, stereo VG+/M-
979 Jimmy McCracklin Stax 2047 Yesterday Is Gone stereo VG++/VG+
980 Eugene McDaniels Atlantic SD 8259 Outlaw wldj, stereo, mb 40 VG+/VG+
981 Fred Mcdowell /Blues Boys Arhoolie 1046 same Welding notes, stereo, shrink VG++/VG+
982 Fred McDowell Milestone 93003 Long Way From Home stereo, Welding prod/notes, mb 50 M-/VG++
983 Mississippi Fred McDowell Arhoolie 1021 Delta Blues plays better, mb 100 VG+/M-
984 Mississippi Fred McDowell Everest FS-253 same partial shrink, stereo VG++/VG+
985 Mississippi Fred McDowell Just Sunshine 4 1904 - 1972 dj VG+/VG
986 Mississippi Fred McDowell Oblivion 1 Live In New York w/booklet, cc, dj, mb 50 M-/VG++
987 Mississippi Fred McDowell Transatlantic 194 In London Volume One U.K. press, stereo, mb 40 M-/M-
988 Memphis Slim Archive Of Folk Music 215 same stereo, shrink M-/VG+
989 Memphis Slim Barnaby ZG 31291 Bad Luck And Troubles Featuring: Jazz Gillum, Arbee Stidham saw cut, gf, 2LP, Calt notes VG++/VG+
990 Memphis Slim /Memphis Horns Blue Star 80.607 Memphis Heat House Of The Blues Vol. 7 w/ Canned Heat M-/VG+
991 Memphis Slim Inner City 1011 With Guests: Carey Bell, Lowell Fulsom, P.S. Leary shrink, cc VG++/VG++
992 Memphis Slim Pearl 10 U.S.A. featuring Matt "Guitar" Murphy, dj M-/VG++
993 Memphis Slim Polydor 2460-155 Rock Me Baby! U.K. press, Paul Oliver notes M-/VG+
994 Memphis Slim Warner Brothers BS 2646 South Side Reunion featuring Buddy Guy & Junior Wells, gf, mb 25 VG+/VG+
995 Big Maceo Merriweather, John Lee Hooker Fortune 3002 same ss left, residue of tag, small toc, mb 50 VG+/VG+
996 Little Brother Montgomery Adelphi 1003 No Special Order shrink VG+/VG++
997 Little Brother Montgomery Folkways 3527 Blues w/ insert, mb 75 VG+/M-
998 Little Brother Montgomery Folkways 31014 Farro Street Jive w/ insert, New Zealand press, mb 50 VG+/VG+
999 Little Brother Montgomery Prestige Bluesville 1012 Tasty Blues shrink, 1"ss top right, mb 100 VG+/VG++
1000 Hammie Nixon High Water 1003 Tappin' That Thing w/ insert VG+/VG+
1001 Andrew "BB" Odom Wasp 26761 Sings And Sings And Sings slt wbc, mb 50 VG++/M-
1002 Tom Pomposello Oblivion 6 Honest dj, mb 50 M-/VG++
1003 Johnny Shines Biograph 12044 Sittin' On Top Of The World dj VG++/VG+
1004 Johnny Shines Blue Horizon 7-63212 Last Night's Dream stereo M-/VG++
1005 Johnny Shines Testament 2212 Masters Of Modern Blues Vol. 1 w/ Otis Spann, Big Walter Horton, Lee Jackson, Fred Below, mb 30 M-/M-
1006 Johnny Shines Testament 2217 Electrifying Performances By Two Masters Of Modern Chicago Blues w/ Big Walter Horton shrink, stereo, mb 75 M-/M-
1007 Johnny Shines Testament 2221 Standing At The Crossroads wldj, 2"ss bottom right VG+/VG
1008 Robert Curtis Smith Bluesville 1964 Clarksdale Blues side A track 5 skips VG+/VG+
1009 Big Bad Smitty JCE 71105 St. Louis On A High Hill featuring John Howard Smith and The Upsetters, autographed, mb 250 M-/M-
1010 Smoky Babe /Friends Folk-Lyric 118 Hot Blues dg, mb 300 VG++/VG++
1011 Otis Spann Bluesway 6003 The Blues Is Where It's At VG/VG+
1012 Henry Townsend Adelphi 1016 Henry T. Music Man autographed, cover photo credited to Joel Slotnikoff, mb 100 M-/VG++
1013 Henry Townsend Folkways 3816 The Blues In St. Louis Vol. 3 w/ booklet, autographed, mb 100 M-/M-
1014 various Revival 1008 Old Original Tennessee Blues U.K. press, mb 100 M-/M-
1015 various Vanguard 79225 Festival The Newport Folk Festival/1965 shrink, stereo, mb 25 VG++/M-
1016 Junior Wells Delmark 640 Blues Hit Big Town w/ Muddy Waters, Elmore James, w/ insert, cc, wldj, mb 25 VG+/VG+
1017 Junior Wells Vanguard 79231 It's My Life, Baby! shrink, stereo M-/VG++
1018 Johnny Winter Col 0947 Second Winter 2LP, autographed, mb 50 VG+/VG
1019 Johnny Winter Imperial 12431 The Progressive Blues Experiment autographed, 2" torn spot from tag remains on cover, mb 50 VG/VG

1020 various Ace 2028 Genuine Mississippi Blues autographed by Big Bad Smitty, mb 100 M-/M-
1021 various Adelphi 1005 Really Chicago's Blues 2LP, stereo, Joel Slotnikoff cover photo mb 50 M-/M-
1022 various Barrelhouse 04 Chicago Boogie! mb 25 M-/VG+
1023 various Blue Thumb 6000 Memphis Swamp Jam 2LP, stereo, Pete Welding notes, mb 35 VG++/VG
1024 various Blues Classics 12 Detroit Blues The Early 1950's 3"ss bottom right VG+/VG+
1025 various Blues Classics 15 Memphis And The Delta - 1950s shrink VG+/M-
1026 various Kent 9012 West Coast Blues gf, stereo VG++/VG+
1027 various KPBS 101 San Diego Folk Festival - 1974 w/ Sam Chatman & Utah Phillips, autographed by Chatman, shrink, mb 30 VG++/M-
1028 various Library Of Congress L59 Negro Blues And Hollers w/ insert, autographed by David Honeyboy Edwards, mb 200 VG++/M-
1029 various Muskadine 103 Alla Blues Country Blues In California 1947 - 1954 dj, cc, plays less VG+/VG
1030 various Sire 97011 Southern Comfort stereo VG+/VG-
1031 various Stash 100 Reefer Songs shrink, w/ insert, cc, mb 20 M-/M-
1032 various Takoma 7081 Rare Blues The Takoma Blues Series plays better, dj, woc VG+/VG+
1033 various Tradition 2066 Southern Prison Blues shrink, stereo M-/M-
1034 various Vanguard 79216 Chicago/The Blues/Today! Junior Wells, J.B. Hutto, Otis Spann, mb 30 VG/VG+
1035 various Vanguard 79217 Chicago/The Blues/Today! Otis Rush, Jimmy Cotton, Homesick James toc, 2"ss bottom right, mb 30 VG++/VG+
1036 various Vanguard 79218 Chicago/The Blues/Today! Johnny Young, Johnny Shines, Big Walter Horton, autograph Charlie Musselwhite, mb 30 VG++/VG+

1037 Son House Roots RSE-1 The Legendary 1941-1942 Recordings In Chronological Sequence U.K. press, mb 30 VG++/VG++
1038 Skip James Yazoo 1072 The Complete 1931 Session shrink, mb 25 M-/M-
1039 Blind Lemon Jefferson, Son House Biograph 12040 same shrink VG+/VG++
1040 Blind Willie Johnson Folkways 3585 same taped seams, interviews A, songs B, w/ booklet VG/VG-
1041 Robert Johnson Col 1654 King Of The Delta Blues Singers six-eye label VG/VG
1042 Robert Johnson Col 30034 King Of The Delta Blues Singers M-/VG++
1043 Charlie Patton Origin Jazz Library 1 The Immortal missing booklet VG+/VG+
1044 James Yank Rachel Wolf 106 Complete Recordings In Chronological Order Vol. 1 1934 - 38 mb 20 M-/VG+
1045 James Yank Rachel Wolf 107 Complete Recordings In Chronological Order Vol. 2 1938-41 mb 20 M-/VG++
1046 Ma Rainey Milestone 2001 The Immortal M-/M-
1047 Ma Rainey Milestone 47021 same gf, 2LP M-/VG+
1048 Ma Rainey Yazoo 1071 Black Bottom shrink, mb 25 M-/M-
1049 Bessie Smith Col 30126 Any Woman's Blues gf, 2LP VG++/VG+
1050 Bessie Smith Col 30450 Empty Bed Blues gf, 2LP M-/VG

1051 various Historical ASC-5829-5 Rare Blues Of The Twenties Vol. 5 1927-1930 shrink, mb 20 M-/M-
1052 various Historical 32 I'm Wild About My Lovin' 1928 - 1930 mb 25 M-/VG++
1053 various Melodeon 7324 Party Blues shrink, mb 40 M-/M-
1054 various Origin Jazz Library 4 The Great Jug Bands w/ insert, mb 30 VG++/VG++
1055 various Origin Jazz Library 12 In The Spirit No. 1! w/ booklet, Klatzko notes VG++/VG
1056 various Origin Jazz Library 16 Ragged Piano Classics 1923-43 shrink, mb 25 M-/M-
1057 various Stash 102 Pot, Spoon, Pipe And Jug shrink M-/M-
1058 various Stash 110 Jake Walk Blues shrink, cc M-/M-
1059 various Yazoo 1016 Guitar Wizards 1926-1935 shrink, mb 25 VG++/VG++
1060 various Yazoo 1043 Please Warm My Weiner Old Time Hokum Blues crumb cover, mb 50 VG+/VG+
1061 various Yazoo 1053 Harmonica Blues Great Harmonica Performances Of The 1920's And '30s Crumb cover, mb 25 VG++/VG

1062 Chuck Berry Chess 1426 After School Session cover autographed by Chuck Berry & Johnnie Johnson, wbc, 2 copies of the disc, mb 500 VG-(dg), VG/VG
1063 Chuck Berry Chess 1435 Chuck ..Berry Is On Top black label, dg, autographed by Chuck Berry & Johnny Johnson on cover, mb 700 VG+/VG+
1064 Chuck Berry Chess 1488 St. Louis To Liverpool dj, autographed by Johnnie Johnson & Chuck Berry mb 500 VG+/VG+
1065 Chuck Berry Chess 1495 Chuck Berry In London dj, autographed by Chuck Berry on front & Johnny Johnson on back, mb 750 M-/M-
1066 Papa John Creach /Midnight Sun Buddah 5649 I'm The Fiddle Man shrink, dh M-/VG++
1067 Bo Diddley Checker 3006 Go partial shrink, elec stereo, dg VG/M-
1068 Bo Diddley Chess 9194 same dh, shrink, wobc VG++/M-
1069 Fats Domino Imperial 9004 Rock And Rollin' dg, mb 30 VG++/VG+
1070 Charlie Feathers Barrelhouse 03 Good Rockin' Tonight w/ insert, mb 40 M-/M-
1071 Buddy Holly Coral 757504 Giant stereo, marks on cover VG+/VG-
1072 Jerry Lee Lewis SSS/Sun 102 Original Golden Hits - Volume 1 wldj VG+/VG+
1073 Jerry Lee Lewis SSS/Sun 103 Original Golden Hits - Volume 2 wldj, shrink VG+/M-
1074 Jerry Lee Lewis Sun 1230 same shrink, mb 100 VG+/M-
1075 Jerry Lee Lewis Sun 1265 Greatest! shrink, mb 100 VG+/M-
1076 Carl Perkins Sun 1225 Dance Album ss top, 3" side, mb 300 M-/VG+
1077 Elvis Presley Music Works 3601 The First Live Recordings shrink VG+/M-
1078 Elvis Presley Music Works 3602 The Hillbilly Cat shrink, mb 25 M-/M-
1079 Elvis Presley RCA AFL1-5418 Reconsider Baby stereo, trans blue vinyl, mb 25 M-/M-
1080 Leon & Mary Russell Paradise 2943 Wedding Album M-/VG+
1081 Leon & Mary Russell Paradise 3066 Make Love To The Music shrink, saw cut VG+/VG
1082 Mack Allen Smith Ace 2022 The King Of Rock & Roll shrink, RAB, mb 50 VG+/M-
1083 Mack Allen Smith /Flames Delta Sound 1061/1649 Saturday Night With RAB!, gf, 2LP, 1972, mb 150 VG+/VG++
1084 Gene Vincent Kama Sutra 2019 same saw cut, stereo, gf, mb 25 M-/VG++

1085 Ray Charles Atlantic SD 19199 Love & Peace shrink, saw cut M-/VG++
1086 Dells Buddah 5053 Oh What A Night Stay In My Corner dj VG/VG
1087 Don and Dewey Specialty 2131 same stereo, dh VG+/VG+
1088 Drifters Atco 375 Their Greatest Recordings The Early Years gf, wldj VG++/VG++
1089 Roberta Flack Atlantic SD 7271 Killing Me Softly gf VG+/VG
1090 Roberta Flack Atlantic SD 8230 First Take stereo VG+/VG+
1091 Roberta Flack Atlantic SD 19354 I'm The One shrink VG++/VG++
1092 Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway Atlantic SD 7216 same stereo, gf VG+/VG+
1093 Aretha Franklin Atlantic SD 7205 Live At Filmore West w/ insert, dj, gf VG+/VG
1094 Aretha Franklin Atlantic SD 7265 Hey Now Hey (The Other Side Of The Sky) dj VG++/VG+
1095 Aretha Franklin Atlantic SD 8139 I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You stereo, mb 25 VG+/VG+
1096 Aretha Franklin Atlantic SD 8176 Lady Soul stereo VG+/VG+
1097 Aretha Franklin Atlantic SD 8248 This Girl's In Love With You shrink, stereo VG++/VG++
1098 Aretha Franklin Atlantic SD 8295 Greatest Hits shrink, stereo, mb 20 M-/M-
1099 Aretha Franklin Atlantic SD 18151 You dj M-/VG+
1100 Aretha Franklin Col 8561 The Electrifying stereo, 6 eye VG+/VG+
1101 Aretha Franklin Col 8963 Unforgettable A Tribute To Dinah Washington stereo VG+/VG++
1102 Al Green Hi 32077 Call Me stereo VG+/VG
1103 Al Green Hi 32089 Greatest Hits VG+/VG+
1104 Donny Hathaway Atco 332 Everything Is Everything shrink, stereo, mb 25 VG+/M-
1105 Monk Higgins Almon 4924 Who-Dun-It You're A Winner Every Dog Has His Day shrink VG++/M-
1106 Percy Mayfield RCA LSP-4444 Weakness Is A Thing Called Man shrink, stereo VG++/M-
1107 Percy Mayfield Specialty 2126 The Best Of:Please Send Me Someone To Love shrink VG++/M-
1108 Percy Mayfield Specialty 7000 The Legend Of Specialty Series For Collectors Only VG++/VG++
1109 Percy Mayfield Tangerine 1505 My Jug And I dj, stereo VG+/VG
1110 Mary McCreary MCA 347 Butterflies In Heaven shrink, dj, cc M-/VG++
1111 Mary McCreary Shelter 52027 Jezebel shrink, dj M-/M-
1112 Miracles Tamla 220 Hi We're The Miracles wldj, ts, dg, mb 200 VG++/VG
1113 Kevin Moore Casablanca 2015 Rainmaker VG++/M-
1114 Neville Borthers Capitol 11865 same dh VG/VG
1115 Oliver Sain Abet 406 Bus Stop stereo, autographed, mb 25 VG/VG
1116 Oliver Sain Abet 407 Blue Max dj, title strip, autographed, mb 40 VG++/VG++
1117 Oliver Sain Abet 20411 At His Best 2LP, autographed, mb 40 VG++/M-
1118 Irma Thomas Imperial 9302 Take A Look autographed on bc, wldj, dg, 4"ss bottom left, mb 200 VG++/VG+


clix=noise each rev for cracked record
crk=crack, dimension in inches indicates how far in from edge, if no dimension goes all the way to label;
chd=center hole damage;
dh=drill hole
dj=disc jockey/promo copy,
wldj=white label disc jockey;
wlbiodj=wldj with biography;
hc=hairline crack;
illeg=foreign alphabet on label;
lams=lamination cracks,
pot lams=potential lams;
ld=extensive label damage,
s-mld=slight to moderate ld,
sld=slight ld;
vsld=very slight; label damage;
mol=mark on label
nap=not affecting play;
number+ g (i.e. 5g)=number of grooves flk or chip affects play;
os=original sleeve;
pdig=passing dig,
rc=rim chip;
rol=ring on label;
schd=slt center hole damage;
SS=still sealed;
shrink=shrink wrap present but opened;
stog=stain on grooves;
tix = not as loud as "clix"
tol=tag, tape or sticker on label;
wol=writing on lbl, swol= slight;
xol=x on label
U=You, w/=With, R=Are, 2=To